The Beauty and Diversity of Mankind,

as seen through the Camera Lens of Anthony Maw.

  Although spoken languages may not be understood, there is a universal human connection through smile and eye contact.

Masai Tribeman of Tanzania, East Africa Union - wearing his traditional red cloth blanket.  The traditionally nomadic Masai people live in the Serengeti as goat herders.  However nowadays they mostly generate income by charging carloads of tourists a TSH15000 (US$10) "donation" to visit their village with a song and dance show. February 2012.

Beautiful young Uygar (Uigar) woman in traditional head scarf that I saw at the "Long Distance Bus Station" in Kashgar, Xinjiang (New Territories), China, August 2007.  I was taking the bus to from Kashgar in China to Sost, Pakistan from here but also there are buses to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan so I'm not sure where she was going.

Kashmir Gypsy Children 

Gypsy Children living in the Naran Nag valley of Kashmir, October 2007 

Girl selling Hindu offerings to be floated in the river at Ram Ghat in Chitrakoot, India, Sept 2007.  The site is associated with the Hindu God Lord Rama and the monkey-like God named Hanuman.

Hmong woman and her baby at Sa Pa in northern Vietnam, Nov 2007

Sikh pilgrim woman in a green saree in the line-up to enter the Golden Temple in Amritsar India, Oct 2007

Uygar girl selling tickets to Old City tourist district  in Kashgar, China, Aug 2007.  Marco Polo was here once.

Gypsy children near the India-Pakistan border in Kashmir, India, Oct 2007

Uygar children playing in the streets of the Old City of Kashgar, Xingjian, China, Aug 2007

Hindu woman in Chanderi India, Sept 2007

A Hindu Holy Man and his musical instrument in Orccha, India, Sept 2007

A Uygar family in a rural village near Turfan, China, August 2007

Stewardess and passengers on China Rail Shenzhen to Gui Lin line, July 2007 - so neat!

Rural Kashmiri family in the Naran Nag Valley of Northern India, Oct 2007

Waiving goodbye to the girlfriend, Shenzhen, China July 2007

Han Chinese boys on a riverboat on the Yangtze River in China, July 2007

Kung Fu School Disciples at Shaolin Temple Monastery, China, July 2007

Hindu Holy Man with his trident at the New Delhi train station, India, Sept 2007

Laos - Vang Vieng - boys with snacks from the village crossing a rickety footbridge, Nov 2007

Cambodia - Orange clad Buddhist Monks on a motorbike Oct 2007

Cambodian children at Phnom Kulen, Oct 2007

Tourists at the Khmer pilgrimage site of Phnom Kulen Falls in Cambodia, Oct 2007

Peruvian boy on the Lares Trail in the Andes Mountains, May 2007

Young girl who lives on a Reed Island in Lake Titicaca, Peru, April 2007

Andean family at Lares Pass in Peru, May 2007

Andes villagers on the Lares trail in Peru, April 2007

Tibetan girl in traditional dress on Barkhor Square of Lhasa, Tibet, China June 2006

Young Tibetan woman wearing a traditional dress in a Buddhist procession around Barkhor Square of Lhasa, Tibet, June 2006

Three generations of a Hunza family in Karimabad in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan, Aug 2007

Two children in the mountain village of Gilgit, Pakistan, August 2007

Young central Asian Uygar women in Urumchi (Wulumuqi) in north west China, August 2007

Fully covered Muslim Uygar woman in the Kashgar Bazaar, China, Aug 2007

Uygar children playing in the streets of Kashgar in western China, Aug 2007

Lahore, Pakistan Aug 2007

Motor bikers in Rawalpindi Pakistan - at least one of them wears a helmet!, Aug 2007

New Delhi India - Riding second class on the Northern Railways, Sept 2007

Hindu women at Babu Ghat on the banks of the Houghly River in Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Cambodian mine victim selling books to tourists in Siem Reap near Angkor Wat Temples.  He most likely was injured as a child accidentally picking up an exploded "Uncle Sam" cluster bomb of which the proud and free United States of America dropped hundreds of thousands indiscriminately, along with napalm, onto villages along the Vietnam-Cambodia border to "de-populate" the area of alleged Viet Cong with total and reckless disregard to the innocent "Asiatic" civilians. It is estimated that 10% of US ordinance (bombs of all shapes and sizes) did not explode and remain a huge hazard to the present day along the Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam border regions.

