Written By Angyl

      Yeah now with Aaron and Clayton dating I guess, there was no fun happening for me to watch. Don’t get me wrong man, I am glad Aaron and Clayton found love for each other. Only now I am not sure what to do. Plus was the thought of Joey all naked would get me boned up. I just could not shake it. Well sad as it was I knew I would never get to be with him, after all as far as I knew he was straight.

      Well is has now been a month since I watched he bois. I was home alone, as both the bois had gone to work, and then would be going to dinner or something. I admit I cannot remember what they said; I have been kind of moping around the house. Okay getting off track. I was up in my room, looking at some sites I frequented when the door bell rang. Cussing as I got up and went down and answered the door. I got a shock to see Joey at the door. I assumed he was there to see the bois and told him they were working. He said he had actually come to see me. I was shocked to say the least, but curious as to why he was here. I invited him in and we went up to the den to sit. Joey sat on the couch and I took the seat across from him. He kept looking down at the ground and wringing his hands together. I could see something was bothering him, or eating at him.

      “What’s on your mind?” I asked him.

      He seemed to contemplate something, before letting out a huge sigh. He look at me, and I could see tears forming. I moved so I was next to him. He made not effort or attempt to move as I out my hand on his leg.

     “Wanna talk about it?”

      “You remember the day I came over and you watch me and the other two having sex?”

      “Yeah I do.”

      How could I not, it had been a hot afternoon.

      “I have a confession.” He said looking at me.

      “Go on.” I encouraged him.

      “The guys told me before we started what was going on, we set up a plan so I could meet you.”

      “Meet me?”

      “Yeah, but you did not seem interested.”

      That was it, the dam burst and he let forth tears. I took him in my arms and he buried his head in my chest. I held him, and let him cry. Then the light went on in my head. I put two and two together and figured things out.

      “You wanted to meet me but in a different way?”

      “Y-yeah.” He said through sniffles.

      “So why did you take the money?”

      “I am stupid and did not want to offend you.”

       He dug in his pocket and pulled out the cash. He handed it to me, and I took it.

      “It has been bothering me every since then.”

      He started crying again. I pulled him closer to me. I knew I should be absolutely pissed off, but I had been attracted to this boi, since that day. I lifted his chin, and kissed him. He returned the kiss, before breaking it and looking at me.

      “You are not mad?”

      “I should be, but no.”

      I brushed the hair out of his face, and looked at him. Shit he was really good looking; I had not realized it until that moment. I leaned in and kissed him again. He returned it. I open my mouth to accept his tongue. His reached his hands inside my shirt and caressed my hairy chest. Breaking the kiss, he looked at me and smiled.

      “Wow so cool, I like a hairy man.”

      He lifted my shirt, and I lifted my arms so he could take it off me. His hands explored every hairy part of my chest. I stopped him, and took his hands.

      “Come on lets go to my bedroom.” I suggested.

      I got up grabbing my shirt as I did and led him to my room. I closed the door, as I threw my shirt in the corner. I dropped my sweats and completely naked crawled in bed. Joey quickly got out of his clothes. He was hard and I got an even better look at his thick, cut 8 incher. I had not gotten a good look at it the other day. He crawled up next to me, and without a word got between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked gently on the tip, and then took me to the hilt. I ran my hands through his hair and gently guided his on my cock. He went up and down, sucking and lick the length of my cock. Then he’d suck and lick around the tip. He was really giving my cock a work out. I knew if he kept it up, I was gonna blast off.

      “Dude I am very close.” I warned.

      Joey did not stop. He kept bobbing up and down on my cock, sucking on the tip for a bit and then back to the hilt.

      “Ohhhh…fuck…here it comes!!” I screamed.

      I let forth a torrent of jizz into his eager mouth. He pulled off slightly as I filled his mouth. He eagerly swallowed my seed. He sucked and swallowed until I had not more. He was gonna continued, but I gently pulled him off. He moved to lie beside me. I took him in my arms and ran my hand over his smoothness. Eventually going down to his cock and gently stroking it. His cock grew to its full hardness.  I moved down between his legs and suck gently on his knob. Then I went all the way down on him. I moved back up the shaft and licked the underside of it. I lick down and gently sucked on his balls. I had a target in mind as I lifted his legs and began sucking on the skin under his balls.

      “Oh fuck…feels good!!” He moaned.

      Using his hands to support him, he lifted off the bed, with his legs over his head.. I now had better access to his love canal, I moved up on my knees, and began eating his hot little hole, occasionally spitting to lube his hole. I took a finger and began working his hole, and I licked and sucked it. His whole body shivers.


      I stopped licking him and began working another finger in him. As I did so, I was reaching for the lube that I kept under the bed. I got some and worked it into his hole. Then as I kept finger him, I lubed up my cock. I got up and positioned myself behind him. I took my fingers out and replaced them with my cock. I still felt some resistance as I pushed in.


      I continued began pushing my cock in until I was completely buried in his love canal. I looked down into his face. His body was glistening with sweat. I could tell I had wrked up a sweat as well. I began pulling out and then quickly slamming home. His body jerked as I slammed in.

      “Aaaahhh…Ohhhh…fuck…yeah...give it to meeeee…Aaaahhh!!!”

      My legs were getting a bit sore, so I picked him up and we changed positions so he was now riding my cock. We never lost a beat as he began bouncing up and down on me. Fuck it was the best I have had in a long time. I reached and began playing with his cock. He was instantly hard again. I managed to get a rhythm going in tandem with him bouncing up and down on my cock.  He had rested his hands on my chest. Without warning he blasted another load all over my chest. I knew I was getting close.

      “I am gonna shoot!!!”

      With no effort we again changed position so I was giving it to him doggy style. He rested his head on my pillow.

     “Aaaahhh…yeah fill me…Ohhhh….shit…fuck my hard!!”

      I rammed hard into his hole. I felt my balls tighten, as I got ready to fill him.

     “Arrgh…here it comes!!”

      I gave a few more hard thrusts, and then emptied my cock into him. I kept pumping until I had gone limp and slipped out. Rolling and plopping down beside him. We were both breathing hard. We lay together, as he leaned in and kissed me. We were both soaked in sweat and cum. Plus the workout had made me hungry. I suggested a quick shower and then grabbing something from the kitchen.

      After a little longer than usual shower, Joey and I headed down to the kitchen. Not thinking anyone would be home, we had gone down naked, only to walk in on Aaron and Clayton sitting at the table. Both smiled as we walked in.

      “Wow you guys made enough noise.” Aaron said, and laughed.

      “You too look sexy all naked.” Clayton said with a wink.

      Joey blushed but I never missed a beat as I went to the fridge and grabbed some food.

      “Looks like you two had fun.” Aaron said.

      “Yeah it was great!” Joey exclaimed.

      After sitting and talking I grabbed Joey and we headed back up to my room. Joey then filled me in on everything. About the playing to straight boi, and acting all freaked out. I laughed as he told me how Aaron and Clayton had planned to set us up. I admit that I had been totally deceived. I looked at the hot boi in my bed. I leaned in and kissed him. We watched TV, before hearing the distinctive sounds coming from the two bois downstairs. We smiled and moved together and cuddled up.

      Now one might think I would be totally pissed at what had happened and in the beginning I felt a bit of anger, but after our first round of hot sex, I could not be mad any longer. Joey is about the best thing to happen to me, and I will do all it takes to keep him. I asked him out the same night, and well it has been a year and the sex is just as hot as it was the first night. Joey has moved in with us as of a week ago.

The End

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