By Angyl


    His milk chocolate skin glistened from the shower. He stood before the mirror looking at his 5’8 frame. Yes he was short, but he had it going for him. He ran his hands over his firm smooth abs. Yes he was happy with what he saw. His hand ran down and took hold of his now rising cock. He was quite happy that he came from a line of well endowed men. At 16 his cock was a nice 11 inches hard, and pretty thick around. He slowly began to stroke. Jamal was bi, but he definitely did not mind a guy working his cock on occasion. This thought was in his head as he stroked himself, but shook his head and stopped, this would have to wait.


“No time for that Jamal.” He said to himself.


   He stopped and quickly dressed. He had a busy day ahead of him. He had school and then was gonna chill with some buds. Maybe in the evening he’d find someone to suck his fat cock. Maybe one of his buds would get ripped and he could convince them to go down on his cock. He had managed a few times to get one or two of his buds to suck him off, but they would stop short of him blasting his load. It frustrated him.


    The day dragged on, a few times Jamal had to go into the bathroom and release a load. He could cum three or four times a day, more if he was really horned up. When school finally ended he ran home to switch out of the clothes of the day and then he was out the door again. He had opted for some baggy shorts and his jacket and t-shirt. No boxers, just in case.


    He arrived at the mall and found his crew chilling in the food court. They we all talking about the events of the day and shit that had happened. Nothing that really was what Jamal wanted to hear.  Jamal flopped into a chair, and half listened. He scoped out the mall and saw quite a few prospects. He would rather be doing that than listening to his buds talking lame shit.


“This is so lame, imma go walk around.” He stated.


    He got up and began wandering the mall. A couple hot chicks caught his eye, but he was really in the mood for cock tonight. He saw quite a few hot guys but nothing appealing. Eventually he wandered back to his buds. He flopped down just as one of them suggested going to the park or some place and getting ripped. This was a good plan to Jamal, and he readily agreed. Everyone got up and headed out. They went to the park by Jamal’s place as usual. He would not have far to stagger home.


    The park was empty save a few scattered people. The group hit the usual spot where they could not really be seen. A bottle was produced and everyone started drinking. It seemed never ending, but Jamal was watch how much he was drinking. He got up half way through and wandered over to a wooded area to take a piss. He heard his buds laugh as he whipped his cock out and began to piss. He was just finishing when he heard some quiet moaning. Curiosity got the better of him, and he went to see. Peering through the trees he saw a kid about his age, with pale white skin and a nice cock, stroking himself. Jamal’s cock responded immediately.


“Shit.” He muttered.


    He must have said it too loudly, because the kid turned and panicked.


“Fuck I thought no one would be around.” He said.


    Jumping up the kid tried to pull his pants up. He was not doing too well, kind of tripping over himself. Jamal sauntered over and without hesitation grabbed the kid’s cock and began stroking it. The kid stopped what he was doing and let Jamal stroke him. Jamal smiled when the kid did not resist.


“Name’s Jamal, you like what I am doing?”


“Name Willie, and fuck yes!”


“You a gay boy?” He commented more than asked.


    Willie nodded. Jamal had an idea. It was too exposed where they were and his place was like 4 minutes away.


“Wanna come over and we can really work on your cock and shit?”


    Willie seemed a bit apprehensive. Jamal caught that.


“Dude is just gonna be you and me, and not shit is gonna happen ok.”


    Willie seemed to think about it, and then nodded. Jamal waited as he pulled up his pants and then they took off. All thoughts of his buddies disappeared from his mind. He was gonna get some white chocolate tonight. As they walked he got a better look at Willie. The boy was not too bad. A bit taller than he was. Brown hair a little on the long side. He could see a nice babble butt peeking over the Willie pants. He wanted the ass, and hopefully he’d get some of it.


    They got to his place and Jamal led the way to his bedroom. He closed and locked the door behind them. Then he turned to Willie. Willie was sitting on the bed. Jamal walked over and stood in front of him. Willie reached up and ran his hand up his leg. A smile crossed his face, when he clued in Jamal was not wearing anything underneath. His eye went wide as Jamal’s cock responded to his touch.


