Duffey Lake Loop


Update 2008:  Sadly the pavement quality on this loop deteriorates every year.  If you want a smooth ride look elsewhere...but if you like remoteness and twisties then glue your false-teeth in and have fun!


This is a superb loop that never grows old.  

The best section is from Horseshoe Bay to either Lytton or Cache Creek.    Traffic levels drop noticeably once past Whistler and then again past Pemberton.  Pemberton to Lillooet is deservedly the most famous biking road in BC.   You can find better pavement elsewhere but nothing beats the curves, remoteness, sparse traffic and unique scenery of the Duffey Lake Road !!

For some reason, #12 south from Lillooet to Lytton is little known.   But it's a real sleeper.  #12 is an excellent biking road with a constant barrage of curves, limited traffic and splendid scenery.   Alternatively, the Marble Canyon route to Cache Creek is almost as good but adds about an hour to the trip making the day slightly long.  I usually leave Marble Canyon for the Kamloops Loop (the section between Cache Creek and Lytton is fairly forgettable in any case so not a lot is missed).

The route through the Fraser Canyon (Lytton to Hope) is fun and justifiably well known.  The canyon section is truly unique with good pavement, good scenery and plenty of curves.   Unfortunately Yale to Hope isn't so special providing a dull ending to a great road.   If you are experienced at night riding, consider taking the canyon at midnight.  This is one of my favorite roads when ridden late on a hot summers evening.

You don't *have* to do the full loop.   A turn-around at Lillooet is quite reasonable in my experience for about a 500-600km run.  By Lytton or Cache Creek I usually prefer to continue on however. 

The route feels quite different depending on the direction you choose so be sure to try it in both directions.  Either way, it is one of BC's absolute best biking roads.

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