BIOGRAPHY: About Joanna ~ artistic name *Asia* (Ashà)

Joanna (Asia) was born in Poland into a family of an aristocratic descent, a daughter of a general practitioner (mother) and a businessman (father). She took pedagogical studies at the University of Lowicz and worked as a teacher in a primary school in Rembieszow, Poland (teaching grades 6,7 &8 geography) before moving to Canada.
Upon given recommendation, she became a professional model. While modeling, she had the great opportunity to meet with a well known movie producer in Florida, an offer she unfortunately had to decline due to timing and unavailability. Over the next two years, following the Florida studio’s advice, she studied the art of acting at both the Arden Theatre in St. Albert and at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. Her training resulted in an audition for a local TV production 'Hollywood Babylon' for which she was offered one of the leading roles, the character 'Bella'. It was an offer Asia unfortunately felt compelled to decline, due to the scripted brief nudity required by her script character!
She practices alternative medicine as a certified Wholistic Therapist and is a freelance model and actress.

Joanna resides in the “Wild Rose Country” Alberta, Canada

Presently, she is a recognized, published, bilingual writer (inspired by the September 11.01) as well as an executive producer and director of her upcoming CD series of poetry in English and Polish. She is the president of her company Asia’s Divine Escapes.

She performs under the name Asia. Asia is Joanna’s Polish name in a softer, shorter form. Her formal name is Joanna (Yo an nà) also known as Joasia (Yo ashà) which is commonly shortened to the still softer form - Asia ( Ashà).

Asia is very talented, successful and acknowledged as a bilingual published poet, lyricist, songwriter as well as an event writer. Her professional affiliations include SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada),ASCAP, Writers Guild of Alberta and The League of Canadian Poets.

Asia is a poet, who has found an enriching balance between pure emotion and an art of bliss and enlightenment.

She is a pioneer in poetic mediation series. Her modern poetry and is known as the Soul Food.

Writing poetry and lyrics are her passion. Asia’s poetry and poetic meditations are purely spiritual and inspirational and come straight from her heart.Her poems bring relaxation, healing and serenity to one’s heart and soul- it is a tranquil poetry. Some of her poems have an uplifting message for the world—to unite in love, peace and harmony. Her work is classified as “Healing”. She says, ”God's grace flows through me and I embrace it... I hope, that through my writings, I am able to help and inspire the positive perception of people’s thinking. Our world needs love, peace, understanding, harmony and healing now more than ever. I am receptive of Divine messages and I feel the need to express them in my own words. By my writing I am transferring a gift to people –a gift from God. from God”.

Professor, Dr. Albert Forcadas, Dep. of Modern Languages and Cultural studies at the University of Alberta, said (2007):” Joanna’s charming poetry is imbued with love and peace frequently containing holistic overtones.Only a few people are able to put the Divine messages into poems or even songs effectively…”.”

In 1998, Asia was advised by Paul Napora from Edmonton, a famous Aura reader in a true sense and an author of numerous book publications that, “She is a grounded angel, healer and teacher and her mission is to help the world to be a better place through writing. “
Asia has felt the Divine connection throughout her life and is happy to devote her natural writing talent helping the world to be a better place. It comforts and strengthens her that in “The Book of Names” the name Asia means “the gracious gift of the Lord”.

Asia writes regularly in English and Polish and her poems are published in newspapers and periodicals throughout Canada, the USA, Australia and Poland. Her inspirational poems number over 700. They vary from spiritual, to educational, to appreciation of the world’s beauty and often are dedicated to friends and loved ones. All of her poems are picturesque harmonies with a comforting and serene flow. She has a gift of bringing the tranquility to one’s heart, soul and mind…that is so much needed in our present world.

