The following was written by Kendrie’s mom Kristie and is posted here with her permission.


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Music or Pictures on Caring Bridge


To enter a photo or music somewhere on the CaringBridge page, it is basically a 3-step process.


  1. You need to get the photo or music you want saved ONTO your hard drive/computer.  I use a digital camera and download my pictures off my camera (or you can use a scanner, or you can find and download photos and graphics and music off the internet) and save the item I want onto my hard drive.  I save photos in a .jpg format, but not sure if that is mandatory.  Music can either be downloaded (off a site like iTunes for .99 cents a song) or you can copy a song off a cd you already own.  When I save music, I save it in .mp3 format.  If a song needs to be converted to .mp3 format, I use a free software program I downloaded off the internet called dBpower Amp. 


  1. You must establish web space somewhere so you can upload these items from your hard drive to your web space.  Your internet service provider might give you free web space with your account (I get free personal web space from Cox; just had to activate it.)  I also have web space I pay for at  I pay $4.95 a month for ad-free space; they also offer it for free with ads.  I like Geocities because it is very user-friendly and easy to figure out.  They have an easy-upload program at Geocities and I upload the pictures/graphics/borders to my Geocities space from my hard drive.   Geocities doesn’t seem able to handle music, though.  I think the music files might be too large.  So I use Cox for my music and Geocities for everything else.   Like I said, Geocities has an easy upload feature that makes it easy to upload photos to their site.  Uploading music is a bit more complicated since you will need an ftp (file transfer protocol) program to make this work.  I use WS_FTP, a software program I bought online.  I know there are lots of free FTP programs available (you can do a Google search and find several) but I was willing to pay for it so I have technical/customer support.  That way, if it’s not working, I have someone I can call and bitch to ….. er, ask polite, intelligent questions.  I purchased mine from


  1. Once you have the item uploaded to the web space, it will have its own url (web address).  Once you have the url, you can enter an html code on the CaringBridge site that will “point” to the item and put the item on the Caringbridge page. 



The HTML Codes:




To Enter Photos:


<”IMG ALIGN=”middle”SRC=””>


Here is an important note:  The quotation mark I put in between the first  < symbol and the IMG does NOT go in your code.  I had to put it here or it would read this as code as well.  You would simply put <IMG


You can change ALIGN to left or right instead of middle, depending on where you want the photo placed.  “Username” would be the name on YOUR account, and “photoname” would be the name you gave the picture.  (Bear in mind that if you use Geocities, they do not allow spaces in the name of the photo.  Just an fyi.)




To Enter Music:


<”embed src=”” autostart=”true” loop=”true”>


Again, the quotation marks in between the first < symbol and embed does not belong.  You would simply put <embed


Where I have, you would put the name of YOUR web space …. YOUR username …. The EXACT address of where your song is saved on your web space. 


I’m not sure if any format of music will work, but I save mine in .mp3 format and they transfer over just fine. 


The autostart command means the music will start automatically anytime someone opens your page, and the loop command means the music will start over when it’s done. 




To Enter a Border:


There are LOTS of free borders on the web.  Just do a google search for “free left borders” and you will find hundreds.  Find one (or two or three or a hundred!) that you like.  Right click on it, hit “save as” and save it to your hard-drive … then upload it to your web space.  Then, simply go to the Author Activities section at Caringbridge and click on More Borders/Backgrounds.  Down at the bottom is a blank space for you to enter your own background address.  Use the url address that shows where you have saved the border on your own web space (Geocities or whatever.)  







To enter a hyperlink (the blue words that a person can click on to go to another site) is easy.  Simply enter the following html code on your page:


<”a href=””>Kendrie’s Page</a> 


Again, the parentheses between the first symbol and the a href does not belong.  You would begin this code with <a href


Use whatever www.address you want people to go to, and where I have written Kendrie’s Page, you write whatever you want to show up (in blue, underlined) on your page for people to click on.





I realize this all sounds a little overwhelming (it IS at first!) the thing to remember is that the two hardest, most time-consuming steps are setting up your personal web space and setting up your FTP program.  Once you have them in place, and understand how to work them, it’s actually a very easy process, consisting of:


Download whatever you want from your camera, the internet, etc.



Upload whatever you want to your web space.



Enter the html code at Caringbridge that will enter your photo or music onto the CB site.





Ps.  Another good place to go for information is   His mom has a link to another cheat sheet at the bottom of their site with lots of helpful info on it.




Written and posted with permission from Kendrie’s Krazy mom Kristie.



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