Perfectly Arranged Letters, Incredibly Natural, Dramatically Reversed,

Obviously Magically Enlightening.

Palindromes are sentences that say the same thing backwards as they do forward. Palindromes have been around since ancient Greek times and exist in all languages, including Asian languages that use characters for their written word. Palindromes often turn out as gibberish, but then sometimes a Palindrome can be a very cool Spiritual message, as in the Palindrome: ''REVENGE BEG NEVER.'' Then sometimes they can be funny, as in the Palindrome: ''TO IDIOT.''

Over the past two and a half years I have created thousands of Palindromes. The following is that collection. If I have created a Palindrome that already exists, please forgive me.

A great website to check is: http://www.eszlinger.com

I have a couple of hundred Palindromes there that are not at this site. 'Twas when ''Palindrome Bob'' displayed my Palindromes with my pen name ZO beside them, that I decided to eventually build my own web page. With the help of my Wife Diana and Son Matthew.

These thirty pages of Palindromes were originally put up in the Fall of 2001. Today, which is Friday, March, 17th, 2006, I'm going to start adding more.... about 400 to each page.




Draw no evil deed, live onward.


Trade notes I web at Art strata, be wise toned Art.


Evolving is a wonder cast up DNA draw, no evil revenge buoy. Evil Otis is it! Olive, you beg never, live onward and put Sacred now a sign IV Love.


Name no lad O' God a lone Man.

Revenge beg never.


Oz trader cast alias. Draw puts Ruby, O Jesus selfless as trade notes I web at Arts evolving, is a wonder cast a ''Draw no evil, revenge beg never.'' Live onward at Sacred now. A sign IV Love strata be wise. Toned Arts as selfless use joy, burst upward. Sail at Sacred Art. ZO.


To Pedro for depot.


Regal live bait, I Abe villager.


Lob myself fable on oath Tao Noel baffle symbol.


Wept on you by a piece I pay. Buoy not pew.


Lob myself fury array, ruffle symbol.


Lob my space race note tone care Cap symbol.


Lob mystified a Jade if it symbol.


Rat Centaur Uganda DNA Guru at Nectar.


A sum ray a dynamo old organ so grab mediastinum unit said embargo snag rod loom any day arm U.S.A.


So grab mediastinum units aid embargo's.


Eozoic Io Zoe.


Named is nib inside Man.


Tuck no Myrtle dome model, try Monk cut.


Top Sylph ply spot.


Top snoop Syrtis Major a Taro jam's I try spoon spot.


Sega mist file lifts images.


Do go to God.


Name no civilian Snail IV 1 cone Man.


Red Ron Robbins nib born order.


Name on a civilian Snail IV 1 canoe Man.


Salary tramp a map martyr alas.


A Garrets ULTRA, stereo's time Mega. I a Gaia Gem. Emits O'er E.T.'s Art luster. Raga.


Tune Zoo by no before boss sober of Ebony booze nut.


Torn a Brussel's, is less urban rot.


Emit Doogal Life, fill a good time.


Dale Midford a Dr. of Dime lad.


Bush's image peg Amish sub.


DNA: We label an ale bale Wand.


Wash sidelined a made Nile dish saw.


Line item and a bad Name tie nil.


Top so two hand be wise to notes. I web DNA how to spot.


No rider castle clears Israel Celt Sacred Iron.


No rib ink ray. What an epic I pen at a Hwy., Ark nib Iron.


Dog Red Royal speeds deep slay order God.


Top slab my career, a cymbal spot.


Word door ever O' odd row.


No rider trader cast Sacred Art Red Iron.


Trader no rider castle felt Sacred Iron Red Art.


Red roving is a Mars as Ram a sign IV order.


Lion Eden one den oil.


Red roving is as Mars rams a sign IV order.


No rib BB iron.


No rib beer fog ego free BB iron.


You bad Dad, I'd add a buoy.


Lion Eden I Art civic train. Eden oil.


Ned Buckle Elk Cub den.


Legionnaire Ginie be 1 Nigerian. No, I gel.


Wash a Tutor's rot Utah saw.


Legionnaire gin trader no rider castle fog. No rider castle clears Israel Celt Sacred Iron. Go felt Sacred Iron Red Art Nigerian. No, I gel.


Part Tent fish saw kayak wash, sift net trap.


Gekko old, look, keg.


Slate pen 1 Alec, Irene, Lynne, Penny, Len, Eric, Elaine Petals.