Cambodian children of distinctly different skin complexions in the streets of Phnom Penh, Nov 2007

Hmong hill tribe woman and baby in northern Vietnam near Sa Pa, Nov 2007

Hmong hill tribe school in northern Vietnam with "Uncle Ho" portrait in the back wall, Nov 2007.  In the classroom were posters where they are taught the children about the My Lai massacre (where US soldiers murdered 400 civilian women and children only to for the commanding officer to receive a Presidential Pardon from Nixon), the 11 days B-52 terror bombing of Hanoi in 1973, napalm and helicopter machine gun attacks against rice farmer's villages, and the spraying of Agent Orange "poison" on the people and their rice crops by the "Americans" during the Vietnam "conflict to stop the spread of Communism".

Hmong hill tribe mother and child in traditional colourful dress in northern Vietnam, Nov 2007

Hmong hill tribe schoolgirls of northern Vietnam, Nov 2007

Vietnamese women in the village of Hue, Nov 2007

Ratchaburi Floating (tourist) Markets about 100km outside Bangkok, Nov 2007, where one can buy all manner of foods and goods from passing boats.

Rickety beggar man in Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Rickshaw driver Calcutta, India, Oct 2007.  Inexpensive transportation for the local masses.

Men enjoying their morning Chai tea in Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Rickshaw driver and passenger, Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Guy in Calcutta meat market in Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Hindu boy and girl at Babu Ghat on the banks of the Houghly River in Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Hindu children bathing in the Houghly River at Babu Ghat, Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Hindu pilgrims bathing in the Houghly River at Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

A Hindu girl carries her little sister at Babu Ghat in Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Old Hindu Holy Man in Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Hindu Holy Man crossing the Houghly River bridge Calcutta, India, Oct 2007

Uniformed Hunza school girls in Karimabad Pakistan, August 2007

Pakistan - Karimabad Hunza boy is a Vancouver Canucks Fan

He probably got the shirt through charity clothing donations like the Salvation Army or Red Cross in Vancouver!

Hunza guard at Baltit Fort in the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan, Aug 2007

A mother and daughter paddle along Dal Lake in Kashmir, northern India, October 2007

Old Muslim man at Peshawar, Pakistan August 2007

Butcher in Gilgit, Pakistan, August 2007

Motorcyclist rides poses with his AK-47 in Peshawar, Pakistan, August 2007

Covered up Muslim women Peshawar, Pakistan Aug 2007

Man in Tuktuk taxi in Peshawar, Pakistan, August 2007

Pakistan Peshawar Bazaar - man proudly but casually shows off his modern Hungarian-made AK-47 automatic assault rifle, August 2007.  The most prevalent sources of assault weapons are Chinese Norinco AK-47's identified by wooden stocks and grips, and Hungarian ones made with dark plastic grips and stocks, all selling for about US $500 equivalent.

A father carries his child in Peshawar, Pakistan, Aug 2007

Some guys enjoying a roadside meal in Peshawar, Pakistan

Lahore Mosque, Pakistan, August 2007

Albino man in Lahore, Pakistan, August 2007

Motorcycle police ride around with an AK-47 in Lahore, Pakistan, August 2007

Smiling policeman chats with the foreigner tourist (yours truly) in the streets of  Lahore, Pakistan, August 2007. When asked "where from?" I tell them I am from China, since I'm of Chinese ancestry and was born in Hong Kong, now a part of China.  If they wise to my good English I then tell him that I was "educated in Canada".  No politics, no religious discussion.

Muslim child and women at the Lahore Mosque, Pakistan, August 2007

Orange hair man on the bus in front of me in Lahore, Pakistan Aug 2007

Tibetan Buddhist Monks playing musical instruments in Lhasa, Tibet June 2006

Young Tibetan Buddhist Monk spins his Prayer Wheel in the Barkhor in Lhasa, Tibet

Young Tibetan woman at Jokang Monastery, Lhasa Tibet June 2006

Tibetan men dressed in cowboy leather clothing enjoying breakfast with me in Lhasa, June 2006

Tibetan women at Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in Rikaze, China June 2006

Old two-tooth Tibetan Buddhist monk at Rikaze Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, June 2006

Rikaze (Shigatse) Tibetan children playing at the public market, June 2006

Neatly uniformed Hong Kong Chinese schoolgirls, Dec 2007

Ghana - Accra beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, April 2008

Ghana - Accra beach hawker, April 2008 - (I actually bought that magnetite stone necklace for someone back at the office of the Canadian gold mining company that sent me to work over there for US $3)

Ghana rural village man living in jungle village mud-brick house, Anyimaye April 2008.  Note the interesting smooth clay layout and the unique pot holders, cooking fire pit and low wood ceiling.

Woman sells bread sticks to passing motorists near Kumasi in Ghana, April 2008

Ghana - Young girl in Takoradi sells smoked Atlantic fish, April 2008, about US 30 cents each, ready-to-eat!

Rural Ghanaian schoolchildren in the jungle village of Anyimaye, April 2008

Hindu Funeral Pyre on the bank of the Ganges River in Varanasi India, Sept 2007

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