Anthony Maw's Food Photos from Around the World

This section is an exhibit of all the exotic (and not so exotic) foods that I have actually stuffed in my mouth, chewed, swallowed and kept down  on my global travels.
What people eat is a matter of custom dictated by availability and their economic status.
Part of the fun of
international travel is the opportunity to explore the local food dishes and meet the locals at restaurants and bars.
Philosophically, I will eat anything - to me it's just different form of fat, protein and carbohydrate, as long it is bacteria logically safe.
 That said, it goes without saying that an essential part my travel kit is anti-diarrheal medicine, anti-biotic tablets, and rehydration salts!
*** I proudly say that I have
enjoyed Coca Cola, KFC and McDonald's on 5 continents!!! ***

Kenya Mombasa bus hawkers 

Kenya - Mombasa coastal port city on the Indian Ocean. Drink and snack hawkers surround long distance buses between here and Nairobi.  Somehow they manage to keep the bottle water and Coke cold in the hot African sun.


Tanzania - Zanzibar Island - Stone Town - Outdoor evening food market is popular with tourists and locals.  They mostly sell sea foods caught from the Indian Ocean for about 1000 Tanzanian Shillings (US 70 cents) each.  The local fraud are the "lobster" kebabs that are really just some kind of whitefish with red sauce that they sell to unsuspecting tourists (like me)!. March 2012.

Malawi goat gut barbeque 

Africa - Malawi -  Kande village near Lake Malawi.  Road side vendor sells barbequed goat guts.  The good meat is sold at the butcher shop and the organ meat is sold by road-side hawkers like this man.  Nothing with protein is wasted!  The skewers are goat intestines and sell for about US 20 cents each.  It was somewhat chewy and slightly crunchy with a unique flavour! January 2012.


Africa - Tanzania on the road to Dar Es Salaam - Muslim bakers make chapati flat breads at a road side shop.  I ate one for breakfast with some fruit jam spread.  Cost was about US 10 cents and washed it down with a cup of Chai tea from the stall next door.  February 2012.

Ghana girl selling smoked fish

Ghana - Takoradi is a small port town on the Atlantic Ocean coast.  A young girl in donated Western clothing sells smoked Atlantic fish at the public market for about US 30 cents each, ready-to-eat.  Very dry and lots of  annoying small bones!  I ate part of one and gave the rest to a lucky cat.

Chile Curanto

Chile, South America - A local fisherman's seafood dish in Puerto Montt on the Pacific Ocean coast is known as "Curanto" with clams, mussels, sausage and chicken leg!  One squeezes the lemon juice into the mussels before eating it.  The meal set included the pisco sour lemon alcohol drink.  Fantastic but more than I could eat!  5500 Chilean Pesos or about $11 USD. 12/09

Ghana - Sub-Saharan Africa - "Fufu" dish made with casava, a chunk of meat goat (?) including skin and hairs and spicy soup made with a local pepper known as "chito", 7000 Ghana Cedis or about 75 cents, 04/08

Punjabi sweets on a leaf in Lahore Pakistan, 20 Rupees or about 30 cents.  I wasn't sure if one is supposed to eat the leaf too but I ate it anyways. 10/07

A Buddhist ("kill nothing") vegetarian lunch on Lantau Island in Hong Kong.  It was included with my tour ticket of the Big Buddha facility. 07/07  What's amazing is that they can create simulated meat products like pork, beef and chicken with textured vegetable proteins and tofu.

China - Suzhou - Pig tails and snouts.  Also chickens feet on the left 07/07.  The kind of stuff they eat on a dare on the Western TV show called "Fear Factor".

Cambodia - fried tarantula spiders near Phnom Penh.  The live spiders were being taken out of the bucket in the background and tossed into hot oil - live. It didn't taste like much other than the oil actually. 10/07

Lima, Peru - South America - "Cuy" - A Baked Guinea Pig for lunch in Lima, Peru (30 Pesos, $9), It was not much to eat - mostly skin and bones but the hind legs had a little more meat on them.  Apparently the Inca kings ate the little rodents as a delicacy. 04/07

Lima, Peru - Roadside fried potato chips and fried bananas, 04/07

Peru - Andes - Enjoying coca tea.  The small amount of COCAINE in it helps alleviate high altitude effects by increasing pulse and blood pressure, April 2007.

New Delhi, India - Freshly squeezed road side orange juice (10 Rupees, US 25 cents) They don't use disposable cups here and just was the glass cups in a bucket of water. But how does he *wash* the cup???  September 2007.