Poor Democrat strategy get Art Star come droop.


To preclude red ulcer pot.


Live, sing, is a Rae Fontaine pen I at, no fear a sign is evil.


Bank Oology: Go look, nab.

Oology is the study of Birds Eggs.

To legal limbo sob mill age lot.


Ye knit all Latin Key.


Stray Ruby, go look no Mandala Rose yes, oral a DNA Monk Oology bury Arts.


Name pay stray by Artsy Apeman.


A reel bagged egg Able era.


Stray no begged egg Ebony Arts.


Trade notes use toned Art.


A reel ball able era.


A reel BB a babble era.


A reel bats a Name cinema tame nice Man as table era.


Name pays WORD at a drowsy Apeman.


Name pays ordered Rosy Apeman.


Trade notes sap radar, pass E.T. one dart.


War sin a mall a Man is raw.


Went under a Red new.


Warn, is in a mall, a Man is in raw.


Rae, fill a tie, veil Ebony. Sub at fire began a Spirit. 1 rips an Age, be rift. A ''busy'' no believe it all I fear.


Red nut Newt went under.


Evil and too revolting, is of UFO sign ''it'' Love root DNA live.


No exile hand of UFO DNA Helix eon.


Trace dune born at lush Tom Doohan. A Hood Moth Sultan Robe nude cart.


Slang: I snag Rod eerie, be 1 Reed organ signals.


No Medicaid ozone, no Zodiac 1 demon.


Sun even us.

Look at that last palindrome. If you start at the letter V, going either way, you get the word ''Venus.'' You get it once forward and once backwards.

Won Red Rod Order now.


Red.... now ye know strata seen Keys Gold eyed logs, ye knees at Arts won Key wonder.


Leg Name got definitely Grail Latin. Knit all, I Argyle tin. I fed to Gem Angel.


E.T. one note.


Note sorry as a Yr. Rose ton.




Now I won.


Trader away or else, yes Leroy aware dart.


Late pal lives on a nose Villa Petal.


Derek Alamo orders a Snake Kansas Red Room a Lake Red.


Name yes 1 tonic in a Mr. Debt be Dr. Manic in Otis eye Man.


Salary tram is 1 Martyr alas.


Trap order, call acre drop Art.


Name so Randy Moss is so my DNA Rose Man.


Drowsy a droop for E.T.'s Numerology go Lore ''Munster'' of poor days WORD.


Bob Sekulow two Lukes Bob.


Doom, a foliar got no turn on Red Omen. One modern on rut onto Grail of a mood.


To listen to dot nets I lot.


Name Donegan a fog Genieve in egg of an Age Node Man.


Pilot Diary raw war Yr., ''AID'' to lip.


Name Donegan an Age Node Man.


Mark Rodahl had Ork Ram.


Red Day cinema's Amen icy Adder.


Women ink combat: Stab, mock, nine mow.


Pure vocal tin UFO trade sonar often a mask. Sam a NET for a nose dart of Unit L.A. Coverup.


A Cronos Raider bred 1 arson........... Orca.


Do smell Lem sod.


Name Lampman a metal Peru Trevor eye Meyer Overture plate Man amp male Man.


I solo nap seed icon ego to genocide Espanol O.S.I.


Nominees we felt Sacred nut I fit under Castle. Few seen I'm on.


Gods 1 His Dog.


Not entirely Tyler it net on.


Top station a new fire DNA Empire rip meander if we nano ''it'' at spot.


Led at icon a nano Citadel.


Elk Citadel Frog egg Egor fled a tickle.


Tao melt Sacred nut under Castle moat.


Led at 1 client piece receipt Neil Citadel.


Elk Citadel sled a tickle.


Elk Citadel ban enabled a tickle.


Draw no evil, evolving is a ''Revenge Beg Never,'' a sign IV Love, live onward.


Draw no evil, revenge buoy evils live, you beg never, live onward.


Draw no evil, evolving is ''Revenge beg never.'' Sign IV Love, live onward.


So made to order a Red rooted Amos.


Spots tide ESP seed it stops.


DNA lop wok, Arks Krakow, Poland.


DNA Lad. Nano ''it'' a renegade, ''it'' of UFO tied a generation and a Land.


Never miss a day by ad Ass 1 Mr. Even.


Leg Name God Lore lit radar. Tiler old O Gem Angel.


Ye knee Sega rim radar mirage seen Key.


No same, not Stonemason.


No we here! Here He won.