The Honorable Allan Wachowich, Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, says,”Joanna is one of very few poets of Polish descent, writing in two languages with equal command. Her poetry does not rely on direct translation. Her ability to write in two languages is truly a unique talent”
All her poems in English and Polish are very inimitable in their form. Asia was bestowed the acclaimed ”Editor’s Choice Award” for outstanding achievement in poetry. Her Prestigious Editor’s Choice acclaim states that,” Joanna’s poetry displays a unique perspective and original creativity, judged to be the qualities most often found in exceptional poetry” and that “her artistic accomplishments and exceptional perceptions are the characteristics found in the most noteworthy poetic works”

Asia’s recognition is coming through her poetry and songs that she has written for a variety of events such as :9/11, the Columbia Space Shuttle Crew catastrophe, Edmonton’s Soldiers in Afghanistan project, Remembrance Day, Local Poets' Gift to the Community’, Christmas Poetry Corner, Valentine’s Poetry Corner, Edmonton Centennial, Poetry for the 1st Anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s passing, her Edmonton theme song entitled “Edmonton We Call You Home”, the Alberta Centennial, a Katrina Hurricane poem/prayer, her poetry for Mother’s and Father’s Day. These poems have been published in the newspapers, periodicals and magazines like: The Edmonton Journal, Country Asides, Edmonton Woman and also in Canadian, American, Australian and Polish newspapers and periodicals (the Glos Polski, the Gwiazda Polarna, the Express Wieczorny, the Panorama,Zdrowa Nasza Polonia(where she wrote regularly and the editor,Cezary Malinowski, bestowed his gratitude and admiration) etc. Her poetry series (in English and Polish), the tributes to Pope John Paul II, were published repeatedly.
She has also appeared numerous times as a special guest for interviews with her poetry /song projects on the radio stations CKER and CJSR. In addition, her poetry has been narrated on special occasions on the radio stations mentioned above.
Asia’s radio interview appeared on the Website newspaper Dzien Dobry and Polish Radio’s Website. Future interviews will appear on the websites:,, Presently, her poetry is displayed on the Polish Radio website: in “Poezja W Polskim Radio”.

Her poetry has been also displayed on Polonia Edmonton (Polish community website:,
A fragment of her prestigious poetic work achievement entitled “A Charming Mountain Resort” is featured on

The Edmonton theme song entitled “Edmonton, We Call You Home”, that she wrote and sings in a duet, was a big success.
The song performance premiere was presented at a fine, immense banquet -with an appearance of the Polish international group Tercet Egzotyczny(performing since 1964). The director and organizer of this big event was Cezary Malinowski and Asia was his assistant. Asia had only 2 weeks to write and perform the Edmonton theme song from the time of the request…View media links: Pol. Media clip Tercet Egzotyczny Uswietnil Biesiade Polonijna, Media: Edmonton Women Making a Difference.

The Honorable Allan Wachowich, Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, says,”Joanna's song showcases not only her talents, but also inspires the community’s pride for the City”. She is booked to perform the Edmonton Theme Song at various upcoming important city events. The Mayor of Edmonton, Stephen Mandel, as well as The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland, John Szumlas, congratulated her. They were fascinated by the quality of her song.
Mayor Stephen Mandel said,"I was waiting to hear a quality song for Edmonton like this for a long time”.
The former Mayor of Edmonton, Bill Smith, was also present at this performance and bestowed his support and encouragement.
Thomas A. Lukaszuk MLA Edmonton Castle Downs Constituency showed his appreciation for Asia’s talent at the premiere of the song ”Edmonton, We Call You Home”.
The Honarable Gene Zwodesky Minister of Education acknowledged Asia his support even before the premiere of Asia’s song for Edmonton.

Asia’s artistic profile as a recognized poet, lyricist and songwriter was published in a well known Canadian- American-Australian magazine, the Express Wieczorny in 2004 and the Edmonton Woman magazine’s article “Edmonton Women Making a Difference” where they expressed their appreciation of her contribution to the community. Her artistic profile is on an agenda to be published soon in the Polish Voice, a weekly periodical for North America,Info nurt 2 , Polish international periodical(where she writes verses/poetry in Polish and English), the St. Albert Gazette, the Panorama and Zdrowa Nasza Polonia, the Polish magazine for Alberta.

In May 2005 Asia was nominated Woman of Distinction in Arts and Culture. The Edmonton Sun, the St. Albert Gazette newspapers and The Edmonton Woman magazine, Zdrowa Nasza Polonia. INFO nurt 2- the international periodical have published articles of her achievements.

In 2005,she wrote and performed her new song ”Dad’s Love”.Asia also performed with a St. Albert group at the Arden Theatre, St. Albert, AB in the same year.

Her poetry opened up the Poetry Corner on the radio station CJSR in 2005.

She is a winner of the 2005 Poetry Contest of Synchronicity Magazine and nominated The Ambassador of Poetry in April 2006.

