1964 Fairlane


September 2005

64stripped.JPG (70855 bytes)   64primed.JPG (75443 bytes)

Fairlane stripped and primed ready for bodywork.


64floora.JPG (64899 bytes)    64floorb.JPG (67393 bytes)    64lhquarter.JPG (43821 bytes)    64rhquarter.JPG (33880 bytes)

Floors and quarters finished. Quarters in high build primer.


64rhshock.JPG (51793 bytes)    64noshock.JPG (64724 bytes)    64lhshock.JPG (54457 bytes)

Shock towers removed and new panels installed. Ready for straight axle set-up.


64hisolid001.JPG (41736 bytes)    64hisolid002.JPG (38709 bytes)

Fiberglass fenders and hood fitted. Sprayed in high build primer. Nose and bumper still need final fitting.


64hisolid003.JPG (49380 bytes)   64hisolid004.JPG (45996 bytes)   64hisolid005.JPG (34194 bytes)   64hisolid006.JPG (43297 bytes)   64hisolid007.JPG (32959 bytes)   64hisolid008.JPG (49356 bytes)   64hisolid009.JPG (49375 bytes)

Front bumper fitted and front end sprayed in high build primer.


mockengtrans01.JPG (62940 bytes)   mockengtrans02.JPG (66755 bytes)   mockengtrans03.JPG (66078 bytes)   mockengtrans04.JPG (69478 bytes)

Engine and transmission temporarily installed to locate shifter tunnel hump, set-up front straight axle and custom build fender exit headers.


mockshifter01.JPG (35836 bytes)   mockshifter02.JPG (37928 bytes)

Hurst shifter installed to locate position for an original metal shifter tunnel floor hump.


mockrear01.JPG (66574 bytes)   mockrear02.JPG (71757 bytes)   mockrear03.JPG (67054 bytes)

Rear axle also temporarily installed to set-up ride height. 9" N case with Detroit locker, 4.56:1 ratio, 31 spline, Dutchman axles, Ford 10" X 2" drum brakes. Wheels and tires are Ford style steel rims 15" X 7" with Radir's Mickey Thompson 7" cheater slicks.


mockfrtaxle01.JPG (46162 bytes)   mockfrtaxle02.JPG (48255 bytes)   mockfrtaxle03.JPG (45839 bytes)

Test fitting front straight axle. Original 65 Econoline springs will need some modifications in order to fit. Might need to fabricate new front springs! 


October 2006

frtaxle01.JPG (46187 bytes)   frtaxle02.JPG (61197 bytes)   frtaxle03.JPG (61585 bytes)   frtaxle05.JPG (58374 bytes)   frtaxle04.JPG (57672 bytes)   frtaxle06.JPG (64494 bytes)   frtaxle07.JPG (49337 bytes)

Finally got my front axle issues sorted out. New custom springs were made and fit perfectly under the car. Custom mounts were tacked in place and springs and axle were installed. Now have to get steering linkage figured out and start on the fender exit headers. 


December 2006

fullview01.JPG (62223 bytes)   fullview02.JPG (63789 bytes)   fullview03.JPG (67272 bytes)   fullview04.JPG (73337 bytes)   fullview05.JPG (67580 bytes)   fullview06.JPG (59296 bytes)

Full view pictures, now that car is able to roll


i8subfr01.JPG (53847 bytes)   subfr02.JPG (44330 bytes)   subfr03.JPG (49021 bytes)   subfr04.JPG (55535 bytes)   subfr05.JPG (55179 bytes)   subfr06.JPG (55872 bytes)   subfr07.JPG (65044 bytes)   subfr08.JPG (44032 bytes)

Sub frame connectors and rear cross member installed.


January 2007

headers01.JPG (46073 bytes)   headers02.JPG (66856 bytes)   headers03.JPG (65888 bytes)   headers04.JPG (68100 bytes)   headers05.JPG (53169 bytes)

Fender exit headers almost complete. Still need to smoothen out some welds and send them off to get ceramic coated.


May 2007

steer001.JPG (58855 bytes)   steer002.JPG (64531 bytes)   steer003.JPG (59205 bytes)   steer004.JPG (60228 bytes)   steer005.JPG (62456 bytes)   steer006.jpg (72299 bytes)   steer007.jpg (70575 bytes)   steer008.jpg (56081 bytes)

Steering components finished and installed for mock-up


april30.jpg (66330 bytes)   april30b.jpg (102125 bytes)   april30c.jpg (99317 bytes)   april30d.jpg (91367 bytes)

Current condition as of May 1st. Headers completed and ceramic coated. Fairlane ready to be taken apart and re-mounted onto rotisserie for final welding of front spring brackets and sub frame connectors. 


August 2007

underprep01.jpg (76283 bytes)   underprep02.jpg (72161 bytes)   underprep03.jpg (86075 bytes)

Car stripped back down to shell for final welding of sub frame connectors, front spring mounts and rear cross member. Final prep of underbody before being primed with red oxide epoxy primer.


underprime01.jpg (63450 bytes)   underprime02.jpg (62773 bytes)

Primed underbody.


shell01.JPG (71021 bytes)   shell02.JPG (74277 bytes)   shell03.JPG (68453 bytes)   shell04.JPG (62450 bytes)   shell05.JPG (59583 bytes)   shell06.JPG (63475 bytes)   shell07.JPG (58728 bytes)

Shell back onto body dolly for final prep of interior/exterior and panel alignment before painting.


August 25 2007 

aug252007.JPG (43415 bytes)

Final fitting of fiberglass and front trim. 


*** June 2012 - Finally after a 5 year break. Work on the Fairlane has resumed ***

One small modification was done during the 5 year break. I never like the look of the T-Bolt left side air hose clearance panel supplied by Crites. When searching online, I saw some pictures of the Austrailian Fairlanes and noticed something very interesting. Since their cars are right hand drive, battery location was moved to the left side. Hunt was on for an Austrailian left battery apron. One was located ( Thanks Glenn ! ) and shipped out to me. Install turned out perfect!!


Much Better!!! 


September 2012


Back from paint. Cut polish currently in progress.


March 2013


Reassembly in progress. Front and rear axle have been installed and car is back on it's wheels again. All wiring is done. Engine and transmission are in. Dash is all complete. Next is to finish off  everything under the car.....


August 2013

fairlane001.jpg (175472 bytes)   fairlane002.jpg (157219 bytes)   fairlane003.jpg (160485 bytes)   fairlane004.jpg (141011 bytes)   fairlane005.jpg (169760 bytes)   fairlane006.jpg (140266 bytes)   fairlane007.jpg (145739 bytes)   fairlane008.jpg (116808 bytes)   fairlane009.jpg (93843 bytes)

Almost there! Exhaust, glass, aluminum and stainless trim has been installed.


September 2013

fairlane010.jpg (172445 bytes)   fairlane011.jpg (138721 bytes)   fairlane012.jpg (140329 bytes)   fairlane013.jpg (109882 bytes)   fairlane014.jpg (109825 bytes)   fairlane015.jpg (104922 bytes)   fairlane016.jpg (166001 bytes)   fairlane017.jpg (169118 bytes)   

All done. Interior all installed.


fairlane018.jpg (161729 bytes)

Shortened exhaust tip and painted it black for a much cleaner look.



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