Written by: Angyl


††† My wish well it is actually a dream I have had, even though it will never come to be, is to have the chance to date my friend Jasper.


††† I remember the first time I met him. It was in the smoking section of the Edmonton Centre food court. I was sitting with my friend Anita and he came and sat with us. I checked him out, as I always do with men. I thought he was cute. He was dressed all preppy. He was very non descriptive. I was not really attracted to him, and he said he was straight. I flirted anyway. He never said a word otherwise.


††† Well I didn't see him for a while after that. Then a few months later, I was at Greyhound A&W, sitting and having coffee with friends. Jasper walks in all dressed in black. My jaw hit the floor. I got a better look at him. I thought wow this guy was hot. Nice blonde hair. The outfit showed off a nice bode.I wondered what his cock was like. I found out he worked there. This was a bonus, as this meant I would see him a lot more.


††† Well weeks went by. A lot of coffee was drunk. He loved to show me his art work. Fuck it was good.


††† Finally I get to go to his home. It was kind of a dump, no offense to him. I brought my boyfriend at the time along with me, Terry. He was such an ass. Then he moves in with Jasper. That was a mistake on both their parts. For me being around Jasper was making me horny. I had learned that Jasper was actually bi, from and ex of mine.


††† I finally took the initiative one night, and got brave enough to do something. I started to run my fingers on Jaspers knee. I didn't know it would turn him on. He was getting all horny. I did not want to go any further as I knew Terry well enough, to know he would get jealous. Terry tells me I must finish what I start. Okay so he gave me his consent, and I did just that, I finished what I started. Jasper takes his pant and underwear off and out springs his erect cock. A very impressive sight to behold. I start to give him head, and he moans out loud. Terry watches us and starts jerking his cock. I keep on Jaspers cock. He is totally into it now. I suck on his nuts. We take a break. He tells me he wants to fuck me. I am willing to let him try; only he agrees to stop if it hurts me too much. I think this is the point that what I knew was going to happen did. Terry got jealous Anyway, I move on all four. He lubes up his manhood, using I think some conditioner he had. He starts to push it in. I think he managed get it in, and starts to move in and out. Fuck it hurts too much. I had to tell him to stop, which thankfully he does. He jerks himself off until he cums, with me watching.


††† I stay the night. The next day, Terry and I break up. He is upset with what had gone on. Said he felt left out, just like the last time I did something with another guy. Jasper and I go at it again, with Terry hiding in the kitchen. I know he is secretly watching us. I start to suck Jaspers cock. He gets into it again. I moved to his nuts and suck on them a bit. I decide to go further, wanting to try something I had seen in porn. I lift his legs and moving his balls out of the way, I start to lick my way to his hole. I think he knew what I wanted to do, as he lifts his legs in response. He was giving me easier access. Terry is disgusted by what I am doing. He takes off out of the apartment. I keep rimming Jasper, (this was my first time doing that) as he jerks off. He tells me he is getting close. I return to his cock, just as he is about to shoot his load. When he shoots, I swallow every drop.


††† Time passes by. He dates my ex-boyfriend, Devon. It lasts about two months, and then they split up.


††† Jasper gets evicted and has to move. The last day in his place, we do it again. With me sucking and rimming and him jerking off. I don't complain. I enjoy it. I only wish he would have reciprocated the favor at least once.


††† More time passes by. I run in to him on Whyte Ave. I am with my boyfriend Colter and his girlfriend Clover. I leave them, and Jasper and I go to Colterís van. We start to have fun. Unfortunately for us, Colter and Clover come back and interrupt us. That is the last time we have fun. I promise to finish it one day. This is something I must, as I never break a promise. One day I will get the chance to have Jasper again. I only wish it was for more than just a quickie though.






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