Mormons' fears resulting from LDS indoctrination and Mormon psychological conditioning 

  1. Fear of not being ‘worthy’ enough to receive ‘Exaltation’ after you die and being ‘eternally damned’.

  2. Fear that you will spend eternity separated from your Mormon family members, relatives, and friends because you are not ‘spiritually purified’.

  3. Fear that God is always watching you and judging you based on what you think, say, and do.

  4. Fear of dying without having fully repented of all of your ‘sins’.

  5. Fear that you will suffer as Jesus suffered, according to LDS doctrine, if you do not repent of your ‘sins’.

  6. Fear that God (as defined by Mormonism) will be displeased or angry if you do not follow ‘His commandments’ (as defined by the LDS Church, Mormon scriptures, widely-held Mormon beliefs, the Bible, etc.).

  7. Fear that God will withhold blessings from  you or punish you if you don’t comply with all the teachings of the LDS Church and what the church and Mormon community believe is the ‘will of God’ for you.

  8. Fear that ‘Satan’ will gain power over you if you do not follow church teachings and ‘the commandments of God’, as defined by Mormonism.

  9. Fear of questioning church doctrines and teachings and widely-held Mormon beliefs.

  10. Fear of nagging doubts about the LDS Church and Mormonism that will not go away.

  11. Fear that your life will ‘fall apart’ if you leave the LDS Church.

  12. Fear of the ‘natural man’ (i.e., those aspects of your humanity that are negatively judged, based on church teachings and Mormon beliefs).

  13. Fear that at the ‘Final Judgment’, when all of humanity will be gathered together to be judged (according to church doctrine), your ‘sins’ will be ‘shouted from the rooftops’ (i.e., made known to everyone).

  14. Fear of ‘Satan’ and his ‘army’ of ‘evil spirits’ who, according to Mormonism, are always trying to tempt mortals (particularly Mormons) and bring about their ‘eternal damnation’ and 'everlasting misery'.

  15. Fear that ‘Satan’ will take control of your soul is you commit ‘sins’ (as defined by Mormonism).

  16. Fear that your testimony isn’t strong enough, especially in the ‘Last Days’, which the LDS Church has taught are this time in history.

  17. Fear that God will test your ‘faith’ with 'trials and tribulations' beyond what you are able to ‘endure’.

  18. Fear that you aren’t sacrificing/doing enough to build up the church.

  19. Fear that you are not sharing ‘the Gospel’ enough with non- members, and that God will hold you responsible for the ‘spiritual’ welfare of non-Mormons because you should have done more/better.

  20. Fear of doing something that is contrary to church teachings and losing the influence of the ‘Holy Ghost’ as a result.

  21. Fear of increasing wickedness, wars, plagues, pestilences, etc. in the ‘Last Days’.

  22. Fear of ‘wicked influences’ affecting your children and fearing that they might ‘stray’ from the church.

  23. Fear that there won’t be enough money to cover your expenses despite paying tithing to the LDS Church.

  24. Fear of being burned at the ‘Second Coming of Jesus Christ’ if you don’t pay your tithing (as per D&C 64:23).

  25. Fear of not finding a ‘worthy’ man (or woman) to marry in the temple.

  26. Fear of what church leaders will think of you and God will do to you if you decline a church calling that a church leader (e.g., a Bishop) tells you came through ‘divine inspiration’.

  27. Fear of being shunned by LDS family members and/or other Mormons if you decide to say or do anything that is negatively judged in Mormonism.

  28. Fear of the ‘spiritual consequences’ of not going on a mission, and what Mormons will think and say about you if you do not go.

  29. Fear of losing the approval of God, your LDS parents and other family members, church leaders, and other Mormons if you don’t do the things expected of Latter-Day Saints.

  30. Fear of church disciplinary action if you voice your discomfort with aspects of Mormonism that you feel are unenlightened.

  31. Fear of scientific, historical, and other facts that do not support church doctrines, teachings, and foundational claims.

  32. Fear of acting with integrity to your truth, exploring life, and discovering your authentic self.

  33. Fear of asserting your right to think for yourself and choose your values by which to govern your behavior.

  34. Fear of church disciplinary action (e.g., if you speak out in church about a church teaching or practice that you feel is wrong/unenlightened).

  35. Fear of conflict, particularly with authority figures (e.g., Mormon parents, church leaders, God - as defined by Mormonism, etc.).

  36. Fear of coming to your own conclusions about the purpose of life, God, what happens after death (if anything), etc.

  37. Fear of sexuality, your sexual urges and desires, thinking about sex, etc.

  38. Fear of other people's 'spiritual' experiences that do not conform to the LDS perspective of what comes from God.

  39. Fear of not wearing temple garments and ‘Satan’ or an ‘evil spirit’ being able to harm you.

  40. Fear of ‘anti-Mormon’ books, websites, etc.