Beijing, China
December 30th 2003 - January 6th 2004

Dolores Kennedy & Barb Belanger
ACFA Allbreed Judges, Guests of
Cat Aficionado Association
Zhao Yu, Chairman of CAA
Room 2688 of Jingmin Building
10 Huayanli, Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100029 China


The Show - January 1, 2 and 3, 2004

This was the third show held by CAA.

It was held on the 4th floor of a huge  Mall.
The Show was sponsored by Whiskas

The club paid the price of each ticket sold
to the mall for rental of the show hall.

Like our North American Shows, there were Benching and Vendors Areas

Set up was done Thursday, and an Open Forum for the Breeders to speak with the Judges was held Friday afternoon.


Rescued Cats from the Association of Small Animal Protection were a feature of the
Club's Booth and throughout the 3 days of the show, the club was able to find homes for 50 of their rescued cats.

Note that except for two cages (not shown) there were no cage curtains.
Balloons and "mobilephones" were in high evidence, with no apparent distress to the cats.

We were introduced to two Chinese Cat Breeds:

The Chinese White - this is the Longhair Version

The Dragon Li - comes only in Brown Mackerel Tabby

Whiskas sponsorship was evident throughout the show hall.  Note the Kleenex instead of paper towels.  These rosettes were for class awards - BOB and 2BOB were yellow & orange;  BOC and 2BOC were black & white.

There was good crowd control,
with barriers around the judging ring.
Only exhibitors and photographers were allowed inside.

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