Seer Gate set agrees.


Namu help misfit if simple Human.


Seer gag agrees.


Ye knee seen Key.


Stunts went relay ruffle. Gold lone Mole inadequate ESP see Tau, Q.E. Daniel Omen old log elf fury alert new St. Nuts.


Now, I tore dam dirt up and Tao Grail. Live DNA pasting is 1 to land, a ''visiting'' is of units. Lived raw and a sign, I suggest 1 Tao Grail NET tore dam dirt up and evils, ''its'' Krull lot live DNA tasting is to land a ''visitor'' of UFO rot, is IV a DNA lot. Sign ''it'' satan devil toll lurks, 'tis live DNA putrid made rotten liar goat, ''it's'' egg using is a DNA war devils tin UFO sign ''it'' is IV a DNA lot. I sign ''its'' a Pan devil liar goat DNA putrid made rot. I won.


DNA homemade knife last sale finked a memo hand.


Martyr elects a past Celery tram.


Tara sung Islam in Animal sign U.S.A. Rat.


You bastard Rats a buoy.


Name sack ''Corn Oil'' demand Named Lion rock case Man.


To let Oneness Essene note lot.


Age movie Man of unity spy gate let a Gypsy tin UFO Name IV Omega.


Loop states of unity spy gets a taste Gypsy tin UFO set at spool.


Age movie Mans Name IV Omega.


Red Roger go to Greg order.


Sit off its radar stiff Otis.


Rot, 1 Nominee saga seen I monitor.


A Suez amaze U.S.A.


A sand I bark rabid NASA.


A sand I part at rapid NASA.


Tao: Biggest secret a ''TERCE'' St.'s egg I boat.


Deep Sr. Ian air speed.


Sexed nip indexes.


Name Cap State of Union: A nano in UFO, E.T. at Spaceman.


Pure heroin: 1 ore Her ''up.''


Path self in made rut..... pure heroin: 1 ore He rupture, damn 1 flesh, tap.


Andros Ivan in a Visor DNA.


Trade rim Danielle brain on air Belle in admired Art.


Trade rim Dan admired Art.


Walton sting is a sign it snot law.


Set a decal propaganda tool ''Gannon'' nag, loot a DNA gap or place dates.


Tips so both sides use dish to Boss pit.


Race many peer creepy Name car.


Dr. of ''fall'' ill afford.


Won't Lucy burn Ruby cult now?


Sum Ray Lima fall ill, afford a Dr. Off...... all ill a Family....... arm us.


Go file, we Jewel 1 fog.


DNA here map seen 1 Vera Wang is a sign ''Aware'' Vine ESP. A mere hand.


Dry reveal a DNA Mandala every Rd.


Top stay a signal cozy moment at Nemo. My ZO Clang I say at spot.


Tray a rig I Ray Art.


Lives tense times, we few Semites NETS evil.


No rifle self iron.


Name lump Art sing I stand, now I won DNA ''T'' sign. I strap Mule Man.


As UFO's a max exam as of U.S.A.


Tell a Tale a Gael at all E.T.


To dandy arena Pat a pane ray DNA dot.


Raw Taiwan gnaw 1 at war.


Decal Petal Arts Aeon owed for a cosmic I gel, ''Paraplegic,'' I'm so car of Dew, one ''Astral'' ate placed.


Sun a Rune, pot luck Cupid one ESP see nod 1 Puck cult open Uranus.


And it never stops pot. Sr. event 1 DNA.


Spot Sr. event 1 DNA of UFO, and ''it'' never stops.


Part Sandra G. Dee Edgar DNA strap.


A Sandra L. Dee seed lard NASA.


Torn 1 liar, two Camilla's Name craft canal Castle benign engine belts a clan act farce. Mans all, I'm a Cow trail in rot.


Evolving is at radical pen. A Sarajevo Love jar a sane placid Art. A sign IV Love.


Age monitor race Carrot in Omega.


Rover trail of a Taxi six at a foliar Trevor.


Rover trail of a foliar Trevor.


At ad, Red lone Poet agrees as a Seer Gate open older data.


Ward Romeo pen one Poem or draw.


Ten sit wars!..... it is raw, 'tis net.


Space race Man sees Name care Caps.


Space race Man forever of Name care Caps.


Name pace race Man note be ton Name care. Cape Man.


Ye knit Alder a cared Latin key.


Play Latin on Italy Alp.


Pal and Rome gem or DNA lap.


Lie veil.


