Finding True Love at Last

Written By: Angyl

March 9, 2001


**Notes from the Author**


    This story is based events that have happened to me. It may or may not contain sex, I really won't know until I write it.




**Legal Stuff**


     This story contains stuff that may be disturbing to some readers. It involves a growing relationship between two consenting male adults. If you are under age in your area, or you find stories of this nature, please leave. If this is your type of story, then please read on.




Finding True Love at Last


    I remember the day so well. I had gone over to visit my friends Mike, and Liz. I hadn't been over to their place since my boyfriend at the time, asked his bitch of a girlfriend to move in.


I guess things suck when you date someone bisexual. She didn't like me one iota, and did everything to get me out of the picture. Plus my boyfriend was starting shit between the three of us. I finally had enough of his, and his bitches shit, and split up with him.


    Just before Valentine’s Mike called to bullshit with me. We found out that all the stuff being said was lies. He also told, as did Liz, when I called her that night, said they had a new roommate that I had to meet. Well I headed over there, and waited to meet this guy. All I knew was his name, Shay. They never said much more about it, except that he was bisexual. I was kind of skeptical, but I decided I would go ahead and meet him. As the night wore on, it go too late, and I had to head home. I promised to be back the next day.


    I got there the next day, and waited around, thinking that Shay was not going to be there. but he did show up eventually show up. He was beautiful, well in my eyes anyway. I knew I had to find out if he was in fact bisexual. I decided to play it cool until the moment felt right. Every alarm in my mind was ringing. Not in a bad way, but in a good way.


    As the night wore on, I got to know Shay. We went to the store to get munchies and stuff. I suppose I could have done something then, but I wanted to wait.


    As we sat and watch a movie, I decided to make the first move. Being sneaky, I got him to move to the end of the couch so I could lay down. He did and I lay my head on his lap. As I lay there on his lap, I started to run my fingers over his knee. Soon he was running his hand over my head. I knew then that he was bisexual.


    I took him into the bathroom for some privacy, and before I knew it, he was kissing me. I knew then that this was the guy for me. I asked if he was single, and he said he was. I took the initiative and asked him out. I was at that time dating my ex in Vancouver, but when I met Shay, and we started to go out, I decided against dating my ex.


    Shay told me that he'd seen a picture of me, and when he saw me, he fell instantly in love, as did I.


    I was so in love with Shay, that when He, Mike and Liz moved into their new place, I moved in with them as well. I couldn't stand to be away from him.


    Then came the day that he came to the conclusion that he was gay, and not bisexual. He had admitted several times to having difficulty with women, and it took me to make him realize the truth, as he put it.


    The first night together was great, but the days are just getting better and better. He treats me as a person, not as a piece of shit. He bought me roses on his first payday. He shows me the love, and tenderness, I have never really had, in any past relationship.


    To this day, I swear that Mike and Liz plotted to bring the two of us together. I owe them a debt of gratitude, for which I can never repay. My relationship continues to grow, and I am determined to make this relationship work, as is Shay.


The End.


**More Notes From the Author**


    I wrote this story when I was in love with Shamus. When he dumped me, I almost erased it. Then I realized that it was true to another guy I am dating. This story can be put towards Shay as well.






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