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Positive Nudity in Movies.

This page began as a response to a recurring question in Rec.Nude: "Does anybody know of any movies that treat nudity positively (or realistically, or non-sexually)?" Although American TV stations are unlikely to show any nudity, even Hollywood includes non-exploitive nudity in movies.

Positive Nudity in Mainstream Movies.
Nudity in movies is not uncommon, but almost always it occurs in sexual situations, reinforcing the perceived notion that nudity and sex always occur in conjunction with each other.

However, there have been many exceptions where nudity occurred in natural, non-sexual situations.

  • Sometimes a non-sexual scene can be portrayed in a sexual context (e.g., someone spying on someone else) but may still be of note because the nudity is portrayed as non-sexual.
  • Other times, a scene might be sexually oriented, but may be be of note because of the frank and honest portrayal of nudity (e.g., people who don't bother to cover up when they get out of bed after sex).
  • Ideally, though, what we want is nudity where there is no implicit or explicit sexuallity. Sometimes the filmmakers are making an obvious statement, sometimes they aren't.

Most often the nudity is a woman's breasts. This may indicate exploitation or an attempt to titillate male viewers, but more likely it is because the taboo against showing the genitals of either sex is much stronger (i.e., people aren't as shocked or offended at seeing a woman's breasts and they are most shocked when they see a penis).

This then, is my guide to positive nudity in films. This is a compilation of many people's opinions (gleaned from postings to rec.nude and alt.nudism.moderated, personal experience, COBC readers, and other sources). I don't expect everybody to agree with these choices---I probably don't agree with all of them myself. I haven't even seen all of these films.

Nudist Attitude or Philosophy Portrayed.
Movies in which positive attitudes toward nudity are stated or portrayed. This may be actual nudist or nude beach situations or situations where the characters display an unconcerned attitude toward nudity. (I think maybe I should add a category for "outstanding movies" since a lot of these movies don't have a significant enough scene to actually encourage nudism or body acceptance.)

1984, 1984, Sci-Fi.
Starring: John Hurt, Suzanna Hamilton, Richard Burton.
"The film contains several scenes of social nudity shared by the male and femal lead characters, Winston (John Hurt) and Julia (Suzanna Hamilton). At least one nude scene takes place in the outdoors. Although some of the scenes take place in the bedroom pre- or post-coitus, most of the time even those are completely non-sexual in nature. The characters chat in bed and walk about the room realistically nude. There is no shame despite their complete nudity and they converse easily about politics as Julia prepares food and brews coffee. Full frontal female nudity and at least rear male nudity was present. All of the nudity was so natural and easy (both in the acting and the editing/direction) that I don't even recall whether Hurt's penis was seen in the film or not. Incidentally, this film was made in and around the same city (London) in the same month (June?) in the same year that George Orwell's famous novel takes place." [Matt]

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, 1991, Fantasy.
Directed by Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python).
"An extravagent tale of the legendary 18th-century fibber who uses his imagination to battle marauding Turks."

  • Venus emerges from a clam shell covered modestly with only her hands, which don't entirely cover her breasts. Other than the failed attempt to cover herself, there is no sense of shame in the scene

Among Giants, 1999, romantic comedy, Britain.
Starring Pete Postlethwaite, Rachel Griffiths.
A romantic comedy about a gang of highway workers from Sheffield and two unlikely lovers.

  • The scene Postlethwaite hopes people will talk about---and they're sure to---involves a nude outdoor frolic with Griffiths. "I'm 52 years old," Postlethwaite says. "That scene was beautiful. There was no sex. It was a very honest and literally naked scene. We were just standing in front of a waterfall. It wasn't a salacious afternoon in Sheffield." (No stand-in was used.)

L'Annee des Meduses (The Year of the Jellyfish).
Starring: Valerie Kaprisky.
"This French movie was set in the Mediterranean coast of France, so many scenes are at the beach with several women topless, sunning, swimming. Also a scene of the actress sleeping in her bed without a shirt on. Totally natural, nothing sexual (though the movie contains a few sexual situations too)." [Luis]
I'm told that most of the movie has sexual undertones, as the main character (Kaprisky) uses her charm on other characters to impose her whims on them.

Any Given Sunday, 1999, U.S.A.
Starring Cameron Diaz.
An Oliver Stone movie about american football.

  • Diaz, playing the new owner of the football team, walks into the men's changing rooms while they are nude. There are a few shots of full frontal males, and even one nude man who shakes her hand. The entire thing is shot without any of the regular sniggering that is so common in Hollywood. [Thomas]

Artemisia, 1998, Drama.
Starring Valentina Cervi, Michel Serrault.
"Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653) was one of the first well-known female painters. The movie tells the story of her youth, when she was guided and protected by her father, the painter Orazio Gentileschi. Her professional curiosity about the male anatomy, forbidden for her eyes, led her to the knowledge of sexual pleasure."

Most of the nudity in this film, even in sexual situations, is central to showing Artemisia learning about the form and function of the human body---essential knowledge for a painter of the human form, but denied to woman.

  • One of the opening scenes shows Artemisia studying and drawing her own anatomy.
  • In another, she convinces a male friend to undress for her so that she can study the male anatomy and make some drawings.
  • Her first glimpse of a naked man presents itself as she watches a man and a woman having sex on the beach.
  • Later she watches on orgy by peeking through a window.
  • Scenes of nude female models walking around the studios emphasize the contrast between what is allowed for men and for women.

And in typical French fashion, the producers of this film manage to portray nudity nonchalantly, in a way that neither hides the nudity, nor titillates the viewer.

  • In one scene, Artemisia climbs out of bed and gets dressed while her lover walks around naked gathering her clothes. Both are shown, front and back. The nudity is incidental to the scene, but is fitting and natural.
  • Even the sex scenes, while hiding very little, are fleeting views of naked bodies.
  • When Artemisia is studying her friend's body, the camera studies it with her. Likewise, when she studies her own body.
  • Numerous scenes show figure studies of both men and women.

 At Play in the Fields of the Lord, 1991, Drama.
*** (TV Guide)
Starring John Lithgow, Daryl Hannah, Tom Berenger, Aidan Quinn, Kathy Bates.
"Two very different Protestant missionaries delve into the South American rain forests to bring religion to the native, each having an equally negative effect on the area and its people. Based on Peter Matthiessen's novel."

  • A long but interesting movie about the goals, motivations, and effects of the missionaries on the natives.
  • The entire film is filled with Amazonian natives. The women wear only a tassled belt which conceals their pubic area, but their breasts (big, small, firm, droopy) hang naturally and their buttocks are fully exposed. The men wear only a small pouch covering their penises. Many of the children and teenagers are completely naked.
  • Kathy Bates' young son quickly "goes native" and joins the Amazonians running naked through the jungle---much to his mother's chagrin.
  • In one scene, Kathy Bates is trying to put clothes on the natives, who are all laughing hysterically at the absurdity of it all...especially when she straps a bra on one of the women.
  • Tom Berenger decides to live with the natives and walks into their village naked, exposed front and back to the camera and the villagers. In some scenes he partially covers himself, but this seems to be his character's modesty rather than an attempt to hide from the camera.
  • In another scene, Daryl Hannah swims naked in the river and then climbs out and lays naked on the shore. A leg is raised, obscurring her pubic area, but it looks very comfortable and natural.

<Shown at 2:00 AM on CTV in two parts. No warnings, no editing, no fuzzy squares (98 July 18/19).>

Barbarella, 1960's, Science Fiction.
Starring Jane Fonda.
A 1960's classic, this Roger Vadim film stars Jane Fonda as a very sexual, space traveller.

  • In the opening scene Barbarella is floating around the spacecraft nude.

The Blue Lagoon, 1980, Drama.
Starring: Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins.
When their ship goes down, two children and the ship's cook reach the safety of a deserted tropical island (filmed in Fiji). After the cook dies, the children are left to fend for themselves as they mature through adolescence. Filmed as a "coming of age" movie, the story and the camera dwell on their mutual discovery of sex and sexuality, but the few sexual scenes show less nudity than the non-sexual ones.

The film has the reputation of being a sexy, silly, exploitive picture, but nudists will find it much more innocent than the masses. The full nudity of both adults and children earned the film an R rating, but other than that it would probably be designated PG. The plot is a bit shallow but interesting and the actors (and the island) are, of course, very photogenic, which makes for some beautiful footage.

  • The only direct comments on nudity are early on when the kids won't go swimming because they don't have their swimsuits. The cook tells them they don't need clothes to go swimming, but they aren't immediately convinced. A few scenes later, the cook is running after them trying to get them to put on clothes because "it's not proper" to be naked all the time. Presumably he convinces them, because they are seldom nude except when swimming. Shields is sometimes topless, but her hair is almost always used in place of clothing.