Drawn on my Hykso ZO sky Hymn onward.


Trader, I free Sega space. Race lifts images. A Sega mist file care. Cap Sage Seer Fire dart.


Semantic it Names.


T'e Reb Rae Drake Red Draco card. Derek ar' dear Beret.


E.T. on a note.


Tray be by Art.


Tray be no one by Art.


Tray be note tone by Art.


Tray be note, get one by Art.


Tray be toned or eye rode note by Art.


Art by: Sheila Anne Chin

Moor broom trading. I space cap sign, I Dartmoor broom.


Tray be note sit, I set one by Art.


Name care Caps Red letter. Brett elder space race Man.



A Mirror Palindrome.

Sir, I Soothsayer Grail of a Noel at WORD. I am rare VIRTUOSO, a Tao's out River Arm Aid Row Tale on a foliar ''grey ash'' to Osiris.


Red Nick Castle Bee belt sack cinder.


De Rigeur true G.I. Red.


To pen arch crane pot.


Drawn in a slab, my cymbal's an inward.


Pilot did not to Cap a cotton did to lip.


Sung a ''Men of Iron'' in, or if one Magnus.


Sung Amen of Iron or if one Magnus.


A Regal flat Otis is 1 total flag era.


Snack nap spank cans.


Snack nips pink cans.


Snack nips ESP Ink Cans.


Name Cat fight 1 with gift Ace Man.


Bird lock cameraman on a Mare Mack cold rib.


Track cameraman in a Mare Mack cart.


Lee Bird row 1 WORD rib Eel.


Lee Bird rows a Sword rib Eel.


Red Lee Bird row or Dr. I. be Elder.


Era: Wait, can Oprah's trade dispute set up side dart sharp on act? I aware.


Top notch THC ton pot.


Top tin UFO notch THC ton of unit pot.


Evolving is a wonder cast a Pal and a Rome Grail of trade notes, orders Red Rose toned Art foliar Gem or a DNA lap at Sacred now a sign IV Love.


Evolving is a gander cast a Pal and a Rome Grail of trade notes I wrote. Mine pen I met, or Wise toned Art foliar Gem, or a DNA lap at Sacred Nag. A sign IV Love.


Evolving is a tender cast a Pal and a Rome Grail of trade notes. I Rose toned Art foliar Gem or a DNA lap at Sacred NET a sign IV Love.


Evolving is a ''NO'' Rider cast a Pal and a Rome Grail of trade notes, I rise toned Art foliar Gem or a DNA lap at Sacred Iron a sign IV Love.


Name model cycle dome Man.


Red Nicaea cinder.


Red Nicaea Gaea cinder.


Loops: Secret tapes use patter cesspool.


Word no Petal plate pond row.


A Red dot at odd era.


Sue torpedo code Proteus.


Pamela Smart a tram sale map.


Sword I a sign, I spam a map sing, I said rows.


Den mad era two. New Sam regrets a master germ as we now tare damned.


Deer Moth Tom Reed.


Name fill IV Icon no decal. Pen inks a master germ as we now tare damned dirt ridden mad era ''TWO.'' New Sam regrets a mask nine placed on no civil Life Man.


Name Gale Bert Sugar or a gust Rebel Age Man.


Gold Rib Red Nut. So Peter, can I put rare push; Tims alley Cat Stacy Ella Smith super Art up in a Crete post under Bird log?


Gold Rib Red Nut under Bird log.


Lie nano stir, pluck, Roy went Angelina Nile gnat. New York culprits on a Neil.


No Omni pursuit of UFO ''Tiu'' Sr. up in Moon.


To rein nano-gene go Nannie rot.


To Lyn: Nano-gene pen ego Nanny lot.


1 Scot trades us used Art to CSI.


Drydock Cody Rd.


Top spurs a Sr. up spot.


Red Nuevo, Laredo coder a Love under.


Bar gym radio valleys yell avoid army grab.


In monoxide not Nixon an Ox, in tone Dixon Omni.


Sun a rush Tom Forsyth guard a draughty Sr. of Moths Uranus.


Mega Mall Lama Gem.


To pro-Dutch THC Tudor pot.


Rod never a rare vendor.


Spots I toss algae's. Not feline pet ate pen I left on Sea glass Otis tops.


Stock cart swaps paws track cots.


Yell a Vanilla Ice Psy by special Lin, a valley.


Natalee Holloway by AWOL, Lo, heel at a N.


Red lame host so hem Alder.


