Barbutte Rhino Tutorial

This is a tutorial on one method of modeling a Barbutte helmet with Rhino.  This was a project inspired by the Renderosity Rhino3D Forum's Challenge of the Month for April 2000.  This is by no means the only, or best, way of modeling this item, it is just the way I happened to go about it.  This page has many graphics, so be warned, it may take a while to load.
The backgound images that I traced for the profiles may be obtained here.

step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4
step 5
step 6
step 7
setp 8
step 9
step 10
step 11
step 12
step 13
step 14
step 15
Final Image

You can also view an animation of the helmet rotating through 360 degrees (animated gif 400 K).

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