The Power of Art : Women's Voices in Africa

“Africa is not only a continent of war and crisis.
There is also an Africa that is alive and well, and is often borne by women”
Odile Sorgho-Moulinier (United Nations)

Culture is no longer a static body of knowledge, values, practices and expressions shared and passed on by a community.  It is a dynamic reality.

“The Power of Art / Women’s Voices in Africa” explores how contemporary African women who choose to be professional artists claim their position, and deal with the stereotypes associated with being an African and a woman.

The film also focuses on the role professional artists may play in addressing the challenges women are faced with on the African continent.

Producer and Director: Claudine Pommier:

Editors:  Claudine Pommier, Eddie O.:

Camera:  Jean Diouf, N’diogou Diop, Georges Laszuk

Completion date:

June 2007
Running time: 51 minutes
Colour, Stereo


DigiBeta, BetacamSP, or DVD - all in either NTSC or PAL formats
DVDs include english and french versions.

Public Presentations, Festivals

Pacific Cinémathèque, Vancouver, B.C.
Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma, Vancouver
Docusur, Tenerife,Spain
Africa World Documentary Film Festival, St Louis, Missouri
Africa World Documentary Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria
African Studies Association conference, New York
KIN International film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia
Rendez-vous du Cinéma Francophone, Vancouver
Festival de Films de Créteil, France
International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal, Canada
Vues d'Afrique - festival Pan-Africa International, Montréal
Fountainhead International Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, (awarded Best Film in Fine Art category)
Warsaw, Poland
Festival du Film Panafricain, Cannes, France
Paysages de Cinéastes, Châtenay-Malabry, France
Festival de Films de Femmes, Brussels, Belgium
International Black Docufest, Atlanta, Georgia
International Film Festival of Fine Arts, Szolnok, Hungary
Women's Worlds, Tuebingen, Germany
Festival Migrant'Scene, Paris, France
Festel, Festival de Television de Yaounde, Cameroon
African Diaspora Film Festival, New York, New York
Festival de Cimade, Toulouse, France
Women's International Film Festival, South Florida
Quintessence - Festival International du Film de Ouidah, Benin
San Diego International Film Festival, California
Fespaco, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


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Recalling the Future, Art in Contemporary Africa or
The Art of Viyé Diba, The Intelligent Hand,
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