Gold Omaha tug Utah a M.O.D. Log.


No 'til Lawyer goes order not on Red Rose. O' ''grey'' wall ''it'' on.


Bird log Red Nut 1 of UFO, ''it'' under Gold Rib.


Yard ribs as Bird Ray.


Walk Colleen Walker trek lawn Eel lock law.


Walk Colleen Wall lawn Eel lock law.


Red rode Kangaroo Zoo rag naked order.


Put far Donnaly droop foliar Gail Staehlin nil heats Lia-Grail of poor Dylan. No draft up.


Word Nellie Taft at fate ill end row.


DNA here Hero. Metal eye bob in reed, Puma jam up Deer. Nib obey, elate more here hand.


Noel impact at Cap mile on.


Red Rose Light 1 with Guardian Angels Leg Nana. I draught 1 with Giles order.


Gold row at ''Filibuster'' rage Garret sub. I lift a WORD Log.


Live ''it'' in UFO button. Snob Royal past ego funny. Lynn UFO gets a play Orb on snot tub of ''Unit 1 Evil.''


A Cronos ''replay'' Orb on ''Knob Royal'' person Orca.


Debrett Elder a Red letter bed.


Deer Crete Peter creed.


Draw Pupae hardy Hydra heap upward.


Snag Rob Royals Red Robing nib order slay Orb organs.


Dumb in Pupae hardy Hydra heap up nib mud.


To receipt Neil crawl war client piece rot.


You bet, select Celeste buoy.


Spots such Salem UFO Cell Imp mill Eco fume lash cuss tops.


Red Nick Rock cork cinder.


To Dandy area Pupae ray DNA dot.


Eureka make Rue.


Pal, can illicit tap attic ill in a clap?


Space rip melodic idol Empire Caps.


Tactic in a medic one genocide manic ''it'' Cat.


Evolving is a wonder cast up DNA trade notes. I WILL 1 wise toned Art and put Sacred now a sign IV Love.


Red irony be by no rider.


A reflected etc, ELF era.


Late Pontiff fit no Petal.


We peg a minor egg old lock cold logger on image pew.


Raw signal slang is war!


Was I part of unit in UFO trap I saw?


Gold dowel field dirt riddle I flew odd log.


See referred Arts trader referees.


Won't ridge line pen 1 leg dirt now?


We peg a minor iron image pew.


Snore, bosom, sock, cosmos, Oberons.


Wash a tube web Utah saw.


Top stiff rush sat at ash surf fit spot.


A Lad gym at ''Amygdala.''


Won kissable on level Noel Bass I know.


Draw Deputies use it up Edward.


Space Mandala Symbol slob my salad Name Caps.


War go has not answer brews NATO, NSA....... hog raw.


Live DNA plan an anal ''Pan'' devil.


Live DNA task car track ''satan'' devil.


Live DNA plan, rut, contactees, UFO. Radar of use. E.T. Cat nocturnal ''Pan'' devil.


Liar track, cuss, suck car trail.


Deep sleeping is Name radar or a dare Man sign I peel speed.


Bird E.T. subsidiary raid is busted rib.


Put a Crete millimeter Cat up.


Red Rob Moby Hwadae lead a ''Why BOMB Order?''


Traded amps ESP made dart.


Drowsy a dynamo older cast New York City poor demanding is civic sign I'd Name droopy tick. Roy went Sacred Loom. Any days WORD.


No mistake Red eye Derek at Simon.


To help me to go Temple hot.


Rack cape rush summit eye care race yet I'm mush sure pack car.


No same dual Claude Mason.


WORD nabbing nib band row.


Snag rode Kangaroo rag naked organs.


Tin UFO's draw put Society byte ....... 1 cost upwards of unit.


A Lad Name mode Mans a Noel crick circle on as Name Dome Mandala.


Poor delay a sign in nuclear sin, I warn raw in Israel. ''Cunning'' I say ale droop.


Evil a DNA led Omen on one model and alive.


DNA led Omen on in one mode land.


Niagara fog DNA led Omen in as a ''NINE'' mode. Land go far again.


Raw live Tara ordered roar at evil war.


Raw live Tara orders Civics Red roar at evil war.


Raw live Tara Orb inward raw nib roar at evil war.


So made to order a Red rooted Amos.


Tara sang NASA Rat.


Tara no put a flat Soprano, sang 1 sign a sonar postal fat upon a Rat.


To Red: One last at sale node rot.