“Wow dude how big is your dick?” He asked.


“11 inches, and thick too.”


    Willie let out a whistle. Jamal reached down and dropped his shorts. Willie licked his lips as he saw Jamal’s cock. He leaned in and began sucking on the head of his cock. He slowly worked his way down, until he had taken all of Jamal’s cock in his mouth. Slowly he bobbed up and down on it. Jamal was amazed by the fact that Willie could take his whole cock. Not many guys he knew could. Not even his buds that he could convince to suck him off.


“Fuck dude that feels good, it feels nice to have someone take all my cock at once and not gag.” He commented.


    Willie had not stopped, but had taken his own cock out and was stroking it. Jamal looked down. He figured him to be 8 inches, and uncut. He’d never done anything with a guy who was uncut. Not that he usually sucked cock. Mainly he let the guy do all the sucking. Maybe this would be a first for him and he’d give it a go. He was first gonna let Willie get him off and then decide if he was really into it or not. He leaned back a bit and let Willie work his cock. He knew he was close to blowing a wad, but he prayed it would last longer. A downside of his to being horned up, he came too quickly in his eyes. Willie was content to sucking his cock and playing with his balls. He’d go all the way to the hilt and then slowly back to the tip. Running his tongue up the shaft as he did. He would suck firmly on the knob and the back down he went. Without warning Jamal blasted his load. Willie did not miss a beat as he sucked and swallowed every drop he could. He continued to suck until Jamal went limp.


“Sorry dude did not mean to cum so quickly.” He said.


“Is all good, I enjoyed it.” Willie responded.


    Jamal looked down and Willie was still stroking his own cock. Jamal got to his knees and he reached out and took over.


“I have never sucked a cock before.” He stated.


“You can just stroke me if ya want to.”


    Jamal thought about it. He was eager to give it a go for once.


“Just warn me when you are gonna shoot.”


    He leaned in a licked the tip of Willie’s cock. He tasted the precum, and that was not bad. Slowly he opened his mouth and took Willie’s cock in it. He pulled back the foreskin and gently licked around it. Willie moaned and leaned back on the bed. Slowly Jamal took his cock in. He surprised himself by taking it to the hilt, and not gagging. He stayed there and ran his tongue up and down the shaft, and then he slowly went to the tip. He ran his tongue a few times down the shaft and then took it back in his mouth. It was definitely not as bad as he expected it to be. Willie’s moaning seemed to concur with that.


“Fuck it feels good dude, not bad for your first time.” He commented.


    Jamal continued sucking him off. His jaw got sore a few times, and he would suck and play with the tip, and then back down. Willie moaned louder.


“Shit dude gonna cum!”


    Willie expected Jamal to pull off and finish him by hand. Jamal was so into it by now he did not stop, but sucked until Willie came. He gagged a few times, but managed to get most of his cum. He continued til Willie went limp. He thought cum would tasted bad, but to his surprise he actually liked the taste. He licked the cum, that he had not swallowed off and then he looked at Willie.


“Shit dude that was fantastic, and you swallowed.”


“Yeah was not as bad as I thought it would be.”


“You are a natural my man.”


    Now that he had sucked cock he was eager to try some stuff he had done to him a while back, by one of his buds who was too drunk to know what he was doing. That had brought Jamal to a huge orgasm. Now he wanted to see what it was like to give the same treatment to someone. He looked at Willie.


“You know I would not mind trying some other stuff if your are game.”


“Sure anything ya want is ok by me.”


“Well let’s get out of our clothes and get on the bed.”


    Willie stripped down, and crawled on the bed. Jamal followed suit, but got between his legs. He leaned in and started sucking on Willie’s balls. As he did so he positioned himself so he could lift Willie up and get better access to his goal. Willie caught on and lifted up. It was a bit awkward for Jamal to get to Willie’s fuck hole. Which he was eager to taste.


“Maybe I should roll over.” Willie suggested.


