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Hi, Welcome to Chickadee, Ink Creations.

Let me tell about how Chickadee got its name. My mother lifted her first paintbrush when she was 80 years old, and created beautiful paintings of birds. Her favourite was of chickadees, which won first prize at a country fair. She painted for four short years then passed away at the age of 86. In honour of her creative genius and indominatible spirit, I have called my business Chickadee, Ink Creations.

Chickadee offers an opportunity to purchase unique hand-painted items for those who love “few”-of-a-kind hand-painted creations. Although many items will look alike, on close scrutiny you will find each one is different in a unique aspect. Many are of a limited series in which a theme or idea is explored. Look around and see what we have to offer.

All items are hand-painted with acrylics and finished with varnish, unless otherwise noted. The surfaces may vary - usually wood, tin or ceramic. We also work with a potter to create unique clay shapes, kiln-fired and glazed on the inside and hand painted on the outside, then finished with varnish. As each shape is individually created, you will find not all items are exactly alike - each having its own variations.

We hope you enjoy looking at our gallery. If there is an item in the gallery you are interested in, or have your own idea, please let us know with an e-mail.

Drop us a line and share your ideas, interests, or just to say hello. Let us know what you would like to see more of. Some of our most successful endeavours come from the input of friends and family. We would love to hear from you.


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