Marcia Cross Orca I cram.


To reporter cesspool: Oops, secret rope rot.


Live DNA task cart as it eyes use yet is a track ''satan devil.''


Live DNA task cart as it eyes use yet I sat rack ''satan devil.''


Live DNA task cart as it eyes use yet is at rack ''satan devil.''


Lived as its eyes use, yes 'tis a ''devil.''


Loop sign a brawl Lebanon in on a Bell war bang I spool.


Slam in a foolish silo of Animals.


No mist reborn in Robert Simon.


Pal, Casino Cinema Amen Icon is a clap.


Go Fairy spot loop sign a brawl Lebanon a ban on a Bell war bang. I spool top Syria fog.


Go Fairy spot loops as pool top Syria fog.


Net foliar to set a date so trail often.


Departure, tarnish, sin, rate, rut, raped.


Till won a Madeleine Genie led a Man Owl lit.


No Oslo?......... Oh........ CSI School soon.


Mash satellite suggest elliptic ''it'' pill E.T.'s. Egg use till E.T. Ash Sam.


Sung a Camel back cable Mac Agnus.


Pal continue Her ore ''He'' unit. No clap.


Mugs tugs is guts gum.


DNA Halo order old Lore drool a hand.


Not a Halo of a fool a hat on.


Live doth sadistic: It's 1 dash to ''devil.''


'Tis no clear signals as a slang Israel Cons it.


Go beer, fall ill, a free bog.


Red dune Moonlit Nun until no Omen udder.


Led at iceberg Igre be Citadel.


Red Nick no mask comedian, an aide mocks a Monk cinder.


Led at iceberg Ogre be Citadel.


Name Kansas am on eve' of a foe venom as a Snakeman.


Eyes trade Kansas naked Arts Eye.


Slid off a dare view, awe IV era Daffodils.


So Mann Cap a CNN Amos.


Liar to two N.Y. Men, enemy now to trail.


DNA Lad. Nano ''it'' a renegade, ''it'' of UFO tied a Generation and a Land.


A Santa Claus utensil is NET usual Cat NASA.


Stray ruffle Gold lone Mole inadequate ESP see Tau, Q.E. Daniel Omen old log elf fury. Arts.


Trader a Riyadh said 1 Ash Day. I rare dart.


Bargata Hotel at a tale to hat a grab.


Pastels in a Gilligan Islet sap.


Rat Snow mass as Sam won Star.


Busy vandal Lad NASA sill is a sandal Lad Navy Sub.


To pseudonym enemy: No due spot.


Poor Thai a sign I kill acronym enemy nor call 1 King Isaiah troop.


Top of units tin UFO pot.


We nib fog Essene poison a tide ESP. Seed ''it'' an O.S.I. openess. Ego FBI new.


Tray no be sit. Peking is eye sign I kept.... is Ebony Art.


Made Mag-Lev elf on my hit lists. Oh Gaia Ghost silt I Hymn of level game dam.


Sega Raga Stars Eyes Rat, saga rages.


Mirror Red elder Fred led error rim.


E.T. is drawn in at an inward site.


Sedona nodes.


Gold E.T. a ripe page ton, now on note. Gape pirated log.


Draw a war den. I free Seer fine draw award.


Tin word Tao Maple hot Tec. Ten, I art bus Red nut cadet in UFO. Code ''Life Vita.'' Rep. Odessa passed operative file doc. of United Act under sub train, etc. E.T. to help a moat drown ''it.''


Tao meld: Dirt is word, er' I fit ''it.'' A DNA elf I rifle and at ''it'' I fired row sit riddle moat.


E.T. Adder a dared date.


Red dates E.T. Adder.


Gold: Er' Rat sat Adder flare tale boats, it is Tao, be later ALF Red data starred log.


Mode robber dirt or a Tarot rid Reb boredom.


Girl lot trams Red nut lock Colt under smart toll rig.


A garret fade Red after Raga.


Stunt: New Yorker trek Roy went nuts.


Stunt: New York City tick Roy went nuts.


Stunt Name: ''Gem Ant.'' Nuts!


Spit war fog Reb, me' run tap Mac, at a camp at Nuremberg.... of raw tips.


A ninth girl award nominee seen I'm on draw, alright Nina.


Have ninth Girl alright Ninevah.


Tame nut Rats Red net forever of tender Star tune mat.


Garth gin Knight rag.


Nail a Mosaic dero Clare definite bet in. I federal cored CIA Somalian.