"I thought the movie handled the nudity very well." [Dave]

Body and Soul (???), 1994.
British production.
Starring: Kristin Scott Thomas.
According to Keath: I think the movie was titled "Body and Soul", starring Kristin Scott Thomas, an English movie filmed in 1994, but I can't be absolutely certain on this point. Shown on PBS, it featured the plight of a young nun leaving her convent and coming to grips with the outside world.

  • Soon after I grew interested in the plot, the nun in question encounters the moment wherein she doffs the habit and changes into worldly garments. I thought there would naturally be cut-aways when the undressing occurred and was very surprised to see the actress casually disrobe in front of a full length mirror while the camera lingered on her naked body. And linger it did, for a full 10-15 seconds, while the character studied her body as if were unfamiliar territory. The nude scene was very tastefully performed, however, and in keeping with the dignity of the character and the requirements of the plot line.

Box of Moonlight, 1996, Comedy-Drama.
** (TV Guide), US production.
Starring: John Turturro, Sam Rockwell.
"A straight-laced engineer rediscovers life."

  • A scene of Turturro getting out of the shower is full-frontal. (Realistic portrayal of nudity.)
  • A couple of times the two leads go to a remote swimming hole where Rockwell swims nude (full-frontal again), but Turturro insists on wearing underwear.
  • When a couple of women also show up at the swimming hole, Rockwell wears underwear to swim, but he tells the women he normally swims nude and they say they do, too. But everyone keeps their clothes on.

<Shown uncut late night on ShowCase (cable) (2002May21).>

Calendar Girl, 1993, Comedy.
** (TV Guide), US production.
Starring: Jason Priestley, Gabriel Olds, Jerry O'Connell.
Three smalltown high-school grads decide to drive to Hollywood to meet Marilyn Monroe.

  • Marilyn's famous nude calendar photo is shown a bunch of times.
  • But more significantly, the boys follow Marilyn to a nude beach. Two of them panic, but Priestley strips and walks confidently onto the beach. The other two reluctantly strip and follow. The producers chose a fairly realistic portrayal of a nude beach except for two things: almost all the people are good looking; and the majority are female. There are a lot of naked butts shown (both male and female), some breasts (mostly from the side), and some full-frontal shots (from a distance), mostly of women.

<Shown late night on VTV (2000Jun18).>

Carnal Knowledge, 1971, drama, U.S.A.
Starring: Jack Nicholson, Art Garfunkel, Candice Bergen, Ann Margaret.
Two college room-mates and their relationships with women as they age.

  • The movie is very much concerned with sex, but the most notable nudity occurs in the men's locker room (full-frontal) and in the bedroom the morning after sexual encounters.

Starring: Amanda Donohoe, Oliver Reed.
Two people abandon society to live on a tropical island. The female lead sheds her clothes as soon as there's nobody else around, and spends most of the rest of the film nude - the male protagonist suffers a bit at first....

Based on the book by Lucy Irvine. True story. "Good book. OK movie." [Edward Falk]

Casual Sex?, 1988, comedy, U.S.A.
Starring: Lea Thompson, Victoria Jackson.

Okay...the topic of the movie is sex, but there is a lot more discussion about sex than there is actual sex. Three women go on a retreat to a health spa and spend much of the time talking about their sex lives.

  • There's a scene where one of the characters barges into her friend's bedroom without realizing that she is not alone. The friend jumps out of bed nude (rear nudity) and grabs a towel. The scene is an important part of the plot and is handled very naturally.
  • And then there's the nude beach! Two of the women arrive at a sign marking the resort's nude beach and have a discussion that is basically, "We can't!"...."We have to!" There are scenes of various nude men and women sitting, lying, walking, and swimming, included our two stars lying naked on the sand. There is no frontal nudity, but there is rear and side nudity. There are no implied sexual overtones to the scene. The beach looks peaceful, relaxing and natural.

<Shown uncut on late night CTV (2001May1).>

Catherine & Co. (Catherine et Cie), 1975, comedy, France, Rated R.
Starring: Jane Birkin.

The movie is about Birkin becoming a prostitute and then incorporating her business and becoming rich. But it has also been touted as a good example for women who are self-conscious about having small breasts. Birkin spends much of the movie baring her insignificant assets...very effectively.

Cider House Rules, 1999, U.S.A.
Starring: Charlize Theron.

  • There's a very innocent scene of a fully nude Theron laying on the bed. The nudity is portrayed in a beautifully natural manner and it works very well for the film. This is not surprising since the film's director is a Swede! [Thomas]

Clan of the Cavebear.
Starring: Daryl Hannah.

  • There was some non-sexual semi-nudity in it.

Clash of the Titans.
"The film Clash of the Titans has positive nudity. It shows a women breast feeding and later the princess bathing." [Matt]

Club Paradise.

  • "No nudists per se, but Andrea Martin's character claims to be converted when they go to a nude beach." <mglover@Bayou.UH.EDU>

Dances with Wolves.
Starring: Kevin Costner.

  • Costner dances naked with the wolves.

The Dark Crystal.
An animated movie from Jim Hensen (creator of the Muppets).

  • "Jen (the hero) is completely nude when we are first introduced to him. He just sits calmly playing his flute near the water with no clothing on (or around) him. The thing that struck me the most about the scene was that it successfully depicted the character as gentle and in harmony with nature. This is exactly how naturists should be depicted." [Mike Krueger]

Doc Hollywood.
Starring: Michael J. Fox.
I haven't seen this one, but I've heard that one woman likes to go swimming in the nude.

Dragonslayer, fantasy, 1981.
Starring: Peter MacNicol, Caitlin Clarke.
Dragonslayer had a sequence where the main character goes skinny-dipping when he sees a co-traveler swimming (and then he discovers the co-traveler isn't a boy but a girl).

Eliminators, science fiction, 1986.
Starring: Denise Crosby
Crosby plays a scientist who has to hunt down a former associate when one of his victims shows up at her lab---a man who is now more machine than man. (In fact, he looks like a precursor of the Borg.)

  • At one point Crosby goes swimming to retrieve something from a submerged airplane. When she emerges from the (cold?) water she peels off her shirt and puts on a dry one. Her guide is stunned that she would undress in front of him, but she treats it almost as naturally as it should be. She sort of turns her back to him, but not too carefully. The camera is in front of her for part of this time. (This scene was probably thrown in for exploitive reasons, but her nonchalant attitude toward her own nudity places it above this level.)

<Shown late night on CTV.>

The Emerald Forest, drama.
Starring Powers Boothe.
Features realistically nude natives.

Eve of Destruction, Fantasy, 1991, Rated R.
Starring Gregory Hines and Renee Soutendijk.
Eve VIII is "...a drop-dead, gorgeous android who racks up a body count that would make the Terminator and Robocop blush..." (The Boston Herald)

A few scenes of note (all in the first half hour):

  • First is a scene with Eve's creator (of whom Eve is an exact replica) and her 6 year old (?) son looking at a book that has naked drawings of a man and a woman, and telling him frankly that "tits" should be called "breasts" and "balls" should be called "testicles".
  • Second (not really a nude scene) is a very realistic replica of Eve's chest as workers are assembling her.
  • The third scene starts with Eve pulling off her shirt revealing that same chest replica in a somewhat grusome scene as she patches a shotgun wound in her chest. The second half of this sequence though shows her real breasts as she puts on the last of the bandages.


  • Sir Lancelot is naked as he battles a phantom knight in a surreal sequence

Fatal Beauty, Drama, 1997.
British production.
Starring Woopi Goldberg.

  • Goldberg surprises a suspect while he swims naked in his pool. He climbs out of the pool and
    asks... (don't know wat happened to the rest of this section...)

Foxfire, Drama, 1996, U.S.A.
*** (TV Guide).
Starring Hedy Burress, Angelina Jolie.
A mysterious young woman (Jolie) drifts into the lives of four high school girls bringing them together as unlikely friends.

  • The Movie opens with Burress tak\ing nude photographs of a friend (boyfriend?) for her art portfolio. Her model is posing naked in the woods and then chases a Polaroid down a creek, still naked. The film makers carefully avoid showing his penis without it looking like they are trying to avoid it.
  • After the girls have bonded, Jolie commemorates the occassion by pulling off her shirt and tatooing her breast. The other girls follow suit allowing her to put a similar tatoo on their breasts in a nicely filmed sequence.

