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CompuDoc provides a wide variety of services at a reasonable cost for people with computers running the Microsoft Windows™, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. Here is a partial list of available services :

Website Design, Troubleshooting, Tuneups, Upgrades, Data Recovery, Data Transfer, Virus Removal, Networking, Tutoring, Custom Programming, Packages for business customers, Additional Services.

Additional Services - Customers occasionally ask for my help with less common problems. I have helped people with setting up their living room stereo and multimedia equipment, converting vinyl albums to audio CDs, graphic design, creating table of contents/Indexes/headers & footers for books, converting books to e-book format, creating office templates for form lettters, letterhead, fax forms, etc.

Website DesignWebsite Design - Compudoc has been creating websites since the mid-90's. From a simple website to rent a house for the summer to a fence company website with dozens of photo galleries, compudoc has created websites for people with quite a variety of needs and ideas for website design. Compudoc can create websites with features such as cascading style sheets, hit counters, cross-browser compatibility, rotating banners, custom cursors, vertical or horizontal menus, mouseover graphics, tooltip text, thumbnail photo galleries, paypal webstores, estimate/quote forms, databases, php templates, guestbooks, suggestion boxes, and much more. I can also create Wordpress and WIX websites and customize them for your particular needs

Computer Tuneups - running computer maintenance procedures can improve the performance noticeably. If the computer is normally using more memory (RAM) than is installed, a memory upgrade can dramatically improve performance.

Problem SolvingProblem solving - problems with computer operation can result from many different causes, including:

I have an extensive collection of diagnostic and repair tools to find and resolve a wide variety of problems.

Data Recovery - If your computer hardware is intact, but your computer won't start due to a serious problem with the operating system (usually Windows), there are a number of ways to recover most or all of your data. This is usually a time consuming process if you have a lot of pictures or music files which have not yet been backed up. If you keep your backup current, it takes much less time to recover data and get your computer running properly again.

Data Transfer - If you buy a new computer, all of the documents (including email and =favorite websites) can be transferred to the new computer. This is also possible for transferring data from a windows computer to a Mac.

Computer Upgrades - individual computer components can be upgraded; a 'barebones upgrade' can be performed to replace the heart of the computer system with a faster one; or a new computer can be setup with personal data transfered from your existing computer.

TutoringTutoring - Compudoc can provide senior friendly tutoring on a wide variety of computer related subjects including digital photography, email, internet, basic computer operation, and using your printer/scanner/webcam.



Virus RemovalVirus Removal - Compudoc has a number of virus removal tools and techniques to clean your computer of viruses and spyware. Some viruses can only be removed by wiping the hard drive in your computer and reinstalling the operating system.



NetworkingComputer Networks - A computer network (wireless or wired) can be setup in a relatively short time. File or printer sharing can also be setup on your network if required. It may take longer if network cables need to be run between rooms, or if the computer is old enough to have difficulty connecting to the network. Many new printers and all-in-ones are designed to connect directly to the network so that they are available to all computers belonging to the network.



Database Setup - Want a database for your recipes or something else? Compudoc can help you determine what database setup will meet your needs.

Custom Programming - Compudocs head computer technician made a living as a programmer for seventeen years. If you need some custom programming in VB, C, or C++, call Compudoc.

Need help with something else to do with your computer? Just ask!

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