Donny's Anime Fanfic Archive

Donny's Anime Fanfic Archive

Hi! This page is an archive for all the fanfics that I've written. Most of these are Ranma stories with some crossovers thrown in. Happy reading!

January 8, 2004 -- I am back home for the holidays so I'm able to access this page. As I said on my geocities page, I'm living in Japan currently and will not be able to update this page while I'm there. Since I don't know how long this page will stay up, here's the link back to the old page:

Pure Ranma Fics

Ranma and Shampoo Ranma's relationship with Shampoo changes through a series of situations.

I Like Ucchan Best buddies forever?

For Love or Money Nabiki becomes engaged to Ranma again to make some money, only to get more than she bargained for.
Placed fourth in the June, 1997 voting at the Annual and Monthly Best of Ranma Fanfic Awards

What Price Love? The sequel to For Love or Money.

The Cost of Loving The sequel to What Price Love?.

A Ranma Christmas Carol Nabiki in the place of Scrooge.
Placed third in the December, 1998 short story voting at the Annual and Monthly Best of Ranma Fanfic Awards.

Man Enough Kasumi helps Ranma out.
Chapter 2 Kasumi begins to have doubts.

For Better or Worse Ranma is Azusa's new skating partner.

Ordinary Chronicles of a couple's life together and apart.

One Special Day A Christmas warm and fuzzy feeling type fic. ^_^

Education Ranma learns about the facts of life... finally.
Placed second in the July, 1998 short story voting at the Annual and Montly Best of Ranma Fanfic Awards.
Ignorance is Bliss. What if my other story 'Education' was taken a step further? Be warned this fic deals with mature subject matter.

OneMonth Ranma is roped into 'helping' Hinako.

Another Time, Same Place Prologue and Chapter 1 of a story about the next generation of the Ranma cast.
Side Story The story of what happens after Ranma disappeared twenty years ago.
Chapter 2 Ranma goes to school with the kids.
Chapter 3 Ranma goes on a training trip with some of the girls taggin along.
Chapter 4 A rose by any other name.
Chapter 5 Just what were some of the things that happened in twenty years?
Chapter 6 The past remembered.
Chapter 7 Every cloud has a silver lining.
Chapter 8 If it's not one thing....

Lesbian 1/2 What if Ranma started the series off as a lesbian along with every girl in the Ranmaverse?
Chapter 2 Ryoga shows up and his relationship with Ranma is... a little different.
Chapter 3 Kodachi appears and she is supposed to hate the pigtailed witch, right?
Chapter 4 Ranma squares off against the Golden Pair.
Chapter 5 Shampoo is looking for girl-type Ranma, but not the reason is not revenge.
Chapter 6 Preparations for a wedding are made and oh yeah, Cologne and Mousse show up.
Chapter 7 A simple, innocent wedding ceremony... not!
Chapter 8 Happosai arrives.
Chapter 9 Ukyo joins in the mix.

Non-Ranma Fics

Before Heaven Sayoko contemplates on life in Nekomi Tech before Belldandy.

Red Lanterns Life in the Tenchi Universe a hundred years from now.

Warhorse A normal man's thoughts of his queen and his life in Crystal Tokyo.

For Want of Moon Serenity spends her day off with her friends. Service abounds.

That Tube Between His Legs Jura and Barnett's tale of discovery.

Valentine Gendo and Ritsuko on February 14th.

Housewife Contemplations of Akane from Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure.


Perfection One of the proposed endings to Life and Times that I once had.

She Who Loves Him A very short one syllable conspiracy fic.

Ranma's Love Problems Solved! Not! First spamfic that I wrote in reply to another.


The Butt 3: Another Crack Various shorts by different authors parodying the alt-universe genre and is compiled by me.
The Butt, The Butt 2: The Other Cheek The first two Butts are compiled by Gary Kleppe and Matt Lewis respectively.


Life and Times The life of a martial artist and those around him. Now has its own page.

Dragon Ball R1/2 Chapter 1: A new martial artist arrives in Satan City.
Chapter 2 Ranma meets some more of the cast.
Chapter 3 Ranma in the Room of Spirit and Time.
Chapter 4 Ranma is out of the Room and his new sensei wants to see the results.
Chapter 5 Vejita with the help of an unlikely source trieds for Super Saiyajin Three.
Chapter 6 Vejita is... happy!?
Chapter 7 Vejita contemplates on his son's heritage.
Chapter 8 Nail vs Vejita. Some wishes get fulfilled.

That's all for now. More fics on the way.

--Donny Cheng

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