Uigar men sell "mutton biyrani" with lamb and saffron rice in Urumqi in northwest China, Aug 2007

Roadside kebabs in Urumqi, Xingjian Province, China, Aug 2007

Having local breakfast of bread, lentil sauce and yellow curry in Varanasi India,  Cost was 20 Rupees or about US 50 cents. 09/07

Hot and spicy breakfast in Panaji (Panjim), Goa India, (30 Rupees, 75 cents).  It was so "hot" that I couldn't really finish the second stuffed pepper and I needed to yogurt to put out the fire in my mouth.... 10/07

Breakfast In Kolkata (Calcutta) India (15 Rupees, 30 cents), Sept 2007.  I was walking down by the Houghley River waiting for the ferry when I stopped here for a quick breakfast.

Indian sweets in Calcutta, Sept 2007 (5 Rupees each, about 15 cents)

Breakfast cereal in Chanderi India, Sept 2007 (25 Rupees, 60 cents, including the Chai)

Lahore's Food Street in Pakistan - I forgot what I ate here...

Pakistan Roadside Food

Pakistan - Roadside potato fries, rolls and samosas in Peshawar.  Everything tastes good if you're hungry enough! 08/07

Pakistan Peshawar roadside cane juice

Pakistan - Peshawar - Kid crushes sugar cane juice by the glass. 15 Pak Rupees - 25 cents. 08/07

Pakistan - Lahore fruit yogurt - (20 Pak Rupees, 30 cents) 08/07

Pakistan Peshawar KFC

KFC in PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN.  Aside from the risk of a heart attack from eating American fast food one must consider the  possibility of being killed in a suicide bomber terrorist attack.  Here you have to go through the metal detector and guard with a 12 gauge shotgun.  I don't believe the metal detector actually worked and they didn't even remove the shipping plastic on it.  There were large concrete blocks on the street to prevent car bombings.  Regrettably KFC chicken sold here didn't use the "Colonel's Secret Recipe of 11 Herbs and Spices" like they do in the rest of the world.  It was just flour dusted spicy fried chicken like I can make myself...The Colonel wouldn't approve. 08/07

China - Xinjiang ("New Territories"), Kashgar - Uygar man sells cold noodles, bagel like bread rings and lentil dishes. August 2007 A bowl of cold rice noodles with hot sauce and garnishings costs 7 RMB or about US $1.

Bowl of tea and lamb kebabs, Kashgar, western China, 08/07

Breakfast on the China Rail train between Urumqi and Kashgar - The landscape was fantastic but the food on the train can be described in just one word: bland. 08/07

Lhasa, Tibet, China - Road side stall selling cold oily noodles with soy sauce.  June 2006

Incredibly (and I do mean *incredibly*) STINKY fermented Yak butter tea in Lhasa, Tibet, China, June 2006.  It's basically rancid butter X 10. The smell was so pungent that it was hard to put the cup under my nose let alone sip it and swallow itDefinitely an acquired taste.  Apparently a favored local custom to drink this stuff in Tibet and Nepal.

Breakfast noodle soup with minced yak meat, Lhasa, Tibet, China, June 2006.  7 RMB, USD$1 The restaurant owner served this to me as I couldn't speak his language and ALL THE MENUS were in Chinese and Tibetan - nothing even closely recognizable in Latin characters which is a real problem when travelling in Tibet.

Chinese breakfast of congee, green vegetable filled dumplings and hard boiled egg in Rikaze (Shigatse), Tibet, China June 2006, 5 RMB or 60 cents.

More road-side cold oily noodles with soy sauce and onions in Lhasa, Tibet, China.  They wrap the bowl in a plastic bag so they don't have to wash it between guests.  June 06/06

Tibetan food in Rikaze Tibet China.  I had the usual tourist problem:  The staff don't speak English and the menu is written entirely in Chinese and Tibetan language so I just pointed to what someone else was eating and gestured "I want the same!" 06/06

Pretty waitress at a Tibetan Restaurant, Rikaze (Xigatse), Tibet, China June 2006

Yellow Curry Lamb and Potatoes, Kashmir, India

India - Trekking in the Himalaya Mountains of Kashmir near Srinagar.  The guide made yellow curry goat meat, potatoes, rice and carrots for lunch and dinner. I got pretty tired of eating this stuff for 4 days in a row. Sept 2007

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