Commodore Vegas EXPO (CommVEx) 2005
Held in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 30 and 31.
A presentation of member clubs of the United Commodore User Groups Association (UCUGA)

Commodore Users of Edmonton (CUE), Fresno Commodore User Group (FCUG) and the Clark County Commodore Computer Club (5C's Group) were pleased to present CommVEx 2005 - a Commodore Computer EXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club (CCCC) also contributed financially to CommVEx.

A celebration of Commodore and Amiga computers, the Commodore Vegas Expo, CommVEx, took place on July 30-31 in the Nevada Power Company meeting room, 6226 W. Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Hours were 10 a.m to 9 p.m. Saturday and 12 noon to 9 p.m. Sunday.

The 5C's Group were instrumental in obtaining their regular meeting room at Nevada Power Company as our venue for CommVEx 2005.

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- Check here for information on CommVEx V3 (July 28-29, 2007)

Highlights from CommVEx

- A transcript of the Video presentation by Bil Herd and Dave Haynie is now available as a PDF download

- the presentation on the European Demo Scene given at CommVEx by Bilgem Carik is now available as a PDF download

- Robert Bernardo's pictures from AmiWest and CommVEx are now available on Randy Thelen's Server -

- Bil Herd and Dave Haynie (two Commodore Engineers who designed the C-128) sent a video along to CommVEx since they couldn't attend in person. In the video they talk about the development of the C-128 and show off some rare C= protoype machines including a Commodore LCD. The video is available for download and viewing from the following sites:

Bo Zimmerman's site -
James Crook's site -
Jan Pederson's site (very fast!)

 - Some pictures from CommVEx (taken by Bruce Thomas) have been added to the site.

Dave Ross (President of SWRAP) did a presentation at CommVEx on how RSS can be used to keep up-to-date with Commodores. Check out his presentation.

- Check out Dave Ross' CommVEx pictures

- Check the Raffle Page for the list of prize winners including the Gold C-128 System prize packages.

- Attendance at CommVEx was around 50 (not everyone signed the guest book) and the show was well received by those who attended.

The following people have confirmed their intentions to attend and/or participate in the CommVEx activities:

Bruce Thomas, GEOS columnist
Robert Bernardo, writer of C= articles and C= enthusiast
Al Jackson, President of the Clark County Commodore Computer Club (5C's)
Larry Lathrop, C128 librarian of the 5C's
Jeri Ellsworth, CommodoreOne and C64 DTV designer
Cameron Kaiser, HyperLink programmer
Earl Williams, Editor of the Infinite Loop newsletter
Dick Estel, Editor of the GEOS Font Resource Directory (FRD)
Steve Dubois, leader of the Manteca Order of Retro-Gamers
Rolf Miller, writer of C= articles
Mark "Pelleas" Ponter, sysop and gamer
K. Dale Sidebottom, LUCKY President, LUCKY EXPO organizer, GEOS/Wheels expert, PostScript Guru, pusher of the outsides of envelopes
Steve Grassman, LUCKY Member
Larry Anderson and his wife Diane Hare. Larry is the Silicon Realms BBS Sysop and West Coast Pet Guru
Southern Nevada Amiga Group will have a presence at CommVEx

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Please check back regularly for the latest details about CommVEx05.

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