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The past few months have been very difficult for me, as I have struggled with how to respond to the virulent lack of ethics in the dog show world, and the show beagle community in particular. My decision to retire from showing and breeding beagles was a difficult one, but seemed absolutely the right thing to do.

I have since been overwhelmed with the private support I have received from beagle lovers all over the world. It seems that perhaps there are still some good people out there, who believe as I do that rules are made to be followed, not to break at will because 'everyone does it'. These good people are just not as vocal as I have been, and prefer to keep a low profile. This is entirely understandable, because unless they also make the decision to quit, they have to live with (and often be judged by) the very people we are fighting against. Thank you all for your kind words and your encouragement to stay in the game and fight for what is right, instead of giving up.

The other group that has changed my mind are the wonderful people who have bought our puppies over the years. Their distress in finding out that we were retiring was very touching.

In light of all the support I have received, I have made the decision to continue breeding beagles, albeit on a smaller scale. We may even show, though there are a great many judges we simply will not give an entry to. Regardless, we will continue to strive to produce beagles with the qualities most lacking in other lines; health, beautiful correct heads, free-flowing and effortless movement, and correct temperament.


Last updated January 29, 2016