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Metaphors & Similes



Metaphors and Similes

Why Are Metaphors Important?

Let us begin with metaphors. You might have heard of them before as great writers use them to create sharp descriptions. This is done by contrasting two very different objects that are alike in some way. It is difficult to understand this term so I suggest closing your eyes and thinking about the pictures that appear in your mind when you think about the following metaphors:

The wrestler is a monster.

Art is candy for the eye.

Students are busy bees.

The key to writing metaphors is to think of an object that you would like to describe and find another item to compare it to but remember it should be something dissimilar with a certain aspect in common. Metaphors do not use comparison words in them so avoid terms such as similar to, like, than or as.

Think about why metaphors are important. Bring your thoughts to class. Also, try to write your own metaphor -- Ms. Corcoran will be very impressed with your efforts!

Now Why Are Similes Important?

Similes like metaphors are used to compare two objects in order to help the reader develop a clearer picture. A simile is similar to a metaphor except for the fact that you use comparison words, for example, similar to, like, than or as, to link the two items.

Refer to the examples in the column to the right. Write a simile of your own to read to the class.

Examples of Metaphors and Similes



He is a calculator.

The angry girl's face was a storm.


Her face is like a jewel.

He was hungry as a bear.

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