Rian and Jaimes

Written by: ANGYL

   Rian lay naked on the bed. He had a restless sleep, and was now trying to get back to sleep. He looked over at Jaimes who was fast asleep. 'So beautiful,' Rian thought.

   Jaimes was truly a stud. He was well toned. He had brown hair and green eyes. His smile was one that could stop any person in their tracks. He was about 5'11" tall. What had truly attracted Rian to him was his cute bubble butt. Not that a certain other feature did not come in to play for Rian. Jaimes had a cock that most men envied. He was a good 11 inches hard. Rian had almost died when he first saw how big his lover was. Jaimes loved to show off all his best features, by wearing clothes that hugged his body. Leather being his clothing of choice, whenever he could. Being only 17 had a lot of advantages to everything. Especially when it came to getting the man he wanted. Rian was so glad that it had been him that Jaimes had chosen.

   Rian was not bad looking either. At 6'1" tall, he had a lot going for him. A well toned body. (He spent several hours a week at the gym with Jaimes). Shoulder length black hair. Hazel eyes. At 21 he could not complain. He was a little shy about his cock. Rian admitted that having only 8 inches when hard sometimes upset him. He was always comparing it to Jaimes's cock. Yet Jaimes never once bitched about Rian's cock. Rian would bitch about the size of his cock, and Jaimes would always point out, that it was not the size that mattered but the way Rian used it. Jaimes loved the way Rian used his cock, if the evening was any indication of that fact. Jaimes would moan when he was enjoying the sex.

   Jaimes also loved the way that Rian used his tongue. Rian would suck Jaimes off, and utilized his tongue. Licking the tip, or running his tongue along the entire length of his cock. Rian was pleased with his ability to make Jaimes moan using his tongue.

   Tonight had been different for both of them. Rian had seen a movie, in which a guy was rimming the other guy. Tonight Rian had decided to give that a try. He had imitated what he had seen in the movie. He was licking down Jaime's shaft, and then started to suck on his nuts. This made Jaimes shiver. Then Rian lifted Jaimes's balls out of the way and started to lick the fleshy part underneath. Rian had never rimmed a guy before, and had a little difficulty with the idea, yet the same time licking his lovers' fuckhole intrigued him. Jaimes must have gotten the idea, because he had lifted his ass off the bed, giving Rian better access to his sweet pink hole. Remembering what he had seen in the movie, Rian quickly moved to his pucker. He licked around it slowly. He discovered that the taste was to him, beyond description. He loved it. Soon he was licking for everything he was worth. His rammed his tongue in and out of the sweet hole, enjoying the musky taste. Jaimes stopped Rian, and rolled on to his stomach, getting up on all four. This was all the encouragement that Rian needed. He returned to rimming his loverís tasty hole, finding it more enjoyable this way, and easier. Jaimes moaned deeply, every time that he rammed his tongue in. Jaimes started to jerk his cock, as Rian licked his hole. Rian reached down, and took his own cock in hand. As he rimmed, the two of them jerked off in unison.

   Rian was so lost in his rimming, that he did not realize that they were both ready to blow their load. Rian was the first to shoot his load. Squirt after squirt shot out of his cock. Then Jaimes started to shoot his load.

   The two men collapsed on the bed. Totally exhausted from what had happened. They lay there for a bit. Rian still wanted more. He wanted to fuck his lover. He had wanted to for some time now, but had not pushed Jaimes into it. He would not do so now. He would let his lover decide when the time was right.

The End

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