The Four Seasons, Comedy-Drama, 1981, U.S.A.
Starring: Alan Alda, Carol Burnett.
Three wealthy couples who vacation together four times a year go through mid-life turmoils---not the least of which is when Nick replaces Anne with (the much younger) Ginny..

  • During a tropical sailing vacation, sex-crazed Nick and Ginny skinnydip to the shock of their 4 companions. Reactions to the activity are mostly non-nudist, but one of the other couples decides to give it a try later. Unfortunately, sexual connotations continure.

The Full Monty, Drama, 1997.
British production.
Some unemployed mill workers decide to do their own version of a Chippendales show...but because they aren't very good, they will take it all off.

  • The only scene with any nudity is the closing scene when they finally take off all their clothes, but there are many hillarious scenes where they deal with their fears about taking off all their clothes in front of an audience.

Getting Married in Buffalo Jump, low-key romantic drama, 1990, Canada.
*** (TV Guide).
Starring Wendy Crewson (of Air Force One) and Paul Gross (of Due South).
When her father dies, a pianist moves back to her home town and falls for a ranch-hand.

  • 30 minutes in, Crewson and Gross go swimming together: both just shuck their clothes in front of the camera, jump into a pond and swim around. The producers stopped short of showing genitals, but both are shown full-view from behind and Crewson's breasts are clearly shown as she turns toward the camera to ask if Gross is going to join her and again as she floats on her back in the water with her breasts above the surface. The scene occurs long before they have had any real sexual involvement and is handled very naturally.
  • About 1.25 hours in, Crewson goes swimming again (alone) in a brief scene. Once again she is nude, but very little is revealed.

The most significant part of this is that this movie was made for broadcast TV and includes bare buttocks and nipples.

<And all was shown prime-time on CBC several times (e.g. 92july5).>

The Goodbye Girl.
Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason.
Dreyfuss is playing his guitar while nude. Mason knocks on his door and asks, "Are you decent?" He replies that he is - when she comes in and finds him nude she gasps, "You're naked. I thought you said you were decent!" He replies, "I am decent. I'm also naked."

Gremlins 2.

  • Notable only because of a film that is partially shown: "Sunworshipper Films" presents "Volleyball Holiday."

Greystoke: the Legend of Tarzan.
"The nudity is, or so I've heard, pretty non-sexual. As a young boy and until teenagehood young Tarzan is supposedly seen unashamed of his nudity, but as in all movies he "grows out of it" and wears that stupid cloth (probably until the end of the movie). Pretty surprising given the double-tabboo of child nudity in movies."

Hail Mary.
French production.

Jean-Luc Godard's "Hail Mary" dealt with nudity frequently and even what most considered maturely.

Hair, 1979, musical, USA.
The Broadway version of this Vietnam era story broke ground by having the cast appear in the nude. The movie version contains a bit of nudity as well.

  • There is a skinnydipping scene where 4 men and 1 woman take a night-time dip (rear nudity and breasts). Unfortunately, the men steal the woman's clothes. She runs out onto the street nearly naked and hails a cab...

The Handmaid's Tale.
I think there was some casual nudity in this. In any case, it is a good film.

The Harrad Experiment.
According to Alan R. Weiss...

A charming, idealistic movie. It was also fascinating to see a young Don Johnson and a young Bruno Kirby! It also starred James Whitmore, Tipi Hedron, Laurie Walters (cute!), and Victoria Thompson (lovely). It made me nostalgic for the days when we were fighting the sexual revolution, breaking false taboos, and --- HEY! we're still doing it! Only we're not as idealistic (or perhaps foolish) these days ... :-) Apparently it includes a full-frontal scene of Johnson.

Hawaii, 1966.
Starring: Max von Sydow, Julie Andrews, and Richard Harris.
"This film includes many examples of bare breasted Polynesian women who slip through the National Geographic loophole. There is a clear contrast between the puritanical views of the European missionaries and the views of the natives who have not yet had their eyes opened to the 'offensiveness' of their nudity. None of the non-caucasian characters give any hint that they are not completly accepting of their natural nude state." [Matt]

Isadora, 1968, drama.
*** (TV Guide), British production.
Starring: Venessa Redgrave, James Fox.

I watched this one on one of our local French language stations and I didn't manage to follow it very well. It is about a Russian dancer following World War I.

  • At one point, Redgrave and her lover have sex and there is no nudity. But, the next morning, she dances around the studio in the nude. Dark shadow obscure most details, but it is easy to see that she is nude.
  • In another scene, she is swimming with her young daughter. Although Redgrave and her husband are clothed from neck to knee, the daughter is nude, in and out of the water.
  • Redgrave eventually does a performance in the US (frequent scenes of a preacher, pointing out her sinful ways"). Her dance is a "dance of liberation" accompanied by traditional Russian music. Partway through, she rips off her shirt and dances topless until she is forced to cover up. (Meanwhile, everyone in the audience is running for the door in a panic.)

Konrad, 1985, drama, USA.
Wonderworks did a story in which a factory-made child was delivered to an older lady. For a long scene, Konrad (Huckleberry Fox) stands naked in his packing crate and explains that the factory didn't ship him with clothes.

Koyla, 1996, drama.
*** (TV Guide), Czech/French.
Starring: Zdenek Sverak, Andrej Chalimon.

A cellist's life is turned upside down when he cares for his new wife's young son.

  • There is a scene where the "father" and "son" go to the creek to swim and lay in the sun. A distant overhead shot shows them laying on a boulder in the middle of the creek, apparently nude. The following scenes show only their heads and shoulders.
  • Several scenes of the young boy nude, getting into the bath tub and stuff.
  • A scene where the boy walks in on his "father" and a woman working their way toward a sexual encounter realistically shows the woman's bare breasts.

<Shown late night on CBC (99 Dec 22).>

Life of Brian (Monty Python), comedy.
Starring: Graham Chapman.

  • Brian gets out of bed stark naked, walks over to the window and throws the shutters open...only to find that he is being stared at by several hundred worshipers that he didn't know he had. The camera records his reaction from outside the window. He is fully visible from the knees up.
  • About this time, Brian's mother walks in and pretty soon Brian and his lover are both walking around the room and arguing with his mother, unconcerned that both of them are naked.
  • In another scene, a naked hermit runs around the set with his genitals clearly visible.
  • It seems to me there are a couple of other less notable scenes as well.

Lifeforce, 1985, science fiction.
Starring: Steve Railsback, Peter Firth, Frank Finlay, Mathilda May.

A space shuttle mission investigating Halley's Comet brings back a malevolent race of space vampires who transform most of London's population into zombies. The only survivor of the expedition and British authorities attempt to capture a mysterious but beautiful alien woman who appears responsible.

  • Mathilda May, playing the "queen vampire", is naked through most of the film.

Lucia y el sexo (Sex and Lucia), 2001, science fiction.
Spanish/French production.
Starring: Paz Vega, Tristan Ulloa.

Various lives converge on an isolated island, all connected by an author whose novel has become inextricably entwined with his own life.

  • Several scenes of Paz Vega and others swimming and sunbathing nude on deserted beaches.
  • On scene of Vega climbing out of bed and wandering around her boyfriend's apartment without bothering to get dressed.
  • There are also several sexual scenes as well, which are surprisingly explicit by American standards, but are natural and signifaicant to the scenes. (Standins were used for the more explicit scenes, but it's not obvious.)

The Man in the Moon, 1991, drama.
*** (TV Guide), US production.
Starring: Reese Witherspoon (as Dani), Jason London (as Court), Sam Waterston.
A 14-year-old girl (Dani) in rural Louisiana falls for an older boy (Court) who has his eye on Dani's older sister.

  • The two stars meet as Court jumps into the swimming hole where Dani is skinnydipping. When Dani climbs out and runs naked into the woods to get her clothes there are brief glimpses of bare buttocks. Although she is uncomfortable being nude in his presence, the movie portrays solo skinnydipping very positively.
  • In a later scene, Dani (who now wears a bathing suit) talks Court into jumping in naked because he doesn't have his suit. A fleeting glimpse is seen as he plummets into the water.

