Barry Joe's Geompack and Mesh Generation Research

Dr. Barry Joe
Zhou Computing Services Inc.
Partial address: Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Web site:

E-mail communication is preferred, but if needed, the full mailing address and phone number may be obtained by e-mail.

See the list of publications and downloadable technical reports resulting from research on mesh generation and other topics.

Geompack++ is a comprehensive object-oriented C++ software package for finite element mesh generation (triangular, quadrilateral, surface, tetrahedral, hexahedral-dominant). The August 2014 release has some minor changes made to the previous 2012 version, no expiry date for the executables, and an increase in the size limit for region, mesh, and curve/surface files. With no expiry date, the Geompack++ executable may be included in a free software package or a commercial software product, as long as the majority of the package or product does not consist of the use of the Geompack++ executable.

See the Geompack++ README file before obtaining

  1. Geompack++ zip file containing Windows executable (1.4MB),
  2. Geompack++ zip file containing Linux executable (3.6MB),
  3. Geompack++ zip file containing documents and sample files (0.8MB).

Licensing of Geompack++ source code is available at reduced fees for business, research, or other purposes, if no support is required.

Polygon2dView and Polygon3dView are graphics programs for viewing 2-D and 3-D polygons by drawing polygon edges in group colors, where multiple groups of polygons are represented in a polygon group file format. See the PolygonView README file before obtaining the PolygonView zip file (0.7MB), containing two Windows executables, a document, and sample files.

Geompack90, the Fortran 90 predecessor of Geompack++ and successor of GEOMPACK, has been no longer available since July 2003. Geompack90 has been superseded by the much better and faster Geompack++.

GEOMPACK, the original Fortran 77 package, has been brought back from backup due to occasional requests. The GEOMPACK zip file (0.3MB) contains source code in gzip'ed tar files, a user guide document, and a README file. It is no longer supported, and the address information in the files is no longer valid.

August 28, 2014