At the Paint Shop

By Angyl


      I have been going to the same paint shop for the last couple years, for inventory control. E very year is boring as all hell. This year however it was different.


      It was on a Wednesday that I found myself at the paint shop once again. It goes every six months and I had done it the last three times, so they decided to put me on it again. No biggy for me, I actually liked running the inventory. No crew from my company, just store staff doing the counting.


      The store is a warehouse style operation, with a small offsite area. The main warehouse is the easiest part. I generally let them at it, and answer questions when need. The offsite I normally go with whoever is counting it and assist with the count. Normally it takes about and hour to complete the offsite. I say normally, as it took about two hours this time and for good reason, which I will get into in a bit.


      Normally there is 7 staff on hand for inventory, this time was no exception. They all had sections allocated for them to count. Now the guy who normally did the offsite was not there this round. He was an older grump and I did not enjoy helping him. This time it was a younger guy named Greg who was counting the offsite. He had done the counts before, but was always in the main part. Imagine my thoughts when I discovered he was doing the offsite. Thankfully I have great control, because I almost got hard thinking about being in close quarters with him.


      Greg is about 20 years old, I think anyway. He is about 5’7 or 5’8 and weighs approximately 150 lbs. His hair is sandy blonde, almost a light brown color. I never really noticed much else about him, but did however see his bulge in his pants a few times.


      Once I had everyone else going and was sure there were no issues, Greg and I headed out to the offsite. I was not surprised to find it fuller than usual. It was the start of the busy season for them. He said to me he would have to do some climbing. I laughed and told him to be careful. I realized too, that I had no room to maneuver so I looked for a spot where I had some space. I saw a clearing that I did not see when we walked in. Wow no visibility. I was have=ing dirty thoughts.  I mentioned to Greg that I needed to get to the spot so I had more room to move. He looked and saw the area I was talking about. Moving some stuff he made an opening for me. He still had to help me up, and as I was stepping down I accidentally on purpose brushed my hand over his crotch. I looked at him after.


      “Oh hey man did not mean to do that.” I said.


      “Is okay…you can do it again if you want to.” He replied.


      Had I heard him right? I looked at the big smile on his face. I watched as he moved stuff back and closed the door. Then he came back to where I was. I reached out and rubbed his crotch. His cock was rock hard. I undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. He did not have any kind of boxers on. The boi liked to go commando, I liked that. He had removed his shirt, and was in all his naked glory now. His body was completely smooth. The boi shaved. I ran my hand down to inspect his body. Not even any stubble. My hand found its way back down to his cock. It was an impressive 8 inches, uncut, and a bit thicker around than I was. I began stroking him. I watched as his eyes rolled back and closed. I got on my knees and quickly took him to the hilt. I felt him shudder as I engulfed his cock. I slowly worked my way back up his cock, at the tip I ran my tongue around his sensitive tip. This caused him to moan. Then I went back down on his cock, creating gentle suction as I did. Greg leaned against a pail of painted, and spread his legs for support.


      “Fuck it feels so good!” He moaned.


      I reached up and began massaging his smooth balls and gently pulled on the sac. My other hand was playing with is hole. I ran my finger around and then would slowly push in. I continued working his cock. I was gently sucking on his knob, using my lips to hold his foreskin back. I had my finger in his hole now and was slowly pushing in and out. I could feel his balls tighten, so I toke his cock in my mouth and used my tongue as you would your hand to jerk off. His cock went rigid.


      “Oh fuck I am cumming!!” He screamed.


      I felt the first blast of his load hit the back of my throat. I pulled off slightly as he blasted more into me. I rammed my finger deep in him. His whole body shuddered with orgasm. I kept sucking him until his cock went soft. He had to balance himself as I let his cock drop from my mouth.


      “Wow that was fucking awesome!!” He said.


      We wanted to do more, but we needed to get the counting done. I would have loved it if he could suck me off. I watched as he quickly got dressed and we finished up in the offsite.


      We headed back to the store, and no one seemed the wiser about it. The count in the store was almost completed. I began the wrap up, and then once everything was done I told them I would need a cab and needed someone to wait. It was fairly late and I did not want to be stranded with no way to call. The manager had to get home, but Greg offered to want. We watched as everyone left.


      I was had almost everything pack when Greg came in the office and wrapped him arms around me.


      “Wanna finish what we started?” He asked smiling.


      “Sure do.” I said, knowing I did not have to be up in the morning.


      Greg was quick to get out of his clothes and then he helped me out of mine. He then threw a tarp on the floor and led me to it. He got on his knees and took my cock in his mouth. I had other things in mind, and suggested we 69. He pulled me down and I lay on my back. He got on top and I took his cock in my mouth, as he took mine in his once again. I felt him going up and down on mine, as he face fucked me. I could see his hot ass in front of me. I let his cock fall out of my mouth and began licking my way to his fuck hole. He knew what I was going to do as he stopped sucking me, and moved so I had better access to his hole. He was on his haunches and spreading his cheeks for me. I ran my tongue around his pink pucker, and then rammed it deep into him. He was moaning as I rammed my tongue in him. I reached up and started to push my finger in, causing him to shiver.


      “Fuck that feels so good!!” He yelled.


      I had his hole well lubed and now I was working in a second finger. He was shivering and moaning in delight. My cock had gone flaccid and he reached down and jerked me back to a full erection. I was still working his hole. I wondered if he would let my fuck. I stopped and made the suggestion to him. He was more than eager to get his ass plowed. He leaned down and gave my cock a good wetting, and I gave his ass some more spit. Then turning around, he sat right down on my cock. He took it all in his waiting hole.


      “AHH FUCK!!”


      He began bouncing up and down on my cock. I was in heaven. I began bucking my hips as he would go down and up. Grunting and sweating.


      “Oh fuck ride that cock!!” I screamed.


      He was still bouncing up and down on me, and I could see he was straining. Taking him in my arms and without missing a beat, I had him on his back legs up and over my shoulders. I began pumping my cock in and out. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me down and kissed me gently on the lips. Then he reached down and began pumping his cock. We matched pace as I began slamming it to him. We were both sweating and grunting.


      “AHH.” Greg screamed as he shot his load all over him and me.


      I gave a couple more thrusts, and then rammed deep in him as I shot my own load. I stayed in him until I felt my cock go limp and fall out of his fuck hole. I released him from his position and collapsed beside him. We were both out of breath. Greg eventual got up and grabbed paper towel and we cleaned up.


      “Fuck that was the best.” He said.


      “Yeah I would love to do it again sometime.”


      We got dressed and waited for the taxi to come get me. Greg gave me his number and told me to give him a call and we could get it on again. I said I would definitely call he, but gave him my number as a back up.  Then I was off in the taxi for home.


      A Short two weeks later I got a call from Greg, asking if I wanted to meet him for another round. As I could not entertain, he said I could come to him. We have hooked up at least six times since the first day.


The End…



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