Asia’s much admired poetry has been narrated to tranquil sounds for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. in response to an order from the Polish Radio program on the CJSR Radio Station - 88.5FM. Her poetry has been narrated regularly on the radio for other various events/projects.
Her poetry in Polish and English has been successfully narrated at a private function for 200 people at the Mac Donald Hotel Edmonton, June 2006, as well as at other various private and public functions.
She wrote a movie song 2006.

International Polish Periodical “Info nurt 2” has published a 4 page article and front cover on her in October’s 2006 issue. Another article featuring her profile and her work will be published in its upcoming issue.

Asia’s poetry was selected and narrated for the grand opening of the Third Hour of the Polish Radio Program CJSR 88.5FM on Thanks Giving weekend 2006.

Asia appeared as a special guest on the California’s Radio KYTM as a bilingual poet, event writer, lyricist, songwriter as well as an executive producer and director of her upcoming poetic CD series in November 2006.

Her poetry has been narrated on the radio stations CJSR 88.5 FM and also CKER 101.7 FM every year since 2006 to honor the anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s passing on April 2, 2006.

Her poetry was presented on Mother’s and Father’Day 2007 on the radio station CJSR 88.5 FM/

Asia was working on the movie set in May-June 2007 - a big production with Leslie Nielson "Christmas In Wonderland".

In October 2007, she was a special guest on the radio KYTM L.A. once again, this time with her new poetic CD; As well as, she had a show in Palm Springs USA mid October 2007.

In February 2007, radio director CJSR 88.5 FM, Bogdan K. Konikowski interviewed Asia as a special radio guest releasing her poetic CD.

She was invited to take part as a poet/songwriter at the Polish Art Festival in L.A. USA in October 2008.

A feature on Asia was planned to appear in SOCAN periodical “Word’s & Music” during a 2010 issue, but was unable to, due to unforseen circumstances.

Asia was invited by Pastor Roman Majek from Holy Rosary Church in Edmonton to present the poetry she has written as a tribute to Pope John Paul II to help celebrate his 30th memorial anniversary and the grand opening of the monument built to honor him in October 2008. Her poetry as a tribute to Pope John Paul II was presented on the radio stations CJSR, CKER on the 19th of October 2008.

Her poetry has been narrated on the radio stations CJSR 88.5 FM and also CKER 101.7 FM every year since 2005 to honor the anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s passing on April 2, 2005.

She also has been invited for an interview as a special guest at the Polish Radio station in Florida in November 2010. A poetic event with her poetry is planned to take place in Florida at the same time.

Asia travelled extensively through many European countries in the fall of 2009. While in Poland in September, she completed several newspaper and radio interviews for her upcoming CD.

A special poem was written by Asia on April 12,2010 with a heartfelt comforting message for the Polish nation’s people to express her condolences regarding the tragic loss of many of their government’s significant people on April 10,2010. On April 15, 2010 she spoke and recited the same poem on the Polish Radio Station Radio Warszawa. Subsequently, on the 17th of April, 2010, it was presented at the memorial service of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and it was also delivered to his office and to his family. Several newspapers and magazines in Poland, Alberta and in the Eastern part of Canada have published Asia’s poem. It has been recorded and given for presentation to numerous radio stations in Poland from Zakopane to Gdansk and to the Polish Radio Stations in Alberta. Asia’s poem has been donated to the Polish North American Society and they have shared it with the well known Polish actor, movie director and screen writer, M. Probosz, to narrate or to use on Polish Television.

Asia has executively produced and released her poetic CD entitled “HOLD DLA PAPAIEZA JANA PAWLA II ~ Pokoj na swiecie” for beatification of Pope John Paul II in April 2011. Asia has been invited to be a special guest on radio stations CKER and CJSR in Edmonton where she will present her new Polish poetic CD in mid 2011. Radio stations in California, Florida and Poland are also inviting Asia for an interview regarding her CD.

Asia’s creative work has been broadcast on radio in Canada, USA and Poland over the years.

Presently, she is working as a director and executive producer releasing her poetry CD series in Polish and English to a background of tranquil music.

She has released her poetic CD in Polish from her poetic series ” Polish Radio Poetry Collection “ at the end of 2010.

A portion of the proceeds has gone to and will continue to go towards her foundation - Asia’s Divine Escapes Foundation. Polish Diva Irena Jarocka (during her living years) was Asia’s support for any publications of her work. Irena Jarocka’s support has been and will be mentioned on every front cover of Asia’s CD and book at the Diva’s request.