 <Shown late night on CTV several times (e.g. 98may7).>

The Man in the White Suit.
Starring: Alec Guinness.
"I haven't seen it in a long time but it has a nudist (sort of) scene. Guiness plays a geeky young inventor of a miracle fabric that doesn't get dirty, wrinkle, tear, or wear out. No more laundering or dry cleaning. (Sound familiar?) Naturally, the fashion industry unites to suppress the invention and drive him out of business and back home to his parents (also played by Guinness), who live (surprise!) in a "nudist colony". When last seen, he is being chased playfully around a field by frolicsome girlfriends from the camp. You can see a bit of nudity through the cornstalks." [Patrick Dewey]

"I can remember seeing such a scene on English television. A man ran away from a host of girls. Of the girls only legs and backs were seen. They chased him until they reached a big sign, reading: CAUTION, from this place you can be seen from the public road. That's all I saw from the movie, so I have no idea what it was about." <>

A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1999, comedy.
US production.
Starring: Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfieffer, Calista Flockhart.
When two pairs of star-crossed lovers, a troop of inept amateur actors, a feuding pair of supernatural spirits and a love potion gone awry all comes together in an enchanged forest, the result is a mixture of merriment and magic.

  • One fleeting scene shows topless faeries in the water. Another more fleeting scene shows a couple of topless faeries washing clothes..
  • Unfortunately, in a later scene, when the stars are caught naked in the woods not only do they quickly cover their bodies, but they go to great pains to avoid revealing anything on camera (even though the actors are obviously nude).

The Mission, drama.
Features realistically nude natives.

Mountains of the Moon.

  • Nude sketching.

Much Ado About Nothing, drama.

  • Everyone takes a communal bath at the start.

Never Cry Wolf, drama.
A biologist spends six months living amongst the wolves in extreme northern Canada. A great movie, surprisingly from Disney.

  • There are a couple of scenes where full nudity is shown, and one scene where you can almost see his genitals.

Now and Then, 1995.
Starring: Christina Ricci, Rosie O'Donnell, Thora Birch. Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter
A coming of age movie about 4 girls in a rural setting.

  • A scene shows the four girls watching as some local neighbourhood boys go skinnydipping in the lake. They end up stealing the boys clothes and pedal off on their bikes throwing the clothes to the still naked boys who are trying to cover up and chase after the girls.

Very positive view of nudity. [K.C.]

Personal Best, drama.
Aparently has a scene in which Marriel Hemmingway (??) and her fellow athletes sit nude and cavort in a sauna with nothing sexual implied.

Planet of the Apes, science fiction.
Starring: Charleston Heston.

  • Heston and the two other spacemen hike through a desert. When they discover water, they take off their clothes and go swimming. Nudity is shown from the rear or from a long distance.
  • Rear nudity is also shown when Heston is stripped naked in a court room.

<Shown on Space, May 2004.>

"There's a cute scene of passing interest to naturists in the new film "Pleasantville." The hero, a high school-age lad who has been magically transported to the black-and-white world of a 1950s sitcom, gradually introduces the clueless citizens of this world to the realities--and joys--of artistic expression, sexuality, free thinking, and all of the other wonderful things that make us human and alive. At one point he has a rendezvous at "Lovers' Lane" with a girl he has recently met. She informs him that a group of her friends recently got together and "took their clothes off to go swimming." This line was delivered in a refreshingly non-sniggering, matter-of-fact way, making it seem as though skinny-dipping is as natural as, itself. To me, this was a great affirmation that nude recreation isn't a practice of weirdos or reactionaries; indeed, it's a pleasurable pastime that all of us have a right to enjoy." [Thomas]

A Disney Movie.

  • In the opening scene there is a rear view shot of a nude boy, maybe 12 years old, skinny dipping with some other boys. The boy was swinging over the water on a rope.

Prospero's Books, drama.
The vast majority of the cast of Prospero's Books are in varying stages of undress for the entire duration of the film. This is a translation of Shakespeare's The Tempest. Male, female, young, old, heavy, thin, you name it; it's in there.

Puberty Blues, 1981, comedy/drama, Australian.
Starring: Nell Shofield, Jad Capelja.
A lame movie about two teenage surf chicks experimenting with sex in the Sydney suburbs.

  • Beach scenes include a number of topfree (but anonymous) women. The only time the camera or characters pay any attention is during a fight when one guy points a a woman as a diversion.
  • Another scene shows the two main characters tanning beside the pool, aparently nude.
  • A few scenes shows men's bums.

Rapa Nui.
"The movie explores some of the myths and legends of Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Easter Island, you'll remember, is where those Big Stone Heads were carved. The film explores some of the stories about the carving of the figures, and the reason the island has no trees to speak of.

  • It's a tropical island. The women are topless, the men 'barely' attired in g-strings.
  • There's no on-screen sex, but there is one romance (and resulting child).

After the first few minutes, you don't notice the skin. The story's the thing. Although one review hinted that the interpretation of the legends left something be desired.

Return of the Secaucus Seven.

  • Skinnydipping scene.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, fantasy.
Starring: Kevin Costner, Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio.

  • In one scene, Marian watches Robin (a body double of Costner) bathing. The scene comes across as being sexual even though Robin is simply bathing. What significant is that the original intent of this scene was that Marian would see that Robin's back was covered with hideous scars, incurred in the Crusades, and thus gain a deeper understanding of him. It was not originally intended to be sexual.

Robocop, fantasy (?).
Directed by Paul Verhoeven, US production.

  • Early in the movie is a wonderful scene as the camera follows the characters through the police (mixed-sex) locker room. First, they pass by a man in the shower (full rear view) and then past a woman getting dressed (waist up, from the front). I like this scene because absolutely no mention is made of any of this; it is treated as totally normal that the men and women share the same shower and locker room.

These scenes are left intact on CTV but not ABC.

Room with a View, drama.

  • Nude drawings are used as a background behind the frequent "chapter" titles.
  • There is a wonderful scene of three men, ranging in age from about 17 (?) up to a 60 (?) year old clergyman, "bathing" in a pond in the woods. The scene shows them having a wonderful time swimming, jumping, splashing, wrestling, and chasing each other through the woods. Genitals are clearly visible several times.
  • The scene has a humourous conclusion as they are discovered by the leading lady (who is obviously not offended) and her stuffy fiance and stuffier mother (who are both appalled).
  • Later the main character explains that her brother often bathed in that pond. Did *she*? Yes, she says, ...until she was found out.

<These scenes were relatively unchanged on Canadian commercial TV and on PBS, but A&E eliminated most of the skinny-dipping.>

Starring: Harvey Keitel, Andie McDowell.
"Set in the 1930's in Virginia, I believe."

  • "There is a scene where 2 boys (I'd say about 9-11 y.o.) go skinnydipping at a local pond. As a matter of fact, the whole family goes, but the older brothers/sister are not shown nude. One boy was seen from the side and another from the back. It was a very natural scene, not exploitative, that showed a family having fun at the lake/pond in a very hot summer day." - Luis F. Salas <>

<Shown on HBO, Dec. 1999.>

Shirley Valentine, comedy, 1989.
*** (TV Guide), British.
Starring: Pauline Collins, Tom Conti.
A saucy, middle-aged British housewife rediscovers life and love while on vacation in Greece.

  • There is a lengthy scene of Shirley and one of her love interests skinny-dipping from a sailboat in a deserted cove.The scene is sexually charged, but it is a good depiction of skinny-dipping by "normal" people.

<Shown uncut on Bravo!, Sept. 30/2001 (in the morning).>

Shoot the Piano Player, 1960?.
"There's a moment in François Truffaut's film when a young woman has slipped out of her clothes and into bed, gearing up to make love. We've already seen her breasts, but her partner reaches over and pulls the sheet modestly around them, saying mischievously, 'That's the way it is in the movies, exactly like that.'
It must have been such a funny little jibe in 1960, in a French movie (and everyone knew how racy those foreign films could be) made by a director enamored of American movie tradition. But what's surprising about the joke is that almost 40 years later, it's more apt than ever." [Stephanie Zacharek, Salon Magazine, April 26, 1999]

A Shot in the Dark.
Starring: Peter Sellers.
Shows people just enjoying normal park/beach type activities at "Camp Sunshine", and shows a non-nudist (Sellers as Inspector Clouseau) trying to acclimate himself! AND it managed to do this within the bounds

Sirens, comedy drama, 1994.
*** (TV Guide), Australian-British production.
Starring: Hugh Grant, Tara Fitzgerald, Elle McPherson.
Set in Australia in the 1930s, a famous painter angers the church when he insists on exhibiting a painting of a naked woman on a crucifix. The church sends a young reverend and his wife (Grant and Fitzgerald) to convince the artist to reconsider. Instead, his wife is awakened to a frank openess of attitudes. The film looks at and debates the attitude of the church with regard to nudity, sexuality, and humanity.

