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The Barker Boys And The Great Stone Of Gwondala is the first in a series of ebooks written from the viewpoint of Tommy and Jason Barker, brothers, who set out on a fantastic journey through a time hole in Tommy's bedroom closet. The time hole transports the boys to amazing and sometimes dangerous prehistoric times. Once there Tommy and Jason are befriended by a race of talking dinosaurs who they help to battle an evil force that is enslaving the land. Mysterious meteors, giant hungry plants, and strange magical powers are just a few of the things the boys must face to find their way home.

The Barker Boys And The Great Stone Of Gwondala ebooks adventure story targets 7 to 11 year olds and takes children on a whirlwind journey through time, igniting their imaginations with a vivid and memorable adventure. The main characters and the new friends they meet will have to use their inner strength, courage, wits, and the importance of friendship to deal with the challenges and unusual situations this adventure brings. Tommy and Jason also face regular kid situations as well as sibling differences, building their personalities from within.

I believe the first of my ebooks, The Barker Boys And The Great Stone Of Gwondala, will be a terrific success. I plan to publish more ebooks in the series, so check back here with me occasionally to see what's new . I look forward to hearing from you so please feel free to e-mail me your comments. Thank you very much for visiting and I hope you enjoy the first of The Barker Boys adventure ebooks.

The Author, C.J. Williams

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