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I hope you enjoy your time in the gallery there's lots to see here & I will be doing my best to update regularly.  Before I send you off to the actual gallery itself; I would like to share with you some of my own personal creations of Betty pictures.  I've just recently begun experimenting with various editing programs so, keep in mind that I am still learning and they are not perfect.

I call this one; "Hitch Hiking Betty"                                  "Garden Tink"

"Hot Rod Betty"                                                 "Betty O'Hara"

Now; to Betty's Gallery.  Thanks to an amazing site called
fastpublish.com" I was able to create my gallery & store it where it can it can be publicly accessed & viewed without any effect on my actual site. This site was started by an digital camera owner who saw the need for people to share their photographs easily over the internet without any programming experience and with very little effort.  I encourage anyone looking for a site like this to check it out!  They have a lot to offer and the best part of all is:

           "THEY'RE FREE"



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Betty's Photo Gallery


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