This page contains scrambles, hikes, and mountaineering trips that have stood out in my mind, for one reason or another. Some of them involved great scrambling, others were extremely scenic and some were both. Yet others were undertaken in extreme or unusual conditions and some just because they were milestones for me (or us).


Mount Allan - December 29: - outstanding scenery throughout; unusual weather patterns causing more great scenery and an inversion - it was about 20 degrees warmer at the summit, than it was at the parking lot


Mount Chester attempt - April 20:  perfect weather; great winter scenery

The Fist - July 27: our first "difficult" rated scramble; great weather in a magnificent location; great summit panorama
Eiffel Peak  - August 10: easy, straightforward scramble in a wonderful location; summit panorama is awesome
Diana Lake and The Judge - September 13-15: phenomenal autumn colours; great company and great weather throughout
Mount Arethusa - November 30: perfect weather (deep blue skies on ascent, shades of yellow and orange on descent) ; outstanding hands-on scrambling; great ridgewalk (scramble); terrific scenery


Middle/Little Sister col - February 8: unbelievable scenery because of the winter conditions and alternating patterns of thick cloud and clear skies; took us three tries to make it to the col even though it appears to be an easy ascent

East End of Rundle III - March 8: minus 32 at the parking lot;  extremely cold throughout; great winter scenery and stunning views of Ha-Ling Peak

Mount Cory - April 6: winter conditions made it very long and far more  challenging than a summer ascent; scenery was terrific

Photo Day along the Icefields Parkway and Mount Robson View - May 11: unmatched, roadside views of some of the most stunning mountains in the Canadian Rockies; the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies highest peak - Mount Robson

Mount Whymper - June 29: terrific hands-on scrambling; room for exploration and variation; great summit panorama

Mount Birdwood attempt  - June 28: perfect weather and fantastic scenery throughout; good scrambling with route-finding challenges; nice to do something with no guidebook to help you

Dolomite Peak  - July 27: great location; great steep, hands-on scrambling with minimal exposure; phenomenal rock formations, especially at the summit

Mount Niblock and Mount Whyte  - August 2: great location; varied and interesting terrain; great steep, hands-on scrambling, especially on Mount Whyte ; phenomenal summit views

Mount Hector - September 13: perfect weather; spectacular glacier with enormous crevasses; great scenery at the "consolation" summit

Isolated Peak - September 27: long, but the scenery is spectacular

Wasootch Tower - October 18: our first technical climb; a huge step for us, in moving from scrambling to roped climbing


Narao Peak I - March 13 - incomplete: phenomemal winter scenery
Narao Peak II - March 28 - incomplete: same as above
Narao Peak III - May 1: same as above

Mount Smuts - August 2: great difficult and exposed scrambling/climbing; outstanding summit panorama

Edith Cavell - August 14: great rock, great views, an interesting, rewarding, and aesthetically pleasing climb

Mount Galwey Loop - August 21: interesting scrambling; very scenic and striking pinnacles throughout; tons of mountain to explore and tons of room for variation

Victoria Peak - September 25: fantastic colours, interesting scenery and terrain

Warrior Mountain and Mount Cordonnier - October 2: fantastic scenery and breath-taking views throughout


Bow Hut and Mount St. Nicholas - January 1-2: amazing scenery throughout, very cool ridgewalk/ascent to the summit

Unnamed summits at GR334455, GR34447, and GR345444 - April 9:  great vertical rock scenery, fantastic ridge traverse


Mount Lorette - May 22: terrific scrambling and exposed climbing


Mount Blakiston horseshoe - July 1, 2005: fantastic colours
Eon Mountain - July 30-31, 2005: great scenery, great bivy site, great scrambling, phenomenal view of Mount Assiniboine
Mount Victoria (north summit) - August 6, 2005: a little bit of everything: hiking, scrambling, glacier travel, rock climbing - all in spectacular surroundings
Mount Black Prince - August 13, 2005: challenging scrambling and a fantastic ridgewalk, with great views
Mount Woolley - August 20-21, 2005:
Mount Dungarvan - October 9, 2005: awesome hands-on scrambling, terrific colours and scenery
Mount Head - November 12, 2005:
Mount Loomis attempt - November 19, 2005:


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