Climbing the Family Tree to find my Roots

Barbara's Page

My name is Barbara Lee Page (nee Ward).  I was born in Dauphin, Manitoba and now live in British Columbia, Canada.  I have been researching my family history for over 40 years and have accumulated a lot of information on my own family as well as my husband's.

I helped index the United States 1940 census, which is available free on the internet.

There are two sections below.  The first is my ancestral line, starting with me and going backwards in time (includes children of a marriage).  Just click on a blue name at the top to go back one generation.  Or you can view an ahnentafel in PDF format.  An ahnentafel or "Name Table" is a list of known direct ancestors only, generation by generation.  Note:  The surname list, name index and sources on this page refer only to the Ancestral Line.  

The second section consists of Descendant files for most of the families I am researching.  These files have their own surname list, name index and sources.  To get back to this page, just click on Back to Barbara's Page, which you will find on the Home page of each file.

If we are related or if you have any information, I would love to hear from you!




These are the families I am researching:

ALDRICH  Rhode Island > Vermont > Quebec > Ontario
AUDISS  Lincolnshire, England
BOGGS  Ireland to Nova Scotia
BOYD  Ireland > Boyd's Settlement, Ontario > Manitoba
DADE  Sweffling, Suffolk, ENGLAND
DAY  Badingham, Suffolk > Ontario
DOUBLEDAY/DOUBLEDEE  Norfolk, England > Ontario
DOWE  Norfolk and Suffolk, ENGLAND > CANADA
FISHER    Scotland > Ireland > New Hampshire > Nova Scotia > Ontario > Manitoba
LEE  Rawcliffe, Yorkshire > Ontario > Manitoba
McGREGOR  Killin, Perthshire SCT > Ontario
METCALF(E)  Lincolnshire, England > Ontario > Manitoba > Saskatchewan
MITCHELL  1805 Airth, Stirlingshire SCT > Ontario
PAGE  Shropshire & Worcestershire > CANADA
PARKER  Leicestershire, England > New York state > Michigan > Ontario > Manitoba
PLAYFORD  Norfolk, England > Ontario > Manitoba
WARD    abt 1802 ENGLAND > Ontario > MANITOBA
WHARTON  Norfolk and Suffolk, ENGLAND
YEOMANS  Whitwick, Leicestershire, England

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