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Chinese Cresteds

A short time ago, our family decided to get a second  dog.  After much research, we found  Chinese Cresteds  not only an odd breed but a loving and well mannered dog who is great with children.  The temperament of Cresteds seemed to suite our family dynamics. 

Through a mutual friend, we were put in contact with a wonderful breeder of Chinese Cresteds in Vancouver, and our first arrival was Ch.Starward Skywalker (call name "ROMEO").  We instantly fell in love.  He was timid yet playful.  He was cute yet hairless.  We were thrilled. He is a stunningly handsome specimen with  beautiful brown skin and multi-colored furnishings.  We have shown him in B.C. and we are proud to say that he received his Canadian  championship and with a group 4th!

A short time later we found our little April (reg. Rujha's April).  She came from the US.  A very nervous and edgy but beautiful in color and body structure.  She is black with white markings. Time turned her way and brought out her playfulness and loving nature.  She is a wonderful dog and even better Mom. Her favorite pass-time is sitting on your lap and being loved and held.

We have added one more to the bunch, Starward Mane 'N Vane (call name Malibu!).  She is pink with a tan "mosaic" print throughout.  Her ears are beige and the rest of her furnishings are white. She is playful and the apple of Romeo's eye.  We have high hopes that she will be a great show dog, a great pet and a great Mom some day.

On September 4th 2202, April had a litter (sired by Romeo), it was difficult to decide which of the the three pups we were going to keep, we never for a moment thought a Powderfuff would charm us over a H.L., but "Charlie's Angel" did.  She is full of spunk, where trouble is, she's not far, but the cutest little thing ever.

Jan.8th, 2004 brought us April's last and final litter.  What a wonderful litter it was; 1 h.l. boy, 1 h.l. girl and 2 puffs.  We have kept the one puff from that litter (Bibi), what a wonderful dog she is.  Full of energy and kisses.  She is great to show and now has  her Canadian championship.  She is staying with us and keeps the others active.  Her claim to fame is wanting to give the judges kisses.


On March 16th, 2005 Malibu's first litter gave us 4 beautiful pups.  We have decide to keep "Shada", who we will start showing and hope for her title.  Shada is a very loving and stunning girl, we can't wait to see what judges think of her.


Monty is the latest pup we've added to the bunch.  He is full of life and loves!  Thank you Melissa from "Swifthaven"  for giving us this bundle of fun!

The breed comes in the "Hairless" and the "Powderpuff".  Both are as cute as the other, both have the same temperament, but, the P.P. has a dense double coat.  The H.L. has hair on the crest/mane (head), socks (paws), and the plume (tail).  The H.L. may also have some body hair that may be shaven for show purposes.  The Powderpuff may be shown with or without some face & ear shaving.


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