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This page contains the most recent postings of AkelPad documentation. All documentation done "should" end up on the AkelPad site (see below) eventually.

Note: CHM (compiled html) help files are now zipped to avoid Windows security problems which sometimes occur (eg. download file, but unable to view pages). If your system cannot handle zipped files, I recommend using 7-zip, an excellent freeware archive program.

User Manual

(for AkelPad 4)


User Manual (English) v12.11.20 (AkelPad 4.8.0)

User Manual

(for AkelPad 3)


User Manual (English) v1.2.7 (AkelPad 3)
  • Normal version (514Kb) - download as zipped file

Plugins Manual

(for AkelPad 3 and 4)

Plugins Manual (English) v10.02.22
  • (796 kb) - download as zipped file
  • ongoing work - incomplete
    • 34 (of 41) plugins now documented, added LogView, Sounds
    • updates (Sessions, Lines, Hotkeys, AutoComplete)
    • note: some plugins now incorporated into AkelPad 4.4.4

Note: work has halted (for now) on this manual.


Macro compiler/decompiler

Write/edit/compile macros (for the Macros plugin) quickly without having to memorize keystrokes!

MacTool v1.0.0 (initial release)
  • download as a zip file (includes full CHM documentation)
  • version 1.0.0 is incomplete - normal decompilation is not yet implemented (other decompilation modes work fine).  This feature should be fully implemented in the future.

MacTool is a macro compiler/decompiler for use with the AkelPad Macros plugin.  MacTool can compile to a macro file from its own custom programming language; this eliminates having to re-memorize the macro if changes are made.  MacTool is a command-line application, but emulates drag-and-drop for most operations.  MacTool is written in Virtual Pascal - no longer supported, but a very good compiler for small (?) projects.

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