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Hurricane 101
Is Rubin "Hurricane" Carter coming to your town? Here's a guide to the incorrect statements he frequently makes in his speeches.

The 1974 Penthouse Interview -- Annotated
Rubin Carter gave this interview while in prison, campaigning for his release. It's been posted elsewhere on the Internet, but the final portion was missing. Here, it's presented with explanatory notes and links to evidence pertaining to the case. Carter says quite a few misleading and downright inaccurate things in this interview. There's no evidence that Gerard Colby Zilg, the interviewer, fact-checked anything before publishing -- even though Carter makes allegations of corruption and criminal behavior on the part of New Jersey policemen, prosecutors and corrections officials.

1963 Sports Illustrated Interview
Meet Young "Hurricane," a rising boxing star, in this revealing interview. It starts with him blasting a robin with his shotgun, then boasting about how he nearly got into a shoot out in the streets of Paterson.

Carter's boxing career
Coulda been champeen of the worrrrld...

The Artis Wing
Always the forgotten man, John Artis finally gets his own wing here at the Lafayette Library.

Chronology of major dates


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What about the "Hurricane" movie?
A partial list of some of the many falsehoods, distortions and omissions in the movie.

What Norman Jewison doesn't know about the case
Plenty, as it turns out.

What about the books written by Carter and his supporters?
Can they all be wrong? Well, yes, as a matter of fact

  • The 16th Round -- Fiction

    Army Days
    More tall tales. But no mention of the four courts-martial.

    The Bradley letter
    If Carter got a letter before the trial confessing the whole thing was a frame up, why didn't he give it to his lawyer?

The cabdriver alibi
The Canadians' cabdriver theory is wishful thinking.

Polara or Monaco?
Patty Valentine knows what she saw out the window that night.

  • Professor Wice's book
    no evidence for his conclusions that Carter was framed.

  • Carter's official biography
    The supposedly definitive biography of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter doesn't even ask or attempt to answer the central question -- was Carter framed?

The night of the murders
"Pistol shots ring out in the bar room night"

Why Carter was detained
He wants you to think he was pulled over just for Driving While Black. But his car matched eyewitness descriptions of the getaway car.

The eyewitnesses
Carter says the eyewitnesses said he was not the shooter. That's not true.

The two trials

Carter's alibis
Carter's alibis have changed over the years. But his biographer didn't even
mention this.

Analysis of Evidence
A prosecution document summarizing the case against Carter and Artis.

Al Bello and the New York Times
How investigative reporter Selwyn Raab got it wrong.

The Motive
The prosecution's "racial revenge" motive.

John Artis -- Victim of bad legal advice.
So if Artis was innocent, why didn't he accept the prosecution offer
of a lie detector test and a separate trial?

Important dates in the Lafayette Grill murder case.

Carter credibility

Tales from prison
Ten years in solitary! No lights, no running water!
Fed only bread and water! And university students are falling for this stuff....

Carter changes history
He says he was busted for playing craps at a friend's house,
singled out for oppression by the "pigs."

Hurricane 101
Is Carter coming to your town? Here's a guide to the misleading and inaccurate statements in makes in his speeches.

Carter's boxing career
Coulda been the champeen of the worrrrrld?

Penthouse interview
Carter's fans posted this interview on the net. Annotated with explanations of the misleading and false things Carter says.

Sports Illustrated '63 interview
Meet young Hurricane Carter -- preferably not in a dark alley.

Was Carter Framed?

Part I: Rubin Carter, Civil Rights phony -- more tall tales from Carter

An activist? Carter didn't know Huey P. Newton from a Fig Newton

Carter and the Watts Riots
Another tall tale from The 16th Round.

Carter and Martin Luther King
Carter claims he got a call to join King in Selma for a protest march.

That Biko story
Did Carter smuggle guns to South Africa?

Meet the real activist
The real activist in the Carter family was his cousin Ed. Fortunately, Ed wasn't framed for murder.

Part II: Was Carter harassed by the cops?
The evidence Carter provides to prove he was harassed and framed -- is bogus.

"Let's get us some of those cops"
Carter gives a reckless interview to the Saturday Evening Post. He later blamed his troubles with the cops on one quote from the interview.

What happens when you say, "Shoot some cops?"
When genuine activists said it, they were charged with inciting violence. Carter claims when he said it, he was framed for triple murder. Was Carter really worth such an elaborate conspiracy?

Framed for illegal gambling
Carter tries to imply that the cops singled him out. No way. He was just another drunken patron in an illegal after-hours night club. (When he was supposed to be in training camp).

FAQ's, Contact
About the author, Note to Educators -- Carter is not a "role model."

Rogues and Phonies
A collection of memorable hypocrites, rogues, and academic scandals.


External Links

The Hurricane Hoax
a full-length article about the Lafayette Grill murders, at

"The Other Side of the Story"
Cal Deal's famous site about Carter and the Lafayette Grill murders, including:

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