One of the biggest pioneers in the Healing Sound, award-winning composer, Dean Evenson, has said,” My music will be a fine match for Asia’s lovely poetry“.

She is also working on the publication of her poetry book in English and Polish and on a song project for an upcoming movie; As well, she has been writing songs with an international music composer in English and Polish and has done some singing on occasion.

Asia has committed her lifetime to serving the community and the world as a passionate poet, lyricist and songwriter. Her poetry sparkles with blissful messages,an occasional imagination as well as authentic life experiences and presents the reader with a fresh, unique, uplifting perspective on life.

As described in the Edmonton Woman Magazine:” Asia is a wonderful role model for the young generation. She is an inspiring writer who brings out deep and uplifting”World Healing” messages to the world through her gift of writing. She is contributing to the community from her “heart” and she is a woman that makes a difference in today’s society….”

Asia’s support:

Asia’s artistic abilities as a song writer/ poet have been recognized by a multi-Grammy Award and Latin Grammy winner, the international superstar R.M.

Former Edmonton Mayor Stephan Mandel supports Asia’s artistic work. There are two exciting song projects on her agenda that involve Edmonton’s Mayor.

Former Edmonton Mayor Bill Smith supports Asia’s natural talent

Gino Vannelli, a multiple Grammy Award winner and the international super star, song writer and poet supports Asia’s writing mission.

Asia’s poetry and songs/lyrics have been recognized for its healing proprieties and uplifting messages by medical doctors: Dr. Deborah Andrew and Dr. D. Witt etc.

Professor, Dr. Jan Pyszko one of the candidates running for Polish President, admires, supports and respects Asia’s work .He says:”…Asia is a charming, genuine and a genius poet”

Global TV Newscaster, musician, author Gord Steinke believes in Asia’s writing work and is her support.

Polish Diva Irena Jarocka (during her living years) was Asia’s support. Polish Diva congratulated Asia saying, ” Joanna your poetry is very beautiful, warm and feminine. I am sending you my best wishes and do not stop writing, because this kind of poetry people do need, especialy now. Congratulations!”

Polish descent very successfull singer/songwriter Andrzej Cierniewski also supports Asia’s writing mission and some of her song projects are on his agenda.

Musician Blair De Pape from Streetheart supports Asia’s talent as well.

Lead singer Kenny Shields from Streetheart believes in Asia’s writing mission and her success.

Dr. Professor Waclaw Osadnik, Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies of University of Alberta, Expresses positive feedback towards Asia's writing talent and believes that her upcoming poetic CD series will be well recieved.

Asia’s successful song “Edmonton, We Call you Home” was on the country singer Adam Gregory’s agenda. His manger said she admired the song. song!”

Former Pope John Paul the II was a friend of Asia’s family since the 1960’s and her support on her World Healing writing mission.

Clips of letters of support:

Former Archbishop Thomas Collins of Edmonton in his letter of support wrote:

“... Through your art of writing which you wish to put at the service of Christ by making the world a better place, you participate in the “alliance established before all time between the Gospel and the art ”, described by Pope John Paul II in his April 1999 letter to artists. I therefore hope that through your creative inspiration and your artistic work, you will enhance the deepening of the mystery of God incarnate, and at the same the mystery of humanity. I pray that you and those who experience your work are blessed abundantly.”

Former Mayor of Edmonton Bill Smith in his letter of support wrote:

“…As Mayor of Edmonton for three terms, as well as my business position now, I have been witnessing the unique and original talent of our local and truly gifted bilingual writer, poet and lyricist Joanna B. Wacowich, we know as *Asia. I must mention Asia’s song premiere performance entitled “Edmonton, We Call You Home”, a theme song written especially for our city. Asia wrote and sang the song with her vocal partner Marilyn Goletz at a major banquet in 2005, in Edmonton. The song is remarkable and has touched many hearts, as it conveys the truly inspirational messages as well as pride for our great City and beauty presented in the lyrics. One was really inspired being a part of her performances throughout our City. Asia’s new wave of healing spiritual and inspirational poetry series “Enlightened Poetry Of The Golden Age” reaches one’s heart, mind and soul and embraces it with a ray of light, tranquility, love, peace, harmony and “enlightenment”. It seems that (we) the readers and listeners of her poetry were waiting for these inimitable poetry creations to come to life and it is here now. It is Asia’s gift of her heart and soul that brings light into all our lives. I admire and support all of Asia’s remarkable talent, integrity and devotion and truly believe that she is a role model for the young generation.”

