Short Explanation of Webs

One of the easiest ways to think of a web is to vision a trip to a museum or art gallery where there are many rooms and you have entered by the front lobby. You enter the lobby and are directed to  various locations that are of interest to you. As you go to the desired locations there are display signs with descriptions of what you are seeing and in some cases there may be a sign that points to another room where additional information can be found. In a Web, the sign that points to additional information is called a Link. This link is often shown in blue with underlined text. When you click on that link you are taken into the room or another webpage where more information is found and in turn may contain further links. This sort of becomes a maze and some feel overwhelmed by the feeling that they are lost. Don't feel like this as your browser has kept a record of where you started and all the places that you have been. Think of this like you were given a string that was attached to a secure location when you entered the building and it automatically reeled out as you went from room to room. You can never get lost as all as all you do is follow the string back to where you started. This is done by using the back-button on your browser which takes you back to the page that lead to this room and winds up the string. By doing this, you end up back at the starting point. Just like in a museum or art gallery, you may come to an exit sign and if you want to exit then do so and if you are back where you started then fine otherwise trace your way back by using the back-button. If all else fails then close your browser or start again by using a bookmark to take you to whatever starting point you desire.

Some of the link in any web may take you to other pages that are stored at the same place as the starting point but others are off-cite and can be anywhere in the world. A good example of this is the TV add that shows a dark world then suddenly one light comes on followed by another which in turn turns on another and all of these lights have a line joining them. Soon the whole world is connected and this is the World Wide Web.

An example of what a web looks like is the page "Krause Klan Reunion #2" and only one of the pages that it links to for further information. KKR#2 web

Enjoy your tour of my Web

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Last edited on 21 Aug 2016