  • Throughout the film, the artists models (one man and three women, including McPherson) are shown posing for the artist, and numerous painting are shown, as well. Several scenes focus on Grant's embarrassment at being in the same room as the naked women.
  • There is a scene of Fitzgerald changing behind a screen---out of view of her husband, but in the camera's view.
  • The river is the location of several scenes containing nudity:
    • First is a scene of McPherson and another model skinnydipping in the river. Fitzgerald is shocked by that, and even more shocked when they don't hide from the blind male model.
    • In another scene, Fitzgerald discovers the male model laying naked on the rocks and masturbating.
    • In another, Fitzgerald lays in the water in her nightgown and fantasizes about the three naked models running their hands over her body.
  • Nudity is also used to show how Fitzgerald's attitudes have opened up, as she stands in church and fantasizes about a scene from the previous day, where one of the choir girls was playing a game (Red Rover?) with a bunch of the town boys. In her fantasy, she substitutes herself---first clothed, then naked. Embarrassed by her own fantasy, she has a panick attack where she thinks she is standing naked in church.

The movie is primarily concerned with contrasting the artist's openess (and that of his models) with the conservative views of the church. As such, sex and sexuality are big topics in the film, but it treats nudity and sex openly, honestly, and without exploitation.

<Shown uncut, late night on CBC's French station (98 Nov 27).>

Species, science fiction.
Starring: Natasha Henstridge.

  • The scene in which the beautiful alien (Henstridge) stands topless in her hotel room while deciding what to wear was probably included for sexual reasons, but her frank attitude to her nudity is refreshing.

Splash!, fantasy/comedy.
Starring: Daryl Hannah.

  • Daryl Hannah stars as a mermaid who walks ashore in New York unconcerned that she has no clothes. Other people, however, are concerned. Camera angles ensure that only her naked back is actually shown.

Splitting Heirs, Comedy, 1997.
Starring: Eric Idle, Rick Moranis, Barbara Hershey, Catherine Zeta Jones.
"A member of the English upper class dies, leaving his estate and his business to an American, whom he thinks is his son who was lost as a baby and then found again. An Englishman who thinks he is an Indian comes to believe that he is actually the heir. He comes to hate the American who is his boss, his friend, and the man who has stolen the woman after whom he lusts."

  • Zeta-Jones is shown swimming nude in an indoor pool. Rear view shown as she gets out of the pool.
  • In the end of the same scene, Idle's bum is shown a few times.

Starship Troopers, Science Fiction, 1997.
Adapted from the novel by Robert Heinlein, directed by Paul Verhoeven, US Production.
A needlessly violent, but moderately entertaining movie about humans at war with a spider-like alien species, showing a future of absolute gender and racial equality. Young women are on the field with the men in a very rough version of future football, where agility is as important as taking the body slams. Female recruits train with the male, and have to physically hold their own in confrontations. And, in this militaristic setting where ability is the only determinant of leadership, men are quite accepting that a woman is capable of kicking butt.

  • This is basically the Marine Corp in space, but men and women share the barracks and showers without concern about each other's nudity.
  • One shower scene shows the entire platoon discussing the day's events as they shower. Lots of bare breasts and buttocks are shown (pubic areas are conviently, but not obviously, hidden), but throughout the scene the conversation continues as if their nudity is not indeed it isn't.
  • Dutch-born director Verhoeven had to deal with the here-and-now social reluctance of his young cast to participate in the film's coed nude shower scene. When one of the young actresses challenged him to do the same, he surprised them by complying.

Stealing Beauty, 1996, drama.
*** (TV Guide), US production.
Starring: Liv Tyler, Sinead Cusack.
A young American woman embarks on a journey of self-discovery when she travels to the Italian countryside to uncover the truth about her late mother's past.

  • One of her uncles is an artist and the are several scenes of him and his semi-nude models outdoors with the other people going about their business unconcerned.
  • In another scene, she walks down to the pool where she finds the entire family (about 12 people) lounging and swimming naked.
  • I think there are a few other scenes of casual nudity, too.

Summer Lovers, 1982.
British production.
Starring: Darryl Hannah, Peter Gallagher,Valerie Quennessen.
A light, fun film about a young American couple vacationing on the Greek Island of Santorini who get involved with a French archaeologist. While there, the couple sheds their American inhabitions and come to enjoy sunbathing, swimming and relaxing without clothes. It realistically portrays their initial discomfort and later their comfort with being topless or naked in public.

  • It features many beautiful and positive sequences on nude beaches, and skinny-dipping off boats and cliffs. They are sometimes naked and sometimes topless as they relax in their apartment or on their balcony.
  • Overall, there are a lot of bare butts and bare breasts in this movie, and even a few full-frontal shots. Although the filmmakers tried to avoid frontal nudity, they didn't go out of their way to avoid it. The nudity is handled very naturally. It is seldom avoided and seldom emphasized (except to emphasize the characters' comfort level). For example, when getting out of bed, the covers fall off naturally---bare breasts and bodies may or may not be revealed.
  • According to -KEN- it has a ring of authenticity, without forcing sex into the plot. (That's not to say there isn't sex in the plot. There is...and some of it might offend some people's morals. But there aren't actually any sex scenes.)
  • The film appears to stay pretty close to reality as far as locations are concerned. When they mention a place name, it is the correct name. So it is likely that all the clothing-optional sites they showed really were clothing-optional. But 15 years have brought about changes and Perissa beach is no longer clothing-optional. (That was the only beach I could positively identify.) Some scenes were filmed on Crete, ???, and ???, so don't expect to find all these sights on Santorini.

[Click here for information on Greece's nude beaches.]

Supernova, 1999, Sci-Fi.
US production.
Starring: James Spder, Angela Basset.
An unimpressive sci-fi about a teh crew of a spacecraft getting into trouble after responding to a distress call.

  • In order to survive "dimension jump" (faster than light travel), the crew enters "dimensional stabilization" pods....naked. There are several scenes of the crew getting in or out of the pods without any indication of embarrassment. Nobody appears to notice. (Frequent bare breasts and butts.)
  • A man who is rescued from a mining colony lays unconscious in sick-bay for a while. When he awakes he is unconcerned about his own nudity. He stands in a doorway talking to a female crew member, finally commenting, "I'm sorry. I'm embarrassing you... It's been a while since I've seen a woman." The implication clearly being that an erection is making her uncomfortable, not his nudity.
  • The nudity in this movie though is probably included for titillation. There are a couple of zero gravity sex scenes and several sexual comments.

<Shown uncut late night on CTV (Nov 2006).>

Tarzan and His Mate, 1937.
Starring: Johnny Weismeuller as Tarzan, Maureen O'Sullivan (Mia Farrow's mother) as Jane.

  • Tarzan rips Jane's costume off her while they are standing on a tree limb or something, then she dives in and he follows. They enjoy a rather long swim with Jane being completely nude, Much of it was filmed underwater and though black and white it was rather obivous that Jane was sans suit.
  • Much of that scene was cut from the original release of that movie. It is one of the early examples of censorship in Hollywood. And it has been claimed that that scene was the first instance of a 'body double' being used in the movies.

The Thomas Crown Affair, 1999.
US production.
Starring: Rene Russo, Pierce Brosnan, Denis Leary. Director: John McTiernan.

  • It was a good movie but what was interesting from a naturist standpoint is that Rene Russo spends time on the beach topless in a non-sexual context. She and Brosnan are discussing "bankers" of all things (how much more non-sexual can you get!) yet there is no attempt to hide her breasts throughout the conversation. What's even nicer is that Russo, while certainly in good shape, is clearly not in her 20's or 30's. As the Cincinaty Post said, "...her refreshingly bold topless scenes are strikingly mature rather than panderingly prurient." [Stephane]

Three Wishes.
Starring: Patrick Swayze.

  • "There is a scene where he is nude sunbathing in the back-yard." <>

Threesome, 199_.
Starring: Lara Flynn Boyle, Stephen Baldwin, and Josh Charles.

"The main characters rent a car and go out to a river front. One of the guys says, 'Too bad we didn't bring swimsuits.' And Boyle's character says, 'Oh don't be such an old fart.' Then she proceeds to disrobe fully and go into the river, then Baldwin's character follows (with his boots on though), then they both urge Charles's character in, and he does follow. Later on they are all sleeping naked on the towel they brought, and they damn near have sex (the non-nudist part of the scene) before a religious guy leading a group of kids stumbles across them. The kids start laughing and the leader apparently says that they have 'sinned to the lord' or something. I forgot because I haven't seen the movie in a while." [Jon]

Under the Skin, 1998.
Starring: Samantha Morton.

"Morton's nudity in this superb film is so essential to the character's situation that it's anything but shocking." [Stephanie Zacharek, Salon Magazine, April 26, 1999]

Vanishing Point, adventure, 1971.
US production.
Starring: Barry Newman, Cleavon Little.
An ex-racer out-drives the law from Denver to San Franciscowhile making good on a bet.

