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My Chess

Wikipedia entry on me. I did not write or edit it. If it does not correspond with what you see here, who ya gonna trust?

My Chess as a Player

2006: GM Slugfest in Bellevue, Washington

My life as a chess player
Blindfold Chess
Miscelany: My Endgame composition; Non-Graphical representation of chess pieces.

My Chess as a Writer

Chess writing
--Fermov's Last TN or how I invented Internet Shopping

My Chess as an Arbiter, Tournament Director, Referee

Chess Rules, and moments as an Arbiter, Referee, Tournament Director
Kapuskasing 2003, Canadian Open
--Ethic Zero

Chess Publications in Canada

Canadian Chess Magazine - Covers and maybe ways of figuring out if you are missing any issues. CCE and Chess Chat.
Duncan Suttles books.

Chess Tournaments in Canada

Canadian Open  Chess winners 1956-
Canadian Interuniversity Championship 2008 crosstable.

Chess Tournaments in British Columbia, Canada

Paul Keres Memorial Chess Tournament Vancouver BC  May 12 - 22, 2000
Keres Memorial Winners 1975- ...

Canadian View of World Chess Tournaments

World Cadet Championship and Canadian Cadet Championship, table of all winners 1974- now superceded by World Youth and World Under-16 events, and by the Under-16 section of the Canadian Youth Chess Championships.
World Junior Chess Championship and Canadian Junior Chess Championship, table of all winners 1951-
Photo page of Canadian Team at 2000 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey, now at the BC Chess Scene site.

Chess Organization in Canada

CFC Top Execs Chess Federation of Canada 1872-, who were the top executives every year?
1949 CFC submission to Massey Commission.
1979 Gallup Poll of Canadians about Chess - another hot news item, added 4 May 2000.
1981 CFC submission to Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee.

Kapuskasing - Canadian Open 2003 & CYCC

Kaps Pairing System
BerryKap Pairing System = Same document, annotated !
Canadian Open  Crosstable in proper finish order
Pairings of Rounds:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Canadian Youth Chess Championship

Morelia, Mexico - Grand Mexican Open 2006

Just a placeholder for now.

Ottawa - Canadian Open 2007 & CYCC

Just a placeholder for now.

Canadian Chess History Links

BC Chess Federation includes the BCCF Electronic Bulletin, produced about every two weeks by Stephen Wright.
BC Chess History Stephen Wright's excellent pages.
BC Chess Scene rarely updated now (Feb 2007)
Hugh Brodie in Montreal. Many tournament results, and especially his database of games.
David Cohen in Toronto. Many many lists.
Mark Weeks - not Canadian at all, but an important site if you're confused about the ancestry of the World Chess Champion  du jour.
TWIC Mark Crowther's The Week in Chess, simply the best. For history, see the appropriate back issue.

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