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Updated 8 November 2015

Welcome to my Home Page! The following pages on my site feature some cyber-articles that I prepared for the Sn3 group on the Yahoo! Groups site. You can find out more about this group at:

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The next page is a description on how you can easily add an operating spout assembly to a V&T Models water tank, using a Switchmaster switch motor and a RixRax mounting bracket:

Operating Water Tank

The next three pages will document a typical operating session over my first layout, with the first page following some of the through freights and the subsequent two pages a way freight:

An Operating Night on the Narrow Gauge - Chapter 1

An Operating Night on the Narrow Gauge - Chapter 2a

An Operating Night on the Narrow Gauge - Chapter 2b


I hope that you will enjoy your visit to these pages, and that you will check back periodically to see "What's new..." --- or how the New Layout which I started in July 2013 is coming along. This replaced another previous layout which I had started building after we moved to a new home on Monte Bre Crescent in West Vancouver in 2006 which was completed up to an operational stage with all trackage in place by December 2008, but was subsequently abandoned when we moved again in 2012...(sigh)...


I have a number of other "cyber-articles" also on this site, which were done up to share with my fellow NWNG-Sn3 Group members:

3700K vs. 3000K Fluorescent Lighting

Couplers for a Snowplow Pilot

Painting & Aging with Acrylics

LED Magnetic Uncoupling Ramp Locaters

Painting a K-36

Installing DCC in a new PBL K-27

PBL K-27 & K-28 Driveline Upgrade





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