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0down.ca              Website      Leased   149000.00  contact owner
thehandyman.ca                      Leased    26500.00  contact owner
legalrights.ca    15000.00  contact owner
oursite.ca    22000.00  contact owner
hotmusic.ca   25000.00  contact owner
hotcar.ca              Website   Reserved  10500.00  contact owner
hotcars.ca             Website  Reserved  10850.00  contact owner
bestbuyonline.ca  12300.00  contact owner
tickettraders.ca  11500.00  contact owner
chainletters.ca                          10500.00  contact owner
repairshops.ca  10500.00  contact owner
opentalk.ca  10500.00  contact owner

mitchell.ca              Website    Reserved

 45000.00  contact owner
susie.ca                                    Reserved         25500.00  contact owner 
courtcases.ca 10650.00  contact owner
organbank.ca  16500.00   contact owner
daytoday.ca 8650.00  contact owner
home4rent.ca        Website       Leased 30650.00  contact owner
teeshirt.ca                                Reserved 15500.00  contact owner
teeshirts.ca                              Reserved   15500.00  contact owner  
medclinic.ca 12650.00  contact owner
brucelee.ca  2000.00  contact owner
harleys4sale.ca 65000.00  contact owner

55000.00  contact owner

madmax.ca            Website    Reserved

22500.00  contact owner

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