Barker Boys

The Barker Boys and The Great Stone Of Gwondala


C.J. Williams


Chapter One

‘Yum Yum’


            The Pterodactyl snapped at the injured baby Ankylosaurus with its long jaws.  The Ankylosaurus tried to fend off the Pterodactyl with a blow from its clubbed tail but missed.  It was just a matter of time, however, before the baby would be too weak to be any kind of threat.  The Pterodactyl swooped in the air and went in for a final attack.

            Just when it seemed the poor baby Ankylosaurus was doomed to die there came a tremendous roar from the jungle.  Crashing through the prehistoric trees came the huge mother Ankylosaurus.


            Ten year old Tommy Barker looked around on the floor where his toy dinosaurs were scattered.  Where was his mother Ankylosaurus?  He thought for a moment and remembered seeing it on his desk just before his mother had asked him to clean his room.  There were now only two places it could be; under his bed or in his closet.

            Tommy crawled over to his bed and poking his head under, various objects began to take shape in the dim darkness.  First a sock, then a pack of bubble gum, a couple of action figures, some building blocks and an assortment of trading cards... but no mother Ankylosaurus.

            “Hum,” said Tommy getting to his feet and walking to his closet.  As he opened the closet door something brushed against the top of his head.  Tommy looked up and was startled to see some large green leaves sticking out from the closet.  Why was there a plant in his closet?  Tommy knew he hadn’t put it there, so who did?  Maybe, someone from his family put it there.  His father was at work so that left his mother and his brother.  “Hum,” said Tommy again.  He would just have to find them and ask.  Tommy left his room and headed for the backyard.

            “Mom!  Mom!” Yelled Tommy as he ran across the lawn towards his mother.

            “What is it?” asked Mrs. Barker.

            “Did you put a plant in my closet?” asked Tommy.

            Mrs. Barker looked rather surprised.  “No, I didn’t,” she replied.  “Why?”

            “Well,” said Tommy.  “There’s a plant in my closet and I thought you might have put it there.”

            Mrs. Barker smiled.  She knew her son had a vivid imagination.  He was probably pretending there was a jungle in his closet.  “Well, just don’t let it grow all over the house,” she said and went back to weeding the garden.


            Tommy was still puzzled.  As he walked back into the house, he decided to find his older brother Jason and ask him.  Jason was two years older than Tommy.  Hiding plants in your closet was just the kind of thing a brother would do.  It was probably some kind of carnivorous plant that would devour him when he went to hang up his clothes!  Tommy found Jason in the garage fixing his bike.

            Jason looked up and saw his little brother walking towards him.  “What can I do for you Squirt?” he said.

            For as long as Tommy could remember Jason had always called him Squirt.  It wasn’t that Tommy was small for his age, it was just that he wasn’t as tall as Jason and he never let him forget it.  Other than the age and height difference both boys had the same short wavy brown hair and big blue eyes.  Tommy was a bright and curious child who loved to use his imagination whenever possible.  Jason, on the other hand, was a little more serious, but always looked out for his little brother.  Tommy dreamed of the day when he would be bigger than Jason and could call him Squirt!

            “Did you put a carnivorous plant in my closet?” asked Tommy, eyeing Jason with suspicion.

            Jason gave Tommy his ‘Are you crazy!’ look.  “Did I what?” said Jason.

            Tommy sighed impatiently and repeated the question.  “I said, did you put a carnivorous plant in my closet?”

            Jason burst out laughing.  “Yeah, course I did!” he giggled.  “And your underwear drawer is full of poisonous snakes!”  Jason laughed louder.  He was still laughing when Tommy left the garage.


            So it wasn’t Jason either.  But the question still remained... who put the plant in his closet?  Tommy went up to his room and opened the closet door again.  The leaves were still there.  He backed away and thought for a moment.  Well, he wasn’t about to let his room be turned into a green house.  He would have to get rid of it himself.  Tommy reached into the closet and felt around for the light switch but it wasn’t there.  Huh, he thought, that’s funny.  He walked to his desk and found his flashlight.  Something very strange was going on here.  Tommy went back to his closet and stepped inside.


            It was very dark.  Tommy switched on the flashlight and shone it around him.  Where were his clothes and his toys?  Everything was gone!  The only thing in his closet now was a bunch of plants with big leaves.  Tommy pointed the flashlight at what he thought was the closet floor but found the carpet was gone too.  It had been replaced with dirt.  This was very curious indeed.  Pointing the light straight ahead Tommy could see a dark empty space stretched out before him.  Curiosity getting the better of him, he walked cautiously onward.  Tommy didn’t remember the inside of his closet being so big.

            Up ahead, light filtered through some of the plants.  Tommy stopped and looked behind him.  He could see his room through the open closet door.  The space in-between seemed unusually dark and far away.  Fear began to kick its way into Tommy’s head and he was beginning to wonder if he should just go back and tell his Mom.  Unfortunately he had a reputation for being quite the daydreamer and it wasn’t as if anyone was going to believe him.  Besides he was always pretending to find adventure and now here it was and he didn’t even have to leave his room.  Gathering up his courage, Tommy continued on into the darkness. 

            For a brief moment he thought he could hear noises, but wasn’t sure.  After several more steps Tommy found he couldn’t go on any further.  In front of him was a wall of large plants.  Eager to see what was beyond, Tommy pushed them aside and stepped out in the great unknown.


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