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Anthony Maw is a world-travelling adventure-loving traveler photographer guy with a home base in the dynamic and magnificent city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

After graduating with his Bachelors of Science degree in chemistry and physics from the University of British Columbia Anthony began his career in the environmental, mining and engineering business sectors, before embarking on his life-long passion-driven career in Information Technology during the dot-com boom years of the 90's where he has worked ever since. 

Anthony's personal interests include physical and natural sciences, mathematics, encryption, computer science, creative and technical photography, music, high fidelity multimedia audio-visual systems as well as studies of world history, religions, economics, politics, and philanthropy. 

Anthony  has industry experience associated with  government, law, professional accounting, hardware and software development, mining, engineering,  broadcasting and real estate business sectors. 

Having grown up in Canada Anthony considers him a "Canadian-first" and understands the values of both Eastern and Western cultures, but doesn't lose sight of his proud Chinese heritage.

While Anthony for the most part lives a balanced lifestyle of academic studies and physical fitness, serendipity continues to be a guiding principle in his varied and dynamic lifestyle. (yeah, whatever!)

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Ancestry from the Great Land China - The Middle Kingdom

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Celebrating the Diversity of Humanity Around the World

Ghana Girl

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