Sharon Mayer, the editor of Edmonton Woman says

” ...I believe Joanna Wacowich to be a truly gifted poet and songwriter. Her uplifting positive and unselfish nature "catches on" to whomever she is in contact with…Asia believes that being a vessel for divine messages (which she puts eloquently into poems and lyrics), enables her to give back to the world in some way that which she has received, helping to bring others to a new dimension of awareness. She hopes to help change the negative perception of peoples' thinking ‘because the world needs healing’. Thus, her work is considered ‘world healing’. I believe Joanna Wacowich to be an excellent writer, because she sees her talent as a ‘Gift from God’ and her mission in life is’to unite the world in love, peace and harmony’ in a down-to-earth way!...”

Professor, Dr. Albert Forcadas, Dep. of Modern Languages and Cultural studies at the University of Alberta said in 2007:

” I am amazed with Joanna’s talent as a poet and also a songwriter. I can say that she is an intelligent and gifted artist and undoubtedly a rising star in her inspired and inspiring brand of poetry … Joanna is one of the very few poets of Polish descent capable of writing in two languages with equal command, which is truly a rare talent. In my opinion all her poems, be in English or in Polish are inimitable in their forms and feelings…I wish we had many more people like her in the Arts field”

The Honorable Allan Wachowich, Former Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, wrote,

”...Joanna’s poems are intended to inspire. I can attest to her poetry having this effect … Joanna’s conquest is to enrich the lives of those who hear and read her words. Her artistic talent is only a tool which uses a higher purpose of inspiring and arousing positive emotion in her audiences.”

Bogdan Koral Konikowski director of, broadcaster & producer at CJSR Radio and an artist wrote,

“With adoration I support the very inspirational and very unique talent of Joanna B. Wacowich *Asia. She is being recognized and very much supported on her Healing writing mission. I honestly believe that through her powerful writings she is able to inspire her audiences and readers with the messages of peace, love and harmony and show them that the world can be a better place to live in.”

Judy Boryniuk, expressed:

”My friend Joanna is a very real, down to earth, kind of woman. She is not only really beautiful on the outside but also really beautiful from within. Her well being in the inside is more beautiful than words can express. This is me talking from another woman’s perspective. Her gift of inspiration in writing is towards Heaven Upon Earth. It’s also giving me my own freedom towards seeing that Heaven is not far away, when we stop and smell the roses...”

A few words from Asia:

“As a writer, through the creative writing of my poetry, I would like to help brighten our future, even if just a little…I regard this as my mission. Now, more than ever before, we need love peace, harmony and understanding, to unite people on our “divine earth”.

It is my hope that my written messages enlighten and inspire my readers and reach out to embrace the love and goodness within them. For wherever there is a heart beating, there is a grace, a blessing, a gift that can blossom and be shared within others…As every smile attracts another, every benevolent act attracts another, thereby helping to secure a brighter future for mankind and find “heaven on earth”,to allow, even just a little, an ordinary day to flourish into an extraordinary one.”

As I say in a fragment of my published poem from my upcoming collection, entitled

“Peace On Earth” ; Fragment below:

“ When we burn with the fire of anger
The smoke gets into our eyes,
Don’t let the hate fan the flames
With the wisdom we will realize”.
(copyright 2001 SOCAN)

I would like to conclude with a fragment of my published poem entitled

“World’s Kingdom Of Peace”

“The ones that are chosen to work with God
Already know the place to trod
In their deepest feeling at heart
They will follow the Divine work of art,
Now, it’s the miraculous time to start!
Take my hand and follow me
I will show you the way to the World’s Kingdom of Peace
And splendid surroundings...

Let your heart be your guide
Let your mind be free
Let your soul take a flight

There is nothing that WE cannot do
But it must take US, me and you.
OUR souls will Waltz in the Sun’s light
I must tell you this is OUR mission guided by the Light.
Your “celestial partner and friend ”has arrived,
So, do not hesitate and take OUR Divine, meaningful life to strive”.

(copyright 2004 SOCAN)

Thank you. God Bless.

Joanna B. Wacowich *Asia*