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Here is the text of a recent letter sent out to all of Burt's email subscribers:

Dear Friend,

The list of subscribers has grown to close to 4,000 people, and the work of keeping up with the list has become too much for a one-man operation. This email will be the last one addressed to the entire list.
The articles will continue as inspired by your email questions, which I hope you will continue to send as before.
I have a new blog set up for this purpose which you can find here.
Please subscribe to the RSS feed to get updates on the new articles as they are published.
If for any reason you would like a particular article in PDF format, please email and request it.
Thank you for your sincere questions which inspire the writings to continue and for your dedication to Truth.

With Love Always,


Some past newletters are still available for download here.

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Perfection of Awareness

Awakening Love and Freedom

Live Free from Guilt

The Secret of Knowing

The Hidden Soul Secrets

The Wonder of You

The Evolution of ‘I’

The Magic of Supersentience

Wake Up Now or Never

Is Life a Game?

What is Your Level of Awareness?

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As a service to our readers and students of Truth, we are now making video clips available on YouTube. Below is an excerpt from a talk entitled Take a Jump. More clips are available on YouTube here.


The Integration of Human and ‘Being’

Just as the human is animated and lived by ‘being’, so is ‘being’ recognized through the human element. We need the human to recognize our glory in ‘being’. Both are to be integrated as ONE. The ‘being’ is love itself. The option to love is always available. Always, always, always. Love is always an option under all circumstances (if we are willing to want what is true). Love is never inappropriate.

Talk to your ‘being’ from your human part this way:

“I know sometimes fear arises. Will you ever come again? Will you ever show yourself again? Will the body and mind ever again host your exquisite charm, be dazzled by the wonder of your unmapped Form, your unseen torrent of Grace? Sometimes it seems as though you will not come again, but in the midst of this despair You give the gift of Remembrance and the knowledge that it is only this concern that can render separation from You. Then, as a little patience returns to the body, on its heels lies a song of faith and knowing that stirs the heart, and before long the soul hears Your symphony again.”

The ‘being’ is your Beloved One. There is only ‘being’ in all the universes and yet it lives in your heart as You. Your very ‘being’ right NOW is complete, whole and waiting for you to LISTEN to it. It is ever Silent but ever so eloquent when we LISTEN.

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