Greetings, and welcome to my Watership Down website! This site will introduce you to the world of Watership Down as invented by British author Richard Adams. It is based mostly on the Nepenthe animated movie that is one of my all time favorites more than two decades after I first saw it.
   For those who don't know, Watership Down is the story of an intrepid group of rabbits who abandon their home when one of their numbers has a chilling vision of its destruction. They brave many dangers on the voyage to their new home in the hills of Watership Down, a place that actually does exist ! Once there, however, the brave bunnies discover their greatest challenge is yet to come: They must survive the onslaught of a neighboring gulag style rabbit colony led by the dreaded dictator General Woundwort... Who wants them all dead!
   Although meant to be a children's fable, Watership Down is a well executed and surprisingly mature movie with spiritual overtones and sometimes graphic violence. I saw the movie when I was nine and came away enriched and unscathed, so I'm guessing (hard to say in this bizarro day and age) that kids can watch it safely. It's a timeless adventure that's well worth adding to your movie collection, and it has even spawned a tamer, made for tv kiddie cartoon series.
   I hope you enjoy your visit everybunny... Cheers!

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