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Jack, M.C., Capt. Alec Walker

Military Cross
London Gazette. Date 18/03/18, Canada Gazette. Date 20/04/18, Page 3655.

"For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He led his company on the enemy system of outposts with the utmost success, personally establishing his own posts. Later, he again led his company and established some more posts, although severe fighting ensued, on the enemy strongly resisting. Strong counter-attacks were delivered, in which the enemy suffered heavy casualties. The success of the enterprise was almost entirely due to this officer's untiring energy, courage, initiative and cheerfulness".

Jackson, M.S.M., 163197 Pte. A./Sgt. Fred

Meritorious Service Medal
London Gazette, Issue  31370. Date 03/06/19.
His original unit was the 84th and he had also served in the 75th Battalion.

James, M.M., 102592 Cpl. Robert Eustace

Military Medal
London Gazette, Issue 30424. Date 12/12/17.
The citation card gives his rank as L/Cpl.

"For his courage resource and determination, on Sept. 5th/6th 1917. This N.C.O. who was in charge of the attacking patrols, reached the objective and consolidated his position. This post was counter attacked almost continuously for eight hours before it was so damaged by the enemy's fire as to be no longer tenable. During this time one of the men with Cpl. James, in throwing a Mills Grenade at the enemy, mis-calculated the distance of an opening in the wall, and the grenade fell back amongst the defenders, Cpl. James picked it up and threw it out before it could explode, thus saving this party. During the enemy's counter attacks on this post, Cpl. James and his garrison were able to inflict heavy casualties. When the post could be held no longer, Cpl. James although wounded himself, got his wounded away and crossed the road to our support posts himself."


11.Canadian Infantry Brigade.
3rd Oct, 1917.
No.102592 L/c R.E. James.
54th Canadian Battalion.

My Dear James,

Your many fine achievements of Sept. 5th, 1917, when the attack on the enemy's outposts west of Lens was in progress has been recognized and you have been awarded the Military Medal. After you had taken your objective and consolidated it, the enemy continually counter attacked it for eight hours, but you held on and remained in your position during the time, in spite of it. While conducting this defense one of the men in the act of throwing a Mills Bomb made a miscalculation so that the grenade fell back into the post; you thereupon acted with the greatest promptness and seizing the bomb threw it out and saved your party; finally the enemy's fire made your post untenable and you conducted a successful withdrawal and got your wounded away, although wounded yourself. I think that you exhibited all the highest qualities which this occasion demanded of you.

With heartiest thanks and congratulations,
Yours sincerely,
A.W. Odlum.
Brigadier General
Commanding 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade.

James, M.I.D., 443506 Cpl. Richard William

Mentioned in Dispatches
Cpl. (54th Bn.) LG. Issue 30448. Date 28/12/17, CG. Date 26/01/18 p. 2498
Cpl. R.W. James died of wounds on the 27th of Sept.1918, age 35. He Is buried in Triangle Cemetery, Inchy-en-Artois, France.

Jennings, M.M., 3105098 Pte. (L/Cpl.) Sydney

Military Medal
London Gazette, Issue 31338. Date 14/05/19.
Corps Order 1989. Date 04/12/18.

Jolly, M.M., 161262 L/Cpl. John

Military Medal
London Gazette, Issue 30172. Date 09/07/17.
R.O. 1236 Byng. Date 21/05/17.
L/Cpl. J. Jolly was killed in action on the 9th of April 1917, age 32. He is buried in LaChaudiere, Military Cemetery, Vimy, France. He previously served in the 82nd battalion.
Born at Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire, and had lived at Mountboy, Angus, Scotland, while attending Lunan Parish School. Son of Mrs. Jane Moug, of Mains of Guynd, Arbroath.
An entry for L/Cpl. J. Jolly is found on the County of Angus Roll of Honour 1914-1919 website for Lunan at
County of Angus Roll of Honour

"In the attack by the 54th Canadian Infantry Battalion against Vimy Ridge (Berthonval Sector) on April 9th, 1917, was in charge of the Lewis Gun crew of his platoon, which reached this objective on the right flank of the Battn. He brought his crew into action with great promptness and was of great assistance in covering the consolidation, in spite of serious resistance. He was wounded during the advance but remained with his crew until the consolidation was accomplished and the situation normal. His conduct was a splendid example of courage and endurance."

James, D.C.M., 220179 Pte. Harry

Distinguished Conduct Medal
London Gazette, Date 10/01/20. CG., Date 14/02/20. p2603.
Pte. James is found in the battalions Honours and Awards List as Jones. The attestation papers confirm his number and correct name.

"For conspicuous gallantry and initiative during the general attack on the Drocourt-Queant line on Sept 2, 1918. As company runner he fearlessly led his company into strong enemy posts under intense machine-gun fire. He attacked a strong post single handed, bayoneted three of its defenders, and captured over fifty prisoners."

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