    Jamal nodded. Willie rolled on his back and spread as far as he could. Jamal started by licking down his ass crack, and then slowly he spread Willie’s cheeks and ran his tongue down and closer to the pinkness of his pucker. His eagerness took over and Jamal dove into the waiting pucker with abandon. Willie squirmed and his hole was licked, kissed and fucked with Jamal’s eager tongue. Jamal really liked it, and now he knew why he felt the way he did when his buds had rimmed him. He made Willie cum at least once more. Then he stopped. He wanted to do more with him, but he did not want to push his luck. He only hope was that Willie wanted more.


“Never fucked a guy before.” He commented.


“Never had an 11 inch cock in my ass.” Willie replied.


    They sat there for a bit. Jamal really wanted to fuck that hot white ass.


“Well go ahead, but you gotta let me fuck you after.” Willie stated.


    Jamal was not sure how he would like that, but he would not know unless he tried. He agreed to Willie’s idea. He went and grabbed lube and a condom he kept stashed. You never know what might happen. When he got back Willie was on all four with his ass in the air. Jamal squirted a generous amount and worked it into his hole. He gave his cock a generous amount too. Then he lined up and slowly pushed in. With a little effort he got the cock head in. He waited for Willie to get used to it, and then when he thought he was ready he began pushing in.


“Fuck you got a tight hole.” He exclaimed.


“Not for an average sized guy.” Willie remarked.


    Jamal could only agree, as he continued penetration. Slowly but surely he got all the way in. He began slowly pulling out a bit, before pushing back in. He was allowing Willie to get used to his huge cock. He would pull out a little bit more each time. Eventually Willie began pushing back. This was the cue Jamal was waiting for. He began to go faster and longer with each thrust. Willie moaned as he pushed back when Jamal thrust in. Jamal began to really fuck him now. He thrust hard and deep, each time he got a moan.


“Oh wow fuck that feels good!” Willie moaned.


“Yeah your hole is really opening up to me.” Jamal responded.


    Jamal thrust a few more times before his cock emptied. Amazingly for the he had cum more times tonight that he had in a hole. He stayed in Willie until he was soft, then he pulled out. He discarded the condom and sat on the bed. He could see that Willie’s hole was red and looked tender. He knew he had made a deal, and he was gonna go through with letting his virgin ass be fucked. He rolled on his back and took the same position Willie had. Willie was hard still, and after lubing up Jamal and his own cock he began to push in. It was difficult and Jamal winched in pain, but bit his lip. Willie continued to push, and soon his cock was buried balls deep. He waited for a bit before he pulled almost all the way out, and the slowly pushing is. A few time Jamal reflexively clamped his ass muscles. Willie would wait and then once he relaxed Willie began to thrust in and out again. Jamal was really relaxed and enjoy getting fucked for the first time. It was really feeling good. Willie gave a finally few thrusts and then he emptied his cock. He pulled out and flopped down next to Jamal.


“Shit if I had known how it felt to get fucked, I would have done it sooner.” Jamal commented.


“Yeah it is the greatest.” Willie responded.


    Both boys sighed at the same time. Willie rolled over and looked at Jamal.


“You are the first black guy I have been with.” He said.


“I can say I am no longer a virgin in anyway.” Jamal replied.


    Willie moved a bit on the bed.


“Man my ass is gonna be sore for a bit, but I would definitely do it again.”


“Yeah I think I might not mind it again, not sure though.”


    Eventually they got dressed and he showed Willie to the door. Willie handed him a piece of paper with his cell on it.


“Call me if you want to do stuff again.”


    His own ass was tender, but it felt good. Up in his room he lay in bed and all he could think about was Willie fucking him. Over the next few weeks it was all he could think of. Finally it became too much to bear. He finally called Willie again, hope things had not changed. Willie eagerly agreed. Need turned to desire, and Jamal lost all interest in women. He realized he had found what he needed in his life. His hook up with Willie became dating. He shocked a few people when he told them he was gay. Some supported him, but others distanced themselves from him. He was happy and did not care what people thought.


The End




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