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Here is some helpful information to consider when you want to hire a piper, pipers, mini-band or full band for your event. Pipers or drummers have a considerable amount of musical expertise. It takes literally years of training and practice to master these instruments. Pipers and drummers carry hundreds of tunes, harmonies and variations in their memories and do not play from written music like other musicians do. They wear highland dress that is very expensive to acquire and maintain. When they arrive at your function, they have traveled to your location, then need up to one hour to get the instruments acclimatized and tuned up before the performance. You may need to provide an area away from the performance for tuning up.

The highland bagpipes and the drums are outside instruments. They are loud and cannot be adjusted for volume like other instruments can. If your function is indoors, take into consideration the size of the area where the pipes will be playing. Because they are loud and can stir powerful emotions, most people are able to listen comfortably for up to a fifteen to twenty minute performance. The pipes are suited to leading processions, calling people to a meeting area, parades and playing for highland dancers. Some people may be frightened or bothered by the volume or high pitch. Some animals like horses, dogs and cats are bothered by the high pitch of the instruments and may behave strangely.



The Calgary International Airport Pipe Band is a non-profit organization. Any honorariums that are received for band performances at private functions are used for band uniforms and equipment, travel expenses, other supplies and general operating expenses. All musicians volunteer their time.

The Calgary International Airport Pipe Band often performs for airport events, public service events and charity events. The band will not accept honorariums for these kinds of performances. If you would like the Calgary International Airport Pipe Band to perform for one of these events, please contact us.

If you wish to hire a piper, two pipers, or piper and drummer for your private event, you should expect to provide an honorarium of between $75 and $150 to each musician depending on the time and amount of playing involved. The honorarium should be negotiated with the musicians before booking. You can book individual musicians through the Calgary International Airport Pipe Band contact page.

When hiring a band or mini-band for a private function, you should consider an honorarium to the band in the range of $250 to $500, depending on the event. All honorariums should be negotiated before booking.


When considering a piper, drummer, mini-band or pipe band for your event,
please make arrangements well in advance. It takes a lot of planning and organization
to get the pipe band musicians together for a performance. Have an idea of what role
you want the musicians to play in your event; how long a performance, how many times
you want them to play, what tunes that you want, travel and other considerations.