Barker Boys

Chapter 3 ‘Who Are You?’ Page  11


Tommy was trying to remember what species each of the dinosaurs were.  He still couldn’t believe he was sitting in the presence of live dinosaurs.  He grinned widely.

            “Wow!  Live dinosaurs!  No one is going to believe this!” he said excitedly.

            “What’s a dinosaur?” asked Kypou. 

            Tommy pointed at Bonta.  “Well,” he said.  “She’s a Pachycephalosaurs.”  Bonta stared blankly at him.  Tommy tried to simplify it for her.  “You know, a bonehead dinosaur.”

            Bonta shook her head.  “No,” she said.  “I’m Bonta.”

            Tommy sighed.  Why didn’t they know what kind of dinosaurs they were?  He knew that he was a human so why didn’t they know they were dinosaurs.  The idea that the word dinosaur was purely a human expression never occurred to him. 


            Jason, who up until now had remained silent, was growing increasingly concerned about his ankle.  He could feel it swelling inside his shoe.  If he didn’t do something about it soon he wasn’t going to make it home.

            Kypou stood up.  “We should get back to the cave before the Myrites come by to check this trap.” he said.

            This statement seemed to enrage Harpi.  He jumped to his feet.  “What!  We can’t take these...”  Harpi glared at Tommy and Jason.  “... these things back to the cave!”  He spat the words out like a nasty taste.  “We don’t know what they are or where they came from?”  The severity of Harpi’s tone was quite overwhelming.

            “Harpi!  Don’t be so rude, leave them alone!” snapped Kypou.  But Harpi ignored him and continued his brutal verbal assault on the boys.

            “Why are you here?  Come on answer me!” he demanded.

            Kypou’s eyes narrowed with anger.  “Didn’t you hear me?” he growled.  “I said leave them alone!”   

            Harpi pointed an accusing finger at Tommy and Jason.  “Their Myrite spies!  I just know they are!  I say we leave them here!  If we take them with us we’ll only be putting ourselves in danger!” 

            Tommy and Jason couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.  They didn’t know what they had done to set Harpi off but it was clear he didn’t want anything to do with them.

            “That’s enough Harpi!” shouted Kypou.  “We will help all those threatened by the Myrites and this is no exception!  Understand!”  Harpi remained silent.  “I asked if you understood.” growled Kypou.

            Harpi turned his angry glare on Kypou.  “Yes, I understand,” he hissed through gritted teeth.

            “Good,” said Kypou.  “Then we will hear no more about it.”

            Harpi stepped back a few paces.  “You may be willing to risk our lives but I’m not.”  He stormed out of the clearing and into the jungle.

            “Harpi!” shouted Bonta.

            “He’ll be back when he’s cooled down,” Kypou told her.  “He always does.” 

            Peko got off Bonta’s knee and scooted closer to Jason.  “Yuck!” exclaimed the little dinosaur.  “What’s that on your face?”  Peko screwed his face up in disgust.

            Jason touched his face.  It was still covered with dried bug guts.  “We had a bit of an accident with a dragonfly,” he said eyeing Tommy.  Tommy tried to act innocent but wasn’t doing a very good job.

            “There’s a stream along the way,” said Kypou.  “You can clean off there.  Let’s go.”

            Jason tried to stand but found he couldn’t.  Tommy crouched down beside him.

            “I knew there was something wrong,” he said sternly.

            Wincing in pain, Jason once again tried to assure his brother that all was well.  “I strained my ankle a bit that’s all.  I’ll be alright.”  But Tommy wasn’t buying a word of it.

            “A bit!” he exclaimed.  “You can’t even get up!”

            “Is there something wrong?” Bonta asked them.

            “No there---” began Jason but Tommy cut him off. 

            “There’s something wrong with my brothers leg,” Tommy told the dinosaur.

            “Perhaps I can help,” said Bonta.  She reached for Jason’s leg but he quickly pulled it away from her.  Pain rocketed up his leg.

            Kypou put a hand on Jason’s shoulder.  “It’s alright,” he said.  “Bonta’s a healer.  There’s no reason to be afraid.” 

            Jason, however, was still apprehensive about anyone touching his ankle, but without help he wasn’t going anywhere, so he allowed Bonta have a look.  Jason carefully pulled up his pant leg and took his shoe and sock off.  His ankle was badly bruised and swollen.  Bonta took off her shoulder bag and removed a small pouch made from leaves.  Inside the pouch was a light green paste and some red leaves.  She smeared the paste gently on Jason’s ankle then placed the red leaves on top of the paste.  Then Bonta did a strange thing.  She placed her hands on Jason’s ankle and closed her eyes.  This went on for a few moments until Jason’s ankle suddenly began to glow like a light bulb.  Jason panicked and tried to pull his leg away but found that it was paralyzed.  He could feel his ankle getting warmer and warmer.  Then the light began to fade.  Jason could feel the pain and swelling receding. Bonta opened her eyes and removed her hands from Jason’s ankle.

            “Your ankle will be fine now but please be gentle with it for a little while.”  She removed the leaves and the now hardened paste.

            Jason wiggled his foot.  The pain was gone.  “How did you do that?” he gasped with amazement.

            “I really don’t know,” said Bonta.  “I’ve just always been able to heal the injured.”

            Jason put his sock and shoe back on and Tommy helped him up.  Jason leaned gingerly on his foot but realized he could put his weight on it without any pain.

            “Thank you so much!” he said to Bonta.  Bonta smiled.

            “Come on,” said Kypou.  “It’s time to go.”


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