Manning Park Pictures


Hope slide.  East of Hope on #3 towards Manning Park.

2001_05_ManningPark_Slide.jpg (56093 bytes)


West side Manning Park Entrance.

2001_04_ManningPark_Entrance_small.jpg (46216 bytes)


Climbing to the Cascade Lookout at the center of Manning Park (access just west of the Visitor's center).

2001_4_ManningPark_CascadeLookoutRoad_1.jpg (61844 bytes)


Nearing the top of the Cascade Lookout road.

2001_4_ManningPark_CascadeLookoutRoad_2.jpg (58646 bytes)


Looking down at the Cascade Lookout's antepenultimate switchback.  Manning Park Lodge and Lightning Lakes are visible in the background.

2001_4_ManningPark_CascadeLookoutRoad_3.jpg (51026 bytes)


Another look at the road winding its way to the lookout.

2001_4_ManningPark_CascadeSwitchbacks_panorama_small.jpg (72739 bytes)


The view from the top!!  A great 7-8km biking run ending in a magnificent view of the Similkameen Valley.  The Lightning Lakes are visible in the upper right hand side.

2001_ManningPark_CascadeLookout_Panorama.jpg (58052 bytes)


The obligatory bike pictures from the lookout.

2001_04_ManningPark_Bikes_small.jpg (43006 bytes)


Hiking along the Lightning Lakes.

2001_04_ManningPark_LightningLake_small.jpg (50657 bytes)


Deer in Manning Park while hiking near the Lightning Lakes.

2001_04_ManningPark_Deer_small.jpg (54321 bytes)