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House of Swords and other Fan-Fiction

by Elizabeth Shortt



House of Swords

To see the future, we need only look to the past.   Enter the House of Swords, and try not to sleep as the underworld expels its greatest demon to destroy a land of beauty and mystery.  A sword, that lives in dreams, becomes the hope for the future, the bane of the demon, and the link to the past … it’s just a nice love story.

 A good read … for fantasy lovers of every age.” ―Alyssa Dean, author of Mad You, Last Hero, and Rescuing Christine

"An enjoyable young-adult fantasy " -- Georges T. Dodds, SFSite


House of Pentacles - Art of War 

The dragon is coming for you ...




House of Cups - Natural Selection

(coming soon)

A world, trying to survive within darkness, awaits hope, and finds courage within itself to stand up for love and freedom.  

Journey to your future, and live in the world of magick, to experience the other side, that which you sense, but cannot see.



Shortt Stories

Some are fantasy, some are action packed, but most are just disturbing.



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