Barker Boys

Chapter Ten

‘The End?’


            It was now or never as Tommy made his move to release the black crystals.  Something grabbed hold of him and violently yanked him away from the meteor.  He was hoisted up into the air and the crystals fell from Tommy’s flailing arms to the ground.

            He could feel hot rank breath against his neck as the horribly scarred face of Lerix materialized in front of him.  The fiendish dinosaur pulled Tommy close.

            “So we met again creature,” Lerix hissed.  “Did you really think I would allow you to destroy my Great Stone?  Did you!”  He laughed wildly.

            Color drained from Tommy’s face.  Lerix was quite , quite mad.

            “I will admit,” Lerix went on.  “How delightful it was for me to watch you think you’d succeeded.”  He laughed hard and low.  “How crushed you must feel right now.  Now I have you and the last of those wretched Gwondalians who dare defy me.  It looks like my lucky day now.  Of course I can’t take all the credit.  I really couldn’t have done it without Egbert’s help.”
            Tommy blinked.  Had he just heard right, did he say Egbert?  Sure enough the crazy Oviraptor came strutting into the clearing and bowed before the Mighty Lerix. 

            “Egbert of course did it all for his Lord and Master Lerix.”  The dinosaur gave Tommy a crazed toothless grin.

            It all made sense now.  The lack of a branding mark and his reluctance to fight back when they were being chased.  Egbert had been helping the Myrites all along.  Anger engulfed Tommy.

            “You tricked me?” he shouted at Egbert.  “You were suppose to be my friend!”

            The Oviraptor chuckled.

            “Egbert says the creature should be more careful who it trusts.”  The dinosaur turned around and strutted off like a giant insane peacock.

            “Get back he--”  Lerix grabbed Tommy by the throat and squeezed. 

            “Don’t just stand there!” he shouted at his guards.  “Get the others!”      

            The Myrites darted forward and grabbed Jason and the dinosaurs.  The crystals were knocked from their grasp.

            Lerix let go of Tommy’s throat and dropped him to the ground.  Tommy gasped for breath but despite his pain went into action.  With one swift kick, he landed a vicious blow to the Velociraptors knee.  Lerix yelped out in pain, clutching his injured leg.  Tommy scrambled to his feet and made a run for the crystals he had dropped only inches from the crater. 

            Lerix lunged at Tommy, grabbing his legs and hauling him down.  Tommy hit the ground.  He tried to inch forward but the dinosaur was too heavy to pull with him.  Lerix stood up and flipped Tommy over.  Tommy tried to kick him again, but Lerix blocked the blow.  Now it was Lerix’s turn.  He lifted his leg above Tommy’s head.  Tommy quickly rolled aside as Lerix brought his foot down and the massive claw ripped through the earth beside him. 

            Jason tried to struggle free to help his little brother but couldn’t.  The rest of the Velociraptors did nothing to help their leader restrain Tommy.  Lerix made it perfectly clear that Tommy was his to destroy.

            Tommy looked around frantically to find any kind of help and noticed a black crystal lying only inches away.  Lerix attacked again, this time with his powerful jaws.  Once again Tommy rolled out of the way, grabbing the crystal at the same time.  The dinosaur’s head hit the ground with a loud thud.  Tommy lashed out, striking Lerix just below his good eye.  The crystal made a nasty gash in the dinosaurs scaly skin.  Lerix squealed in pain and grabbed his wounded face.

            “Agggh!” screamed Lerix.  “You will die for this creature!”

            Just as it seemed poor Tommy was doomed, the ground shook and the jungle opened up as dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes streamed into the clearing.  The worker who had spotted Tommy on the path earlier must have spread word of the rescue effort.  Inspired by this heroic act, the enslaved dinosaurs overpowered their captors to join the fight for their freedom.

            Enslaved dinosaurs and the Myrite guards clashed into one big ball of flesh, teeth, and claws.  It was a fight just how Tommy had imagined it would be.  Each dinosaur slashing and tearing for the right to control its own fate. 

             Lerix stopped for a brief moment to watch his guards fight the slaves.  Tommy took full advantage of this momentarily laps in concentration.  He gave the Velociraptor another vicious kick to the knee.  This unexpected blow caught Lerix off balance and sent him stumbling backwards towards the crater.  Losing his footing, Lerix tumbled over the edge and disappeared.


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