Dero is Greek and means: Skin.

See referees.


To idiot.


No web re-dips, radar Spider be won.


No.... we bred IPS radar Spider. Be won.


E.T. is no war, 'tis sand. A DNA SS, ''it'' raw on site.


Pope Garret fat care, poor Tara pages a Sega paratrooper act after rage pop.



Lia--Fail is the Cymric/Irish ''Stone of Destiny,'' of Arthurian Britain.

Tilt in a morning I star. Ye know I won Key Rat sign in Roman ''it'' Lit.


Tilt in a morning I star at sign in Roman ''it'' Lit.


Rat sign in Roman is not so lost on sin. A morning I star.


A Garret t'e be better Raga.


Re-peek O Zeta Gate ZO Keeper.


Ye knit Newt ride, be dirt went in Key.


Red net tin, I win it tender.


Or clever, I hire Velcro.


O Tokyo Japan snap a joy Koto.


Liar Tec in. An Os tile ton fist in at ''it.'' Titan ''its'' if note lit Son a nice trail.


Leg Name God Lore, Her old O Gem Angel.


Leg name God Lore lit ye Key. Tiler old, O Gem Angel.


Suez O' Zeus.


Lana Co-Zeus O' Gaza, go Suez O' Canal.


Motto: He yell, Alan rut contact. Cat nocturnal all eye hot Tom.


See!....... Staff fat sees.


Title felt it.


Rats go do diary raid O' Dog Star.


Ye no help pass Apple Honey.


Ye no help Pa's Apple Honey.


E.T. I Bes rap. Soothsayers as Rey ash too sparse bite.

Rey is Spanish and means: King.

CIA's O medal be not SS. Patria radar air taps stone blade Mosaic.


I Laila Ali, I La Ali, Ali.


Edith tide.


Titanic in at ''it.''


Bruce Nase, he sane curb.


Red Rob E.T.A. Get in a mirror or rim a nite Gate border.


Red Robe tag E.T. in a mirror or rim a nite Gate border.


Red Robe tag radar gate border.


Drown in Word.


Drown in an in Word.


Drown in at an in Word.


Drown on as an on Word.


Made nut penned lone Monitor rap at a Parrot in Omen. Olden Neptune dam.


Pull Astra tan inward site, draw no evil deed, live onward. E.T. is drawn in at Arts all up.


Pull a wall up.


Made Nile Tadpoles use lop date line dam.


Trades order a Red Rose dart.


Live Dog of war ''walks'' at notoriety byte. I rot on task. Law raw fog O' devil.


Pub beer: Free BB up.


Snug BB guns.


Put Rabbi BB Art up.


Guns too boot snug.


Red lead, nil, are Dicks amp mask. Cider a Linda Elder.


Dog walks at notoriety byte. I rot on task law God.


Toll: I off oil lot.


Top stay a Waikiki away at spot.


Draught a month guarding is a sign I draught no math guard.


Drawn one Penny Lynne pen onward.


Trap Oh, Canada! Dana chop Art.


Master cesspool Bush sub loops secret Sam.


To leg a canoe Garret taps Master cesspool. Bush sub loops secret Sam spatter rage on a cage lot.


Brownie be 1 NW Orb.


Word Napoleon a canoe lop and row.


You Brits raw live evil war stir buoy.


Devils eyes lived.


Tactic: I demand CSI disc DNA medic it Cat.


Space so held arcade fog, ego fed a cradle hose Caps.


Trades: I web net footsteps UFO or proof U.S. pets to often be wise dart.


Rats tin UFO steel flee fog net. Footsteps Name Mans pets to often go feel fleets of unit star.


Red root nine popular Omen one moral up open into order.


Tie Cedar a tone born. I put elf raw data dwarf let up in robe. No Tara deceit.


Taming is as Tiger Greg, its a sign I'm at.


Be we more volcanoes. I total fleets no riding 1 storm. Rot sign I'd iron steel flat. Otis eon a clove Rome web.


Bomb Iran on a rib mob.


Bomb Iraq a rib mob.


Name ''Filibuster'' or E.T. sub 1 life Man.


Warming is Ocean Alana Eco-Sign I'm raw.


Sir be drool from Ertha rash Sarah tremor floor debris.


North Girl alien O'Neil alright Ron.


Martyr aides orders Red Rose diary tram.


Be want eat Aetna web.


To landstuhl huts DNA lot.


A devil war began race carnage brawl. I Veda.


