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Descending Mount Andromeda

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My brother Mark introduced me to scrambling in July of 2001. After stumbling up and down Grizzly Peak, in "not-so-good" physical condition, I swore that it was my first and last scramble. A month later, however, I tried another and then another. After completing my third scramble, I was hooked and attempting to ascend a mountain in the beautiful Canadian Rockies became a weekly ritual for Mark and me.

Not wanting to head indoors at the first sign of snow, we later invested in a pair of snowshoes each and took basic mountaineering, avalanche safety, and climbing courses. This enabled us to hike, scramble, and mountaineer year-round, and with a few exceptions, we now head out to the mountains every week.

Winter scrambling has now become a favourite of ours. The scenery is often beyond breath-taking (as are the temperatures!), and the addition of snow and ice provide some interesting challenges to scrambles and hikes that would otherwise be quite straightforward. Even the most simple scramble can become difficult and very dangerous when covered in snow and ice. If you do go out in the winter, be prepared, be forewarned, and be careful! 

Of course, Mark and I, like most scramblers in the Canadian Rockies, are indebted to Alan Kane, whose outstanding book "Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies" has been our guide for endless hours of enjoyment (and heck of a lot of scree!) , going up and down mountains. Other guidebooks that we have found to be indispensable are Gillean Daffern's two volume set, "Kananaskis Country Trail Guide", and Brian Patton and Bart Robinson's, "The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide".



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