Lawful Drug (Gohou Drug)
A Manga produced by Clamp

Kazahaya Kudou is the main character of Clamp's newest manga. He is a seventeen year old boy who is working at the Green Drug drugstore in order to repay his roommate and co-worker Rikuou Himira, also seventeen. Rikuou saved him from freezing to death and if he didn't owe Rikuou his life, he wouldn't put up with Rikuou's jerkish attitude and constant teasing.

Kakei is the owner of the Green Drug and he also gives Kazahaya and Rikuou other jobs. These jobs tend toward the supernatural and exploit Kazahaya's clairvoyance ability. Kakei's (implied) boyfriend, Saiga is often found to be napping in the back of the drugstore, groping Kazahaya, and making vague comments that imply he knows more about what's going on than he seems.

I have read only the first four chapters through online scanlations but I do like it. It certainly seems to have a lot of potential. I am especially amused by the marijuana leaf that is found on the cover of the manga. Now I just have to find out if Clamp has done English translations yet ^_^

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