Drawn 1 vibe web IV inward.


Poor drama lost so Lamar droop.


Go Fatah, chat a fog.


Sam a Hamas.


Decade Red Aced.


Drown 1 dollar or all Odin Word.


Smart gardening nine drag trams.


Trader cast alias pool sloop sail at Sacred Art.


Wonder cast alias, pools loop sail at Sacred now.


No Omega in Moon, no Omni age Moon.


No Omni age Moon debris slate metals Sir. Bed no Omega in Moon.


Drawn Israel crew snap in snip answer clears inward.


Trader at Sea Pupae stare dart.


Den I Art Soothsayer. Gods do grey ash too strained.


A Rene Preval slaver pen era.


Puck colder case, be Sacred lock Cup.


Door buoy wash Subaru, a Laura Bush saw you brood.


Go fast in a mist, its 1 Man, its a fog.


Slate peninsular Omen one moral us nine Petals.


Lavandera dared naval.


Rat centesimal clam is E.T. Nectar.


Deer buoyant ear or Aetna you breed.


Somalian step aside, Red is a pet Snail Amos.


Now sinusoid Art at radio Sun is won.


No misfire ESP Seer if Simon.


Live DNA testing is of UFO sign ''it'' set and evil.


Live DNA testing is of UFO sign ''its'' E.T. and evil.


Name yes, 1 Sistine Madonna can nod Amen. Its Isis Eye Man.


Titanos eye son at it.


Rat centuple on a Noel put Nectar.


Pal cenobite let 1 bone clap.


Dip arm, it left open one pot, felt I'm rapid.


Name career fair a Maria free race Man.


Red Irene Rider.


Lived raw top State of Union a nano in UFO E.T. at spot war devil.


To ''La Nina'' lot.


Tactic side Man animal. Canada, now elf of UFO flew on a Dana clam in a Name disc it Cat.


Name ''Kama Sutra'' worm row Art U.S.A. make Man.


Mr. O. Wart U.S.A. make ''Kama Sutra Worm.''


Neil Ali Orbs broil alien.


Neil all or troll alien.


Neil all Orb roll alien.


Must never UFO to fur event sum.


Slapdash sad pals.


Neil alias eye sail alien.


Neil alias of UFO sail alien.


No wires user I won.


Martyr aides orders Red Rose diary tram.


Warping Noble on a Noel bong nip raw.


Laci: Demand a DNA Medical.


A Lillian snail Lila.


Feeble DNA Handel beef.


Go feeble Eel Bee fog.


Name Noble Eel bone Man.


To David Gergen: One Greg Diva dot.


Feeble on a Noel beef.


Smart I move, vomit rams.


Sign up, sworn in row, spun G.I.'s.


Rat censure Peru's Nectar.


We do to spot stop so to dew.


No sinuate, let a unison.


Rat centennial pie be 1 plain net Nectar.


Put cuddle here held duct up.


Trader cast up DNA evolving is a ''draw no evil.'' I wonder case file notes I web. If I be wise tone life Sacred, now I live onward. A sign IV Love and put Sacred Art.


No wrath copesetic era recites epoch tar won.


Poor drool free brewer beer floor droop.


Pink radical pristine Estonia rum a Samurai not seen it Sir. Placid Ark nip.


Drawn one Mariah Carey by era chair. Amen onward.


Bush super ads dare push sub.


Track Cul-De-Sac net encased luck cart.


Stray Cul-De-Sac I cased Lucy Arts.


No do graffiti bit if far God on.


Sign Art smash Sam Strangis.


Rat cental flat Nectar.


Martyr rows bomb, mobs worry tram.


Loops secret tap spatter cesspool.


Rat centenarian air an E.T. Nectar.


Drawn Opal Cenozoic: I ozone clap onward.


Raw on Didgeridoo metal Peter. Cenotaph sad ash pat one Crete plate mood. 1 reg. did no war.


Raw on Didgeridoo good, 1 reg. did no war.

Emit a tap, use Magneto, do ten games up at a time.


Flow ten game nut penned log. Forever of Golden Neptune Magnet Wolf.


Ye Knight I was a signal. Solo slang is as a' with Gin Key.


Warning, I sign in RAW!


A rash self warning, I sign in raw flesh Sara.


Sega Raga saga rages.


Emu lover up DC trades. Simple LP missed Art, CD pure volume.


Go fan on a fog.


Go land a DNA log.


Go home demo Hog.


Net tore, be rotten.


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