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Dedicated November 22, 1996 to Ben Lee who spent many years in public service in Kelowna including over 23 years on City Council. Mr. Lee has worked hard at securing parkland for the public and is always busy promot ng multiculturalism. He is often referred to as the unofficial mayor of Rutland because of his caring for people in the community.

"When the minds, hearts and visions of many work together so much can be achieved."

Partners in Parks

Ben Lee Park Features

Skatepark, Waterpark, Playground, Lacrosse / Multipurpose Box, Washrooms, Change rooms, Concession, 1Km Walking / Jogging Trail, Native Plant Garden and Fountain as well as plentiful Open Activity Area, all spread over about 18 acres.

Thank You

With the April 2004 opening of the Ben Lee Park fountain attended by Mayor Walter Gray and others the park is near completion. Work will continue with upgrades, maintenance and the addition of playground equipment near the Waterpark. Future expansion of the Ben Lee Skatepark and Waterpark with additional washroom facilities are yet to be discussed and decided upon.

It is with great thanks to all those involved that Ben Lee Park has become a reality and monument to the man that lends his name. The efforts of the many sponsors, supporters, volunteers, contractors and city staff on this project are true testament that community spirit is alive and well. Truly thanks goes to Ben Lee who has been and continues to be involved with his community and the continued support of so many projects and events.  To understand how a commemoration of such stature came to bear his name takes only the opportunity to meet Mr. Ben Lee and his family.

                                                                                Tom Kliner

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Located In The Heart of Rutland,  Kelowna, BC.

March 29, 2006
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