  • At one point, the star stops at a rural house (possibly a comune). While there, the man he is talking to calls over a female resident to listen to something on the radio. The woman is completely naked for several minutes and all three people appear completely unconcerned. The version I saw on TV contained a brief glimpse of breasts, but a couple of really bad scene changes imply that there was some more nudity editted out. Although the 60's "free love" attitude was expressed verbally, the scene doesn't appear overly sexual.

<Shown daytime on independent station KVOS (2000 Feb 19).>

Voices in the Garden, drama, 1991.
French-British production.
Starring: Anouk Aimee, Joss Ackland.
A woman gets a new lease on life when she falls for a younger man.

  • I was told that there is some skinnydipping in the pool during a party.

<Shown late night on CBC (98 Oct 28).>

Waking Ned Devine, 1998.

  • Two elderly gentlemen go skinnydipping. Rear view only.

Walkabout, drama.
Starring: Jenny Agutter, introducing David Gilpilil.
A tragic story line, made in a low key style, about two kids abandoned in the Australian outback who meet up with an Aboriginal teen who is on a "walkabout" (proving that he is a man by surviving on his own).

  • There were shots of male nudity in the context of Aboriginal life style.
  • Two thirds of the way through, the three main characters---a 14 year old girl (played by a 17 year old actress), her 6 year old brother, and a teenage Aboriginal boy---swim nude in a pond in a rocky gorge. In the original 1971 US release, some theatres showed a censored version. Most of that scene, and any frontal nudity, was cut. The movie was rereleased in the US in 1998 complete with the five minutes cut in 1971.
  • "The movie is quite different from the book with the same name upon which it is based. The nudity is central to both, though perhaps more so in the book. It is mostly innocent but there is a certain level of sexual tension between the Aboriginal and the girl." [L.L]
  • "I fondly recall the nude swimming scenes (there were two in the film). I hope I can find the movie on tape or DVD one of these days. I loved it." [J.C.]
  • "The girl is shown completely nude swimming in a lake at the bottom of a cliff while her brother watches her from above. The movie ends with the three kids, fully naked, swimming in a lake." [Marius]

"I was very moved by the story when I first saw it (I was 19) and feel that it can still demonstrate nudity as part of life, not as part of a movie script." [Simon]

Woodstock: the Movie, musical documentary.
A fabulous celebration of the classic festival.

  • Scenes include skinny dipping in the creek, breast-feeding, and several nude guys strolling down the road in the rain.

<Shown uncut on Canada's Much Music.>

Where the Heart Is, 1990, drama, *** (TV Guide).
Starring: Dabney Coleman, Uma Thurman, Joanna Cassidy, Suzy Amis.
An artist (?) is creating a calendar of multi-media photos---photos of painted people in front of painted scenes.

  • Her sister (?) poses for January wearing almost nothing except paint (she's topless and facing the camera). A brother (?) walks in, gets embarassed, and comments that it seems a bit risque for an insurance calendar. She casually puts on a robe. The photo was shown a few times during the remainder of the movie.

<Shown prime-time on CTV. (94 Jan 1)>

Dave Fleming added:

  • And for some reason, even though they left in the film scene in the beginning (minus a pan-shot of the artist sister's torso) when Uma Thurman's character is obviously not wearing anything but a coat of paint, they showed the closing credits over a black background, when they originally showed more of the other sister's artwork. Consistency; don'tcha love it?

Wild Things, 1998, mystery, American.
Starring: Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards.
A southern tale of double-crosses and ulterior motives, a seductive teenage beauty (Richards) accuses her handsome high school guidance counselor (Dillon) of rape after he spurns her advances. The town's social outcast (Campbell) also comes forward with rape accusations and the truth is revealed as the local cop (Bacon) investigates.

  • Full-frontal nudity in one scene when Kevin Bacon emerges from the shower. He is talking to Matt Dillon at the time.

In Style magazine, Kevin Bacon confesses he likes to cut a little footloose at home with his family every now and then -- naked. "Not when the nanny is around," he says. "But I will with my wife and kids." Why? "There's something therapeutic about nudity ... Take away the Gucci or Levi's and we're all the same."

Wind, 1992, drama, American.
Starring: Matthew Modine, Jennifer Grey, Cliff Robertson.
A brash young sailor breaks with tradition in his quest to reclaim the America's Cup for the U.S. Heart-racing sailing is combined with a classic love story, very loosely based on actual events.

  • In the opening scene, Grey is sitting on a rocky ledge at the ocean's edge enjoying the sun while she watches Modine swimming nearby (in a wetsuit). Grey is a small part of the shot, but appears to be nude, facing away from the camera, toward the sea.

Wrestling Ernest Hemmingway, 1993, drama, American.
Starring: Robert Duvall, Richard Harris.
Two retirees---a Cuban barber and an Irish sea captain---form an unlikely friendship..

  • The two men skinnydip in the ocean...bare butts sticking out of the water as they dive...

<Shown late night on CTV. (2000 June 26)>

The Year of the Jellyfish.
See L'Annee des Meduses.

Artistic Nudity.
Movies in which nudity is depicted for purely artistic reasons. These images are notable because they help to eliminate the nudity taboo.

La Belle Noiseuse, 1991.
Starring: Michel Piccoli, Emmanuelle Bear.

In the painter/model genre, Piccoli is a painter and Beart (pre-Mission Impossible) is his model in a film that has been criticized for being way too long (4 hours).

  • Beart strolls casually nude in the work-room for long stretches of time.

Interview with the Vampire, 1994, Drama.
Starring: Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst.
A vampire tells his epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger.

  • In one scene, Claudia (Dunst) is shown drawing a nude woman.

James Bond.
Many of the James Bond movies (the earlier ones) had nude women in the opening credits. No other nudity in the films.

  • Artistically done. Doesn't imply body acceptance, but it doesn't imply sex either.
  • For Your Eyes Only ends with Bond and a woman swimming naked. Her nipples are clearly visible.
  • In "The Man With the Golden Gun", Bond (Roger Moore) is invited to join a woman swimming in a pool. He says, "There is just one problem. I don't have any swimming trunks." She replies, "That's okay. Neither do I." Although the water obscures her body, it appears that she is telling the truth. [Action, British, 1974, ***, Bond goes head to head with an evil hit man, Scaramanga (Christopher Lee).]

Oh, Calcutta.
"Although a lot of it is sex-oriented jokes, there is one part in particular where the actors are all standing nude on stage and expressing possible thoughts of various members of the audience (if I remember correctly)." [Pete]

Realistic Portrayal of Nudity.
Movies in which nudity is depicted naturally on-screen without undo emphasis. The characters may not be displaying attitudes of body acceptance, but the film-makers have depicted the nudity in a natural fashion rather than going to ridiculous lengths to avoid showing any nudity. This may, for example, be a scene of someone getting out of bed or out of the shower. It may occur before or following a sexual situation, but sex scenes themselves do not qualify for this category.

Better Than Chocolate, 1999, Comedy-Drama, Canadian, *** (TV Guide).
Starring: Karen Dwyer, Christina Cox.
Better Than Chocolate is a fictional look at life in Vancouver's lesbian community, focusing on the life of a young woman and the people who surround her. Some of the events are loosely based on real-life happenings.

  • The nudity all involves the romance between the lead character and her new lover. But it's not extraneous to the story or the message.
  • There is a lengthy scene involving body paint, naked bodies, and big sheets of paper.
  • There is another scene involving nudity as a public protest.

<Uncut, primetime on CITY TV. (2002 Nov 5)>

Betty Blue, Drama.
"Starts with a couple screwing but has a scene where the female co-star gets out of bed because she is too creeped out to sleep in the bed of someone who died in it that day. So she tries to sleep on the living room couch while her lover chases after her. This scene lasts about five minutes and throughout both the male and female are completely naked, full frontal and everything. The nudity truly seems uncontrived. Refreshingly mature. (Pretty weird movie, otherwise)."

Boogie Nights, 1997.
Starring: Mark Wahlberg.

  • "A goofy, sentimentalised view of the porn era of the mid-'70s to mid-'80s, a film full of chatter about the main character's remarkable endowment is realised visually in the last scene, when Mark Wahlberg's character finally reveals the gargantuan (prosthetic) organ that has made him a natural in the adult-entertainment industry." [Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, 2000Feb26]

Catch-22, 1970, Comedy.
US production.
Starring: Alan Arkin and many other famous names.
A bizarre movie about an american air force squadron stationed in Italy during WWII.

  • One scene has a woman standing on a swimming raft naked (full-frontal nudity) for 30 seconds. With this movie it's hard to tell what was intended, but it doesn't come across as sexual.
  • In a couple of scenes, Arkin is completely out of uniform. He accepts a medal with no clothes on, and later attends a funeral nude. The film-makers go to a lot of trouble to prevent revealing any male anatomy.
  • Another scene shows Arkin and a woman (presumably after sex) laying in bed with a sheet draped casually across them. No attempt is made to cover her breasts. The scene looks very natural.
  • In one scene, Arkin walks past a woman who is breast-feeding her baby in the street.

Cruel Intentions, 1999, Drama.
US production.
Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon.
An unconvincing version of "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" (Dangerous Liasons) filled with graphic sexual talk (but not much sex). ("Valmont" was a much better version.)

  • Only one scene with nudity: Sebastion's (Phillippe's) butt is shown as he allows himself to be seen by Anette (Witherspoon), who he is trying to seduce. Sebastion turns to face Anette and then asks her to turn away while he puts on a swim suit. Anette appears unfazed but comments on an "embarassing" situation.

The Crying Game, 1992.

  • "The entire plot turned on the unexpected display of the male member, thereby shocking the protagonist into realising that the "woman" he had fallen for was different from the way she seemed." [Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, 2000Feb26]

Death and the Maiden, 1994, Drama.
UK/US/France production.
Starring: Sigourney Weaver.
A political activist is convinced that her guest is a man who once tortured her for the government.

  • In the openning scenes, Weaver's breasts are shown several times while she changes her rain-soaked clothes during an arguement with her husband.

Demon Seed, 1977, Science Fiction.
** (TV Guide)
A super-intelligent computer imprisons its creator's wife in her house to pursue its own ambitions. Julie Christie stars as the wife.

  • In one scene, Cristie's breasts are shown as she is getting out of bed. In another, her breasts and buttocks are shown as she gets out of a shower and walks around in the bathroom. All very natural, very brief, and non-exploitive.

<Shown at midnight on CTV (94 Jan 31).>

Don Juan de Marco, 199_.
A man who claims to be the legendary Don Juan, relates his story to a psychiatrist.

  • In an orgy (?) scene, there are numerous bare breasts as the camera follows Don Juan through the scene.

<Shown primetime on a Vancouver station with no attempt to hide the breasts (2000 Mar).>

The Escape, 1995, Drama.
Starring: Patrick Dempsey, Brigitte Bako.
An escaped convict on the run from police in Texas finds fleeting happiness.

  • One convict's buttocks are shown when he is forced to strip by prison guards.
  • Dempsey is shown from behind as he gets out of bed the morning after he and Bako have sex. (His buttocks and her breasts are shown during that scene.)

<Shown at midnight on CTV (2000 Apr 09).>

French Twist, drama.
French production.

  • A married couple are arguing about the third person in the relationship, in front of said third person. Both of them are naked, more or less. Entirely non-sexual, and quite amusing in the way they handle the nudity.

Half Moon Street, 1986, Drama/Thriller.
UK/US production.
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Cain.
Dr. Lauren Slaughter, a research fellow at the Arab-Anglo Institute in London is utterly frustrated by her job. To supplement her income, she starts moonlighting at the Jasmine Escort Service, where she has more control over men and money than she does at the office.

  • Weaver is often seen nude...bathing and exercising on an in-house-cycle.

Kissed, 1996, Drama.
*** (TV Guide), Canadian.
Starring: Molly Parker, Peter Outerbridge.
This is a beautifully filmed production, directed by Lynn Stopkewich, is at once riveting, erotic, and disquieting. A contemplative study of a woman who develops intense relationships with the bodies she treats while working in a funeral parlor.

  • Full nudity of both male and female. Her brief, but total, nudity occurs in a sexual encounter. The inclusion of the nudity is natural and very effective for evoking the right mood for the scene. His nudity is in a non-sexual situation, but is essential to the plot. Both scene could have been filmed without full nudity, but including it was very powerful.

<Shown late night on CBC (99 Nov 19).>

The Last Temptation of Christ.
Willem Defoe was nude in the torture and crusifixion scenes.

Only the Lonely, comedy, 1991.
*** (TV Guide), US production.
Starring: John Candy, Ally Sheedy, James Belushi, Maureen O'Hara.
John Candy plays a police officer, falling in love with a mortician's assistant.

  • There's only one scene with any nudity. In the police locker room a cop stands naked at a sink while shaving. He covers up quickly when Candy's mother enters the room. His butt is shown a few times, perhaps to emphasize that it is a mens locker room.

<Shown late night on CTV (99 Feb 27).>

My Breast, drama, 1994.
US production, Made for Cable.
Starring: Merideth Baxter (Birney), Jamey Sheriden.
Baxter plays a woman who finds out she has breast cancer and re-evaluates her life.

  • Baxter's breasts are shown during a breast examination.

<Aparently this was shown late night on CBS prime-time in 1995.>

Point of No Return, drama, 1993.
** (TV Guide), US production.
Starring: Bridget Fonda, Gabriel Byrne.
In this remake of the Friench film "Nikita", after a junkie is sentenced to death for killing a police officer, she is recruited by the government to work as an assassin..

  • There's not much nudity in the film except during scenes from the Mardi Gras. A man's buttocks and a woman's breasts are shown.

<Shown late night on CTV (99 Nov 20).>

Psycho, thriller, 1998.
** (TV Guide), US production.
Starring: Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche.
A shot-by-shot remake of the classic Alfred Hitchcock film about a deranged motel owner.

  • Heche's boyfriend's bare buttocks are shown.
  • In the reproduction of the famous shower sequence, there is a side-view of Heche's breasts and a full rear view.

<Shown on Space (2003 May 4).>

Quand Tombe la Nuit, drama, 1995.
** (TV Guide), Canadian production. French language.
Starring: Pascale Bussieres, Rachael Crawford.
I don't know if I should include this one or not. The nudity is mostly during sex scenes (usually involving the two female stars), but it is beautifully and tastefully filmed. And outside of the sex scenes, nudity is used naturally and logically. The title probably translates as "When the Night Falls".

<Shown late night on CBC's French station (98 Oct 28).>

Quigley Down Under, western, 1990.
*** (TV Guide), US production.
Starring: Tom Selleck, Laura San Giacomo.
An American marksman heads to 1860s Australia to work for a rancher.

  • The Aboriginee women are often topless and breasts are sometimes shown on-screen.

<Shown mid-day on a Tacoma station (99 Nov 28) proving that a double standard still exists: dark-skinned breasts are okay.>

The Road to Wellville, comedy, 1994, US production.
Starring: Matthew Broderick, Anthony Hopkins, Bridget Fonda (and several other well known actors).
An odd movie about a quirky health spa from the early 20th century run by Dr. J.H. Kelogg, brother of the cornflake king W.K. Kelogg.

  • Numerous scenes of people laying around or walking around naked.

<Shown latenight on CityTV (2002 Sep 15).>

Romeo and Juliet, drama, 1968.
**** (TV Guide), British/Italian. Produced by Franco Zeffirelli.
Starring: Leonard Whiting, Olivia Hussey.

  • Contains a scene showing a woman's breasts and a man's buttocks as they get out of bed in the morning. Juliet's breasts are briefly, but plainly, seen.

<CBC's French channel left these scenes in (1999 Apr 4).>

Saturn 3, science fiction.
Starring: Kirk Douglas.

  • Douglas is nude as he wrestles a robot.

Schindler's List, drama, 1993.
**** (TV Guide), US production.
Starring: Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley.

The award winning film about Nazi concentration camps.

  • Apart from one somewhat gratuitous bedroom scene, the rest of the nudity is all of a non-sexual nature. Indeed, when cast in a non-sexual setting, such as jogging in a circle in the freezing cold, the nudity becomes very commonplace.
  • Seeing an old emaciated man in his 70's in a full frontal shot, in some people's opinions, was one of the most effective indictments of the anti-nudity forces---proof that nudity is not always sexual.

Semi-Tough, comedy, 1977.
*** (TV Guide), US production.
Starring: Burt Reynolds, Kris Kristofferson.

Two pro football players compete for the love of the team owner's daughter, with whom they both share an apartment..

  • During the opening credits, the players are changing and showering in the locker room. Lots of rear nudity; a bit of frontal nudity.

<Shown late night on VTV, Vancouver (99 Sept 10).>

Short Cuts, drama, 199_.
Starring: Matthew Modine, Julianne Moore.

  • In Robert Altman's film, Moore walks around an L.A. condo naked from the waist down while having a heated argument with husband, Modine. She had taken off her skirt to wash it.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being, drama, 1988.
Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Juliette Binoche, Lena Olin.

  • A very sexually charged movie which portrays nudity naturally. Most of the time it is in a sexual context or it has sexual overtones, but even then the nudity seems incidental and natural, like the brief glimpse of a breast as the covers fall away.

<Shown late night on CBC with only the most sexual scenes cut. In other words, lots of female nudity left in.>

Until the End of the World, drama, 1991.
*** (TV Guide), German-French production.
Starring: William Hurt, Solveig Dommartin.
Filmed pretty much everywhere in the world (England, France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Australia, and the US), this futuristic story follows two men who travel the world trying to build a machine that will allow blind people to see.

  • Not much nudity or sex in this film, but there is one scene where Hurt and a woman wake up in bed and a gunman bursts through the door. The two of them are naked with very little effort being taken to hide anything. It looked very natural. I.e., they were more concerned with survival than modesty.

<Shown late night on CTV (98 Dec 12).>

The Woman in Red, 1984, comedy, American.
Starring: Gene Wilder, Kelley LeBrock.
Wilder wrote, directed and starred in this remake of the French film "Pardon Mon Affaire," in which a married man falls in love with a beautiful woman.

  • When Wilder and LeBrock climb into bed there are a few semi-nude shots. LeBrocks breasts are visible a few times. Wilder's butt is shown as he walks across the room hiding behind a pillow. And there's a full-frontal shot of LeBrock as she jumps out of bed and scrambles into her clothes.

<Shown uncut, daytime on WTN.>

Zandalee, 1991, drama.
* (TV Guide), American.
Starring: Erica Anderson, Nicholas Cage, Judge Reinhold.
A repressed woman launches into a lusty affair with her husband's close friend. This isn't the worst movie you'll ever see, but the nudity may be the only reason you watch the whole thing.

  • Almost half the movie contains one or more of the main characters nude. The men are shown from behind. Anderson is shown in her full glory. The nudity all occurs in the bedroom, but it's not all during sex. It all appears very natural. The producers aren't obvious about concealing male genitals. Nor do they appear to be deliberately exploiting nudity.

<Shown uncut, latenight on Showcase (Cable).>

Movies which I have heard things about, but don't yet know how to classify them.

"In one scene at least, Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks) is shown walking from one room to another while pulling off her clothes completely to change into something else, but depending more on her willingness to do this and the iffy context, I can't say you're not at least supposed to find it sexual somehow."

The Bad Lieutenant, 1992.
Starring: Harvey Kieitel.

  • Keitel appears frontally nude.

Beautiful Dreamer, Drama.
Starring: Rip Torn.
There's apparently a very nice nude scene in Beautiful Dreamer(s?), a movie about Walt Whitman. Rip Torn played Whitman, and did a very nice job.

Body of Evidence, Drama, 199_.
Starring: Julianne Moore.

  • Moore has a nude scene which she felt was "superfluous and gratuitous".

Braveheart, Drama.
The scene where the Scots lift their kilts at the British is definitely not sexual, but is instead aggressive.

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover, 1989.
Starring: Richard Bohringer, Michael Gambon, Helen Mirren.

This is highly stylized and for many people a highly disturbing film. Grotesque and beautiful. Fascinating and revolting. Normally, filmmakers strive for a level of reality far beyond that of a stage play, but in this film they *aimed* at the same unreality of the stage play, and even to go beyond it in ways that can't be achieved in real-time performances (like the way each room had a colour scheme and all the clothes changed colour when characters walked thru a doorway). Indeed, the "artsy-ness" completely overshadowed the plot.

  • Full-frontal nudity was required of some of the actors.
  • A reader made the following comments: For one thing, Helen Mirren camps out for while, as I recall in a library or storeroom, and spends most of her time there wandering around naked : and apart from the fact that she's only wearing skin acts as though she was clothed as usual. But I may be confusing this with another movie in which Mirren 'appeared'. However, I've checked her list and can't see anythng there that rings any bell but this one. The puzzle for me is that the commentaries all say that the sex scenes take place in a glaringly white toilet, but I still recall Helen Mirren strolling naked through a dim-lit sort of archive space. Ah well. ... but look! Here's a review that mentions " First in the gleaming-white ladies' loo, later in the shadowy nooks and pantries of the kitchen." I'll bet that the latter's the scene that has stayed with me. [Peter, Dec 2005]

Deer Hunter.

The Door in the Floor, 2004.
Starring: Elle Fanning, Jeff Bridges, Kim Bassinger, Mimi Rogers.

  • "The thing that's cool about this movie is that Kim [Basinger] and I both have a lot of nudity--two hot ladies over 40. We're going to set the industry on its ear: 'Don't forget about us, boys!' " -- Mimi Rogers about roles in The Door in the Floor

Europa, Europa. (France/Germany, 1992)

Genesis Children. (USA/Italy, 1974 ?)

"There is a film from the mind of a rock singer named Perry Farrell---formerly of Jane's Addiction, now of Porno For Pyros---called "Gift", and while it deals with many sordid and varied subjects, it is the first independent movie I can recall of my generation---"Gen X"---that shows both male and female frontal nudity with no overwhelming sexual agendas."

Holy Smoke, 1999.
Starring: Kate Winslet.

  • Winslet says that she felt comfortable with her full-frontal nudity in this movie.

Jamon Jamon, a Tale of Ham and Passion, Spain.
Spanish with English subtitles.

  • "There is this great nude bullfighting scene. It's interrupted by security guards, and the naked Torreadors have to streak to a girlfriend's house. Must be about 10 minutes of nudity altogether." []

Jude, 1996.
Starring: Kate Winslet.

  • Winslet has a nude scene.

Laura, les ombres de l'été, romance/drama,1979. (France)
Directed by photograph David Hamilton. Sculptor Paul meets a former great love again after a long time -- but is much more impressed by her 15 years old daughter Laura, who looks now like her mother when Paul was in love with her. Laura likes him very much too, but her jealous mother prevents any further contact. She allows him to make a sculpture of Laura, but only from photos.

The Other Woman.
For the sake of her daughters, a retail manager (Jill Eikenberry) befriends the young wife (Laura Leighton) of her ex-husband (James Read).
There is a scene where the mother and her daughters go skinny-dipping....or maybe they are just swimming in there underwear (but definitely not swimsuits).

The Last Picture Show.

The Piano, 1993.
Starring: Harvey Kieitel.

  • Keitel appears frontally nude.

The Pillow Book, 1996.
Starring: Ewan McGregor, Vivian Wu.

  • "If brief is the key description of the nudity in ome movies, that's hardly true of The Pillow Book. As the lover of Vivian Wu, a young woman whose erotic compulsion is to write on and be written on, Ewan McGregor becomes a naked human canvas, his sex an unavoidable exclamation point for her compulsive calligraphy." [Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, 2000Feb26]

Quest for Fire, 1981.
Canada/France/US production.
Starring: Everett McGill, Ron Perlman, Rae Dawn Chong.

  • Most of the characters are naked except for animal skins but those usually cover most everything. Chong on the other hand goes naked except for a complete body "paint" made with mud.
  • The making-of on the DVD shows Chong walking casually naked among the technicians of the movie.

Quills, 2000.
Starring: Kate Winslet.

  • Winslet appears as the Marquis de Sade's maid, a role that requires scenes of explicit nudity.

Rascales. (France)

The Sheltering Sky, 1990.
Starring: John Malkovich.

  • Malkovich appears nude in one scene.

The Talented Mr. Ripley, 1999.
Starring: Jude Law.

  • "The brief nudity in The Talented Mr Ripley when the camera refuses to pan away as Jude Law emerges from the bathtub can also be counted as a move away from exceptionalism and towards casual candour. There, however, foreign arts films still lead the way." [Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, 2000Feb26]

Tales of the City.

Tendres Cousines, romance/drama,1980. (France)
Directed by photograph David Hamilton. Story revolves around a young boy who find himself the sole man in a house filled with women (the men all went to fight in the beginning WW2), including his cousin hat he's in love with, and ends up sleeping with some of them. A few sexual-based nudity and a few sequences of girls laying in the sun.

Twighlight, 1998.
Starring: Reese Witherspoon.

  • Witherspoon does a nude scene.

You Are Not Alone. (Sweden,1972)

According to Alan R. Weiss...
I remember seeing a poorly done film semi-documenting Sandstone, which was done with so much more literary style by Gay Talese in "Thy Neighbor's Wife."