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Jonathan Berry, c'est moi

Kcaption: Kcool: Knight and Kniphofia

Kcool, Knight and Kniphofia

Nanaimo, BC, Canada - House for Sale

In Nanaimo's Old City neighbourhood. Click. Central, walking distance to Library, Theatre, Waterfront, City Hall, thrift stores, shopping, several yummy and affordable restaurants, coffee shops, Tim's, physicians, dentists, beauty, French immersion elementary, ball fields, swings, Catholic and United churches. Longer walk to University, swimming pool, skating.

Ajijic House for Rent - Short term to Long term

Click here for this house in beautiful Ajijic, about 50 yards from Lake Chapala, near Guadalajara, Mexico.


Juan de Fuca Express updated, June 2011. Page designed by Catherine Gisborne and JB.

Remembering myself. That's old.


Photos at dotphoto.com. Starts with Polar Bear Swim, 26 December 2000, and continues with our trip to Mexico and Seattle in Jan-Feb 2001. NEW December 31, 2002 Fixed link so that maybe it won't ask for a password. I hope. Ignore the login screen, click on the Albums tab. If it asks for a password, try dot741 .


Moving Pictures Canadian Film Festival came to Nanaimo, March 11 to 13th, 2005. See here for Arlene's notice. And see here for an early review of the pictures I have seen.

Pit Stops came to the Bay Theatre in Nanaimo, September 2003 to February 2004.
Ajijic International Film Festival 2002.   

Heritage Conservation

hecate Save Hecate Rock. This is seriously out of date. Executive summary: we lost the fight, but they didn't run completely roughshod over the area's wishes. The Hecate pages are likely to be removed, so copy them if you want them.
bebangar Beban House Garden Restoration


My life as an Artist - - - (Grin) May 2000
